• Flash Event: OC Pony Submission Post

    This post filled with random OC ponies is brought to you by Brony Cola! Brony Cola- refreshing in a way that it probably shouldn't be. Enjoy one today!

    So, yeah. Apparently I learned nothing from the speedfic competition, and I forgot that you're all insane ponies with no regard to the sanctity of my inbox. Counting all the late submissions, there's something like 150+ OC ponies in there. Seth's fired off an email to our previous code provider to see if we can't get our hooves on Calamari's code from the Training Grounds to modify for events like this.

    In the meantime, I'm going to pick ten ones that stuck out to me. And you're going to like it.

    Ponies are after the break.

    The post that spawned this is here.

    Go ahead and post your ponies/bios in the comments!

    Pixel Kitties' Pony

    Ace2401's Pony

    Name: RainbowDragonTwiMac

    Bio: Twilight, Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash, and Spike were gathered together so Twilight could teleport them all somewhere. It doesn't matter where, because Derpy blew by Twilight at an almost super-sonic speed in a muffin crazed frenzy. This caused Twi to screw up the spell (again) and all their DNA got combined into one super-freaky pony who's very appearance would probably cause another one of Rarity's fainting spells. The green tail (which is just a glitch) doesn't help, either. This pony also has a schizophrenic personality, since she's really 3 ponies plus a dragon. That would confuse anyone. Hopefully after an hour or so the spell will wear off and the ponies (plus dragon) will all be themselves again. That’s how long it took last time something like this happened. You know, Twilight really needs to work on her teleportation magic. This is getting ridiculous.

    Saddlesoap Opera's Pony

    Celestial Wolf's Pony

    Name: Lanatus

    Pony: Earth Pony

    Cutie Mark: Watermelon Slice

    Purpose: This earth pony grows and sells watermelons for the residents of Ponyville. Mother to a family of four... the father however, annoyed that Watermelons are always outsold by Apples and Oranges every year. Has began to use chemical enhancements on growing the Watermelons. Working in such conditions has caused Lanatus to gain a perculiar body and mane colour. Most Ponies don’t mind and are not afraid of her. Although she does get questioned if she has had a run in with Poison Joke from time to time. The Family business continues to improve year by year. Although sales are still no way near that of apples and oranges, or even carrots. The Father plans to use even more chemical enhancements to improve the watermelons...

    Akanov's Pony

    Bio: Shadow Fright is a mysterious alicorn who lives in the Everfree Forest. She lives all by herself, afraid to expose her 'unique' appearance to the other ponies in fear they would chase her away or hunt her like a monster. She is not an evil being nor does she mean harm to anypony. She just wants to have friends who will accept her appearance. She has a sarcastic personality. Her cutie mark (not shown in the picture) represents her love to create scares.

    Mint Julep's Pony

    OC Pony Name: Candy Apple

    Bio: Most earth ponies occasionally glance at their exceptional cousins, at the pegasi in the skies or unicorn magic, both always out of reach.

    Candy Apple was proactive about it. Always the perpetual tinkerer of the Apple family (after all, she created the wildly unpopular "Pneumatic Tree Shaker" which caused the Great Gala Scarcity of '45), her talents seemed bent on well-intentioned failure. From her machinist shop of horrors, however, one scrap of good came out. Or, rather, two.

    From the torn-out workings of the tree shaker, she formed the frame of her "Mechanical Pegasus", and chose the annual Wonderbolts tryout as its testing ground. She leapt from one of Canterlot's lofty courtyards to a chorus of screeching gears and groaning metal. Of course, the Mechanical Pegasus flew as well as you'd expect a re-imagined cider press to fly. She survived the fall down; a well-placed tree of Cortlands and an ancestral memory from within the metal wings of the shaking thereof saw to that.

    If there's one thing the Wonderbolts can respect it's guts, so they kept her on as prop-master, and to this day perform a dive near the end of every show called the Candy Apple Bomb.

    Blue Breeze's Pony

    Bio: Have you ever met somepony whose personality seems to be the polar opposite of what they actually have for a talent? Like their brain doesn’t listen to what their horn is saying? That’s Stormy Shores. A bright and cheerful young unicorn, who is also surprisingly tall, Stormy Shores strives to make the day of each and every pony she meets just a little bit nicer; too bad her talent is the creation of sudden ocean waves, squalls, and other water related phenomena that often result in the soakage of nearby ponies (and the occasional flying fish to the face). Stormy, not happy that her hidden talent involved ruining other’s day at the beach, likes to pretend she has nothing to do with the seemingly random aquatic happenings that go on around her. Stormy Shores would get away with ignoring her talent if she didn’t insist of staying in her hometown, San Franciscolt, and living on the bay right on the water. None the less, Stormy is a well-liked pony by those who get to know her and can handle never, ever standing a chance against her in a water-gun fight.

    EsAeEm's Pony

    Name: Arial Ballet

    Bio: At first glance Arial Ballet appears to be a tall, elegant-looking Pegasus pony with beautiful butterfly wings. However, her long lets are quite wobbly, which makes her very clumsy on land, but in the air she has the grace of the best ballet dancers. As a result, she is most at home in flight and prefers to stay in the air as much as possible. She currently has a job on the weather team in Cloudsdale making snowflakes, and she treasure each one she makes as a temporary but beautiful work of art. Because her appearance and awkwardness on the ground, she definitely stands out in a crowd and is often insecure as a result, but when in the air she has the wings to rise above her own feelings of inadequacy and soar.

    Captain Honesty's Pony

    Name: Gallant Grand AKA "Galloping Gallant Grand"

    A chipper old unicorn who has seen enough of Equestria and its history to be a good part of it. Known to be friendly and accommodating to anybody who would listen to his stories, like that time a wolfpack of griffins that got a little more than they bargained for (including a bit of mah ear!), or how he was almost married to zebra royalty (I think 'er name started with a Z...), or the epic battle with a sea serpent that culminated into a talk about proper mustache care (That Steven had a few good tricks up his sleeve!). Though he certainly has lived a long time he is far from finished with his globetrotting, so if you hear somepony galloping down the street singing to himself aboot treasure in the Everfree forest, then it's probably Galloping Gallant Grand himself off on another adventure.

    Flash Bang's Pony

    Name: Adomination

    Once a simple work pony in the farmland of Equestria, he is now the President of the Not-so-official Princess Celestia Fan Club (membership: one). His life goal is to be officially recognized by the Princess herself. Rumor has it that he had his wings magically grafted to his body for the sole purpose of following the Princess wherever she went in hopes of reaching his goal. When asked to make a statement on this devoted fan, the Princess looked confused and merely said, "No comment."

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