• Nightly Roundup #63

    The night...will last...FOREVER!

    I wish.... It gets light out way too early.  How does time go by so fast?!

    Have some news!

    Webcomics With ponies

    A couple of them this time around, have a list.

    Rooster Teeth #2
    Eterminatus Now

    Kirby Krackle Music Video Drops a Derpy Hooves

    It seems like Derpy Hooves is more prevalent than anypony else when it comes to ninjaing into various popular internet locales. You can find the music video here!

    Ponychan UK Support Thread

    A few people over at Ponychan have set up a support thread for the riots over in the UK. You can find it here!

    They also set up a google map of various locations to avoid. That can be found here.

    PMV Idea List

    For those of you busting out PMV's left and right, someone has set up a list of 100 ideas if you are having trouble thinking of your next one. You can find it here!

    Equestrian National Anthem Project 

    The creator of an Equestrian National Anthem is looking for people to flesh out the 3rd verse of the song.  If you are interested in submitting your singing voice to the cause, toss an email to [email protected]

    Pinkie Pie Left 4 Dead 2 Voice Mod

    A simple sound mod for Left 4 Dead 2 has been released that replaces the Jockey's normal sound files with Pinkie Pie. 

    Check out the video here, with a download link in the description.

    Fan Made MLP Series Looking for More

    A group over on Ponychan is looking for help with a fan made FiM animation.  Right now they are looking for voice actors, concept artists, background artists, flash artists, and animators.

    That's quite the list!  Hopefully they can find some people to fill the rolls! You can find the thread about it here!

    White Board Pony Takeover 

    Someone named Lucas drew a Rainbow Dash head on the white board in his marching band's class room.  The next day he came back and saw this.  Apparently a bunch of hidden bronies took over and battled it out.

    They also defaced poor Dashie... Poor girl...

    Death Metal Pony Album Artwork Contest

    A group of rock bronies over at the Canterlot Forums are seeking the aid of people artists via a album art contest for their collaboration coming up.  For more information check out the video here!

    Auditions Ending Soon for Vinyl Scratch Tapes Master Recording 

    Have some copy paste!
    Hey Everypony! Emerald Page here. I want to thank ever one who has submitted an audition thus far. We have review most of them and we have already found some promising voices. But time is not up yet! You can still register to audition till midnight 8/10 GMT and once you are registered you will have till midnight 8/14 to get your auditions in. 

    We know a lot of you are excited about this project and we want to give everyone a fair chance to contribute. So if you want to throw your voice into the mix, email me @ [email protected]

    I also want to to thank Seth and  Equestia Daily as a whole for helping us get in touch with all you wonderful Bronies!
    Thanks Seth, couldn't have done it with out you!

    Good Luck to everyone who decides to participate. As always you can check out our news board here and come chat with us on the project's PonyChan thread here.

    Keep Being Awesome
    ~Emerald Page

    Boomerang Pony Sponsorship Lead-up Thing

    Nothing major here, but hey...it's pony I guess!  Have a link

    Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Acrylic Painting
    Derpy Hooves Plushie
    Wonderbolts Dash

    Equestria Daily News

    Update Queue
    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (Update Part 11)
    A New Breed (Update Part 14!)
    Stargate: Equestria (Update Story 2!)
    White Demure (Update Chapter 3!)
    The Romancing Quest (Update Part 10!)
    Past Sins (Update Part 17+18!)
    Divergence (Update Part 5!)
    The Pony of the Opera (Update Act I: Scene IV!)
    Solar Flare (Update Story 2!)
    Feathers (Update Part 3!)
    A Renowned Reputation (Update Part 3!)
    Silent Ponyville (Update Story 2 Part 5!)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here