• Nightly Roundup #44

    I have this as a wallpaper, and I was curious.. why are there holes with blood pouring out of them on her chest?

    Anyway, bad ass Dash edition.

    Also short edition.  

    Friendship is Wizardy 8

    Another crazy mod for a really old game has popped up! This one is a portrait replacement for Wizadry 8. If you have the sudden urge to play it, might as well pick this one up.  The creator asked that I drop his email here for anyone interested, so if you are, send something to [email protected]

    Now someone needs to go mod Baldurs Gate! (And not just the portraits! Pony sprites thanks!)

    Drawball Wars Day 3

    Drawball is still an all out war.  The Great and Powerful Trixie was summoned and quickly desecrated.  If you want to assist in the ponification effort, head on over to drawball 2!

    Or hit the ponychan thread here!

    Mumble Live Reading Date Change

    The Mumble Server Live reading of "Pony Royalle" has been rescheduled to 8:00 PM GMT Friday.   If you are interested in doing one of your own, you can cotact Astridax on steam!

    Sociology Project Survey

    Another brony is delving into Friendship is Magic for a class assignment and he needs your help!

    You can take the survey here!

    The project will be focusing on traditional gender roles and how FiM clashes with the norm.

    Ask a Pony Forum

    The ask a pony blogs have all congregated into one big forum for discussion on...everything!  You can find it here!

    2x2 Channel in Russia Polling for Ponies

    A TV network that tends to run anime/cartoons is asking people to vote for the addition of Friendship is Magic.  If you are interested in helping out the cause, hit up this page and click the green button.  Nothing else is required!

    Sonic Forums Flash Raid

    A massive sonic forum in Russia was recently ponified by 34 people all swapping their profiles to pony.  Crazy bronies!  You show those sonic people who's boss!

    Austrian Television License Fees Website Hacked by Rainbow Dash

    Those crazy hackers have struck again!  Oh Rainbow Dash, you so silly.  

    Equestria Daily News

    Story Updates
    A Broken Bond (Update Part 3!)
    Perils of the Past (Updated Part 9!)
    StarPony: Wings of Liberty (Update Part 2!)
    Off The Edge Of The Map (Update Part 2!)
    Mine, Little Pony!: Crafting is Magic (Update Part 4!)
    The Sun's Song (Update Chapters 11+12!)
    Memories of Days Long Past (Update Session 21!)
    One Last Quest (Update Part 4+5!)
    The Snowball Effect (Update Part 4!)
    Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel (Update Story 2!)
    The New Dawn of the Old Night (Update Part 3!)
    The Emotional Illness (Update Part 4!)
    The Elements of Awesomery (Update Side Story!)

    Merch Updates
    Pony Design
    3 Luna Moon Shirt

    Meetup Updates
    San Antonio bronies meet up!
    Gamescom 2011 Brony Meetups

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here