• Time/RocketBoom Both Report on the Brony Craze

    It looks like Time Magazine is jumping on the brony bandwagon, primarily just reporting on the Wired article.  It's still pretty interesting to see all of these major news channels baffled at the community as a whole.  Good work everyone! We are slowly taking over the internet. 

    Once we hit a certain threshold, Hasbro's toy department might finally see us as a viable market.   Right now we are probably still a bit too small, but every single website that reports on the fandom is a step in the right direction.

    You can find that article below!

    Time Magazine's Brony Article 

    Along with this, Rocketboom over on youtube has also created a small shout out to bronies.  It's a pretty good watch! I'll let it speak for itself after the break.

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