• Current Poll: Explanation

    Hehehe. I love this image.

    Okay, down to business.

    You might have noticed that there's a new poll in town. And this new poll is wearing naught but letters for options. But Cereal, that makes no sense! Shut up, I ain't done!

    The 300-Word Story Event is rapidly approaching (this was the last one), and it will be held by yours truly. My idea this time around is to put a small restriction in place on the stories submitted to make things interesting. Small things, nothing to hamper creativity.

    Thing is, Seth and I came up with five. And I can't choose. That's where you come in. This poll will decide the story restriction for the event. I have them assigned already (secretly, of course) and won't be shuffling them, so no worries. The letter that gets picked is the letter that gets picked, no matter what it is.

    One hint, though: there is one option there you really don't want to choose.

    That's it! Happy voting. And good luck.

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