• Pony MMO Guilds!

    With the huge pony drought ahead of us, we need to find ways to survive! 

    Or at least those of us who are hopelessly obsessed with out new best pastel equine friends....

    Below you can find all of the guilds sent to me.  Feel free to send me more, but this is all I recieved!

    Check them out after the Page Break

    Game APB Reloaded
    2.) Server: US WEST
    3.) Guild Name: Pretentious Ponies
    4.) Guild Site: None
    5.) Contact: Shame17
    6.) Any Requirements: Nope

    Combat Arms
    2.) Server: Not Specific
    3.) Guild Name: Bronies Unite
    4.) Contact: bturn1 or email me at brettturner19@gmail.com
    5.) The Only one I ask is that you absolutely love the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Lord of The Rings Online
    2.) Server: Arkenstone
    3.) Guild Name: Royal Pirates of Belfalas
    4.) None as yet
    5.) Contact: Randious (Leader) Ranadonian, Mandaline, Aishaka (all my characters)
    6.) No Requirements as yet.
    7.) Kinship is being rebuilt from scratch so any bronies may join if they wish.

    Maple Story
    2.) Server: Windia
    3.) Guild Name: Equestria
    4.) No Website
    5.) Contact: StevenMagnet
    6.) No Requirements

    World Of Warcraft
    2.) Server: US Sargeras (Horde side)
    3.) Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
    4.) http://sargerasbronies.freesmfhosting.com/
    5.) Contact: Tzirah, Iroh, Ditzydoo, Applebloom, Gilda, Braeburn, Valanarro, or Promontory for an invite.

    2.) Server: All
    3.) Guild Name: Pwny Chat.
    4.) No Website
    5.) Contact:  just type 'Pwny Chat' into the friends chat field.
    6.) Be mature(ish), follow all of Jagex's rules and respect the moderators.

    2. Server: All
    3. Guild Name: Equestria
    4. http://www.services.runescape.com/m=clan-home/clan/Equestria
    5. Contact: TheFurryTank
    6. No Requirements (except a love for mlp)

    Spiral Knights
    Small Brony Community Forum

    2.) Server: EU (Tiva)
    3.) Guild Name: Lunatics
    4.) http://forum.wakfu.com/en/85-guilds/5511-lunatics
    5.) Contact: Guild Master: Nechitte Right Hand: Niniel, Healer Ellie Officer: Gekka

    Game: City of Villains
    2.) Server: Virtue
    3.) Guild Name: Shadowbolts
    4.) Guild Site: None
    5.) Contact: Mare Lune (global: @Chakat Streak)
    6.) Any Requirements: None

    Game: City of Heroes
    2.) Server: Virtue
    3.) Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
    4.) Guild Site: None
    5.) Contact: Contact: Glittering Dusk (global: @Chakat Streak)
    6.) Any Requirements: None


    1. I've play a few of those, but I'm a sad sack solo act.

      I've been Spiral Knights, doing it solo gives the dungeons some challenge I've made it to tier two without much trouble.

    2. This is Braeburn from the Sargeras guild. I just wanted to say that I hope plenty of bronies will take the time to join us and, at the very least, hang out. I've also got a paladin sitting on his laurels right now so I could probably run some dungeons with newcomers no problem.
      If you roll a caster and need any cloth gear, let me know.

    3. If anyone is playing on Vindictus West and wants to be a member of "Bronies," look me up. Name on there is Kaosiv because some jerk took the usual spelling.

    4. Huh, I forgot all about APB Reloaded.

      Are the Pretentious Ponies Criminals or Enforcers?

    5. Grr, going to have to start a Pony SG on City of Heroes/Villains... but I have to get Mare Lune up to 10 first before I can make one redside.

    6. Yay! Come play with us in APB!

    7. @Fast and Free
      WE're enforcer

    8. No Star Trek Online? If you find one, send the name and everything to jumbojohn12345@yahoo.com

    9. Anyone have a Tf2 or BFBC2 server? Or some pony-friendly servers?!

    10. @Rainbow Brisk

      Here's something that reminds me:

      I would certainly love to do a Brony Starcraft 2 tournament (Bronze and Silver League only, please): hit me up on steam (i'm Rainbow Brisk on steam). I might be more than willing to run a tourney.

      The prizes, if this happens, will be as follows:

      1st prize: 10 dollar game credit, any game 10 dollars or less on steam

      2nd prize: 5 dollar game credit, any game 5 dollars or less on steam

      3rd prize: custom OC pony, using the OC pony creator, but done by me. Actual work involved.

      I would love to do (and, if i have the time, cast) a good brony tourney, if enough people are willing.

      Like i said, if enough people want to make this happen, just message me on steam (Rainbow Brisk). Even if you are gold or higher league, i could use some people to observe/comment on games.

      Anyone else up for it?! ((if enough better players express interest, i would make it a gold+ league))

      thanks, everypony!

    11. @Rainbow Brisk

      The biggest (I think) Pony TF2/minecraft group.

      Also, I'll be on the lookout for fellow bronies in the Old Republic.

    12. @Ion Storm

      I'm already a member!

      Not sure if i'm going to get Old Republic, though :C

    13. No Guild Wars bronies? Sad.

    14. Hm I thought there was 3 Warcraft guilds?

    15. Just joined the RS chat one and there was no one in there.

    16. Cruses! Why must it be Windia... I'm gonna have to move some of my characters at some point...

    17. Would anyone Join if I made a crossfire guild?

    18. Got another pony guild over in US East of APB:Reloaded.

      Contact BigMacintosh or RainbowDash if you want to give it a shot.

      Criminals though.

    19. EVE will be up in two weeks time I promise!

    20. For the LOTRO kinship all you have to do is send an ingame mail to any of those characters and I'll add you when ever I next see you online while I am.

    21. So, no Rift? I am saddened.
      But in case you DO play Rift, I'm thinking of starting up a brony guild. Me and a few other bronies play on Shadefallen (Defiant).
      If you start up, or are already there, send me a tell, say you're from here. Questing and whatnot.
      Name: Aeronwen
      Or, alternatively: email! Choppasama@gmail.com

    22. is there any Guild Wars pony guilds, I have a GW account and i've been looking for a good friendly helpfull guild

    23. @Anonymous
      HEY I was just saying that take my name down for guild wars
      Xenia Warrioress that is my perma pre
      and Daenerys drgn blood

    24. I wonder if anyone would be interested in Online D&D? I beta test the Virtua Table system Wizards' got and I could easily create a MLP-friendly adventure with a Esquestia-based race for you all to play with. (Needs be Anthro, however, for obvious reasons)

      Let me know at davidfoxfire@foxfirestudios.net if you're interested.

    25. what no gaiaonline its there a bronies out there who play gaiaonline send a PM to me my name there is silent hero 777 that place really need a good bronies forum there.

    26. >No EVE corp

      You simplistic fuckers

    27. Cerulean StarlightMay 10, 2011 at 11:37 PM

      We have a Progress Quest guild.


    28. Im starting a brony guild on WoW. Server: Ravencrest, Faction: Alliance, whisper Smearglestfu. if im on, ill add you. The name of the guild is The Cutie Mark Crusaders. I want it 2 b a laid-back fun guild.

    29. @AFanCorp

      Yeah.. so where is it?

    30. Maplestory - Scania guild [E]questria.
      Anyone interested, contact BlueRupee.

    31. Are there any All pony bulletin clans on Europe servers?

    32. hey if anybody wasnts a brony fellow in guild wars i started playing again , just send a message to "burning temptress"

    33. I recently noticed that the guild name "Friendship is Magic" on Guild Wars is taken, so hopefully that is a Brony guild. If anyone knows about it or wants to add me on there, the name is Cameron Blademaster.

    34. This is a message for everypony playing Guild Wars:
      The Manehattan Project [MLP] is recruiting!
      contact alliance leader Piro Thealin :3

    35. @Anonymous Is there a level requirment? I just made a character in Scania and I'd love to join, but I'm really low level.

    36. It would be nifty if someone would make an Equestria branch in The nova server when it comes out in Maplestory. I would start maple again for that :P

    37. Princess CellestiaJuly 29, 2011 at 7:47 PM

      In EVE
      TEST Alliance Please Ignore
      Friendship is Podding [FiPOD]- Corp
      PonyWaffe [PWWN] - Corp
      Friendship is Magic - Squad

      Ponywaffe has their own recruitment requirements
      FiPOD is an alt corp for FiM Squad and requires you to already have a character in TEST.

    38. confound these ponies they drive me to maplestory!

    39. I'm on APB reloaded US east but im a criminal, if anyone has a brony criminal guild add me, my name on there is AciDReFlux

    40. If anyone wants to add me for a Guild Wars guild, my main character on there is Sora Kareena. (I know, kinda late for the post.)

    41. hey anyone wanna make me a princess luna symbol in APB reloaded im on the east server my name is Elodin thanks :)

    42. Any Star Wars The Old Republic guilds? I know I saw a few members while online. Info?