• Pony MMO Guilds!

    With the huge pony drought ahead of us, we need to find ways to survive! 

    Or at least those of us who are hopelessly obsessed with out new best pastel equine friends....

    Below you can find all of the guilds sent to me.  Feel free to send me more, but this is all I recieved!

    Check them out after the Page Break

    Game APB Reloaded
    2.) Server: US WEST
    3.) Guild Name: Pretentious Ponies
    4.) Guild Site: None
    5.) Contact: Shame17
    6.) Any Requirements: Nope

    Combat Arms
    2.) Server: Not Specific
    3.) Guild Name: Bronies Unite
    4.) Contact: bturn1 or email me at [email protected]
    5.) The Only one I ask is that you absolutely love the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Lord of The Rings Online
    2.) Server: Arkenstone
    3.) Guild Name: Royal Pirates of Belfalas
    4.) None as yet
    5.) Contact: Randious (Leader) Ranadonian, Mandaline, Aishaka (all my characters)
    6.) No Requirements as yet.
    7.) Kinship is being rebuilt from scratch so any bronies may join if they wish.

    Maple Story
    2.) Server: Windia
    3.) Guild Name: Equestria
    4.) No Website
    5.) Contact: StevenMagnet
    6.) No Requirements

    World Of Warcraft
    2.) Server: US Sargeras (Horde side)
    3.) Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
    4.) http://sargerasbronies.freesmfhosting.com/
    5.) Contact: Tzirah, Iroh, Ditzydoo, Applebloom, Gilda, Braeburn, Valanarro, or Promontory for an invite.

    2.) Server: All
    3.) Guild Name: Pwny Chat.
    4.) No Website
    5.) Contact:  just type 'Pwny Chat' into the friends chat field.
    6.) Be mature(ish), follow all of Jagex's rules and respect the moderators.

    2. Server: All
    3. Guild Name: Equestria
    4. http://www.services.runescape.com/m=clan-home/clan/Equestria
    5. Contact: TheFurryTank
    6. No Requirements (except a love for mlp)

    Spiral Knights
    Small Brony Community Forum

    2.) Server: EU (Tiva)
    3.) Guild Name: Lunatics
    4.) http://forum.wakfu.com/en/85-guilds/5511-lunatics
    5.) Contact: Guild Master: Nechitte Right Hand: Niniel, Healer Ellie Officer: Gekka

    Game: City of Villains
    2.) Server: Virtue
    3.) Guild Name: Shadowbolts
    4.) Guild Site: None
    5.) Contact: Mare Lune (global: @Chakat Streak)
    6.) Any Requirements: None

    Game: City of Heroes
    2.) Server: Virtue
    3.) Guild Name: Elements of Harmony
    4.) Guild Site: None
    5.) Contact: Contact: Glittering Dusk (global: @Chakat Streak)
    6.) Any Requirements: None