• Best Young Flyers Starcraft 2 Tournament

    A Starcraft 2 Tournament has popped up over on Ponychan, primarily for the people who are still learning the game.  

    This will only be for Bronze and Silver League, hence the "young" Flyers and not "Wonderbolts Tier Flyers". 

    This one actually includes some really nice prizes too!  You can find all of that after the break, or just visit this post


    Howdy Bronies,

    Bored waiting for season 2 already? Got competitive spirit? Own Starcraft 2?
    You’re in luck! Because the Best Young Flyers Starcraft 2 tournament for Bronze and Silver league bronies is just a stone’s throw away. That’s right, my friend (Jarhun) and I (Rainbow Brisk) decided to hold a low-level Starcraft 2 tournament featuring an all-brony lineup, for fun, healthy competition, brony interaction, and fabulous pony prizes. Want in? Keep on reading!

    ***Disclaimer*** Unfortuantely, as Jarhun and I only have North American accounts, the tournament will be limited to people on the North America server. We regret that we cannot accommodate European, asian
    -Play Starcraft 2: a Starcraft 2 tournament for low level players (Silver and Bronze league only), with the format depending on the number of players interested. If there is a lot of interest (and therefore, a lot of games), the tournament will be single elimination. If interest is minimal, then the tournament will feature a double elimination losers bracket. There will be no Exhibition matches before the tournament, placement in the bracket will be decided by random chance.
    -Meet other pony players: Unless a bunch of non-pony fans decide to join the tournament for no reason, then the playerbase will consist fully of your fellow pony friends.
    -Win Fabulous Prizes: Pony merchandise will be awarded to the players who place first, second, and third in the tournament. The prizes are as follows:
                    -First Prize: First Prize will be the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 4 pack figurine set, featuring               Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie figurines.
                    -Second Prize: The player who places second will receive the My Little Pony Applejack’s Sweet                 Apple Barn Playset.
                    Third Prize: Third Prize will be the My Little Pony Basic Figure Set, of the pony of your choice.
    -Get casted! The final rounds of the tournament, should all go well, will be casted by Jarhun and myself. We have never casted before and are fairly awful Starcraft 2 players, so hilarity should ensue!

    -Players! If you are a bronze or silver league player and want to participate, you are more than welcome to! Keep reading for more information!
    -Help! If you are a seasoned Starcraft 2 player (or not so seasoned, but adverse to playing), but still want to participate, we will need some observers to make sure the game gets played, wins are recorded, and replays are sent. Right now there are just two of us, and if we get a lot of players it may be a daunting task to run by ourselves.
    -Support! All of the time and money to put this tournament together (money mostly for prizes) are coming from Jarhun and myself, for you guys. Make sure that you have a lot of fun, be great sports, and make this the best young flyers competition ever!

    If you would like to participate as a player or an observer in the tournament, send an email to bestyoungflyers@gmail.com with the following information:
                    -Starcraft 2 account name (MUST BE ON THE NORTH AMERICAN SERVER)
                    -Your interest (as a player or as an observer)
                    -Your league (will be confirmed by us before tournament starts)
                    - Your favorite pony (you may choose multiple ponies)


    1. incredibly sad that im plat in sc2, no where near good enough to be considered 'good' at the game, but not bad enough to get into lower level tournaments >.<

    2. In less then 10 matches it classed me in gold league, so even if I had my own computer right now I couldn't play probably. Makes me sad.

    3. Bronze tier represent. I'm totally in.

    4. I'm in Gold. Dammit. Is it possible that we organize a big SC2 fest opened to bronies of all levels?

    5. Damn, I really should pick up SC2, cause all I have otherwise is the N64 version. Awesome regardless, but still...

      Then again, I do have that two week trial pass to use up. Maybe that might make me available to this tourney.

    6. @anonymous because then the masterleague players would dominate

    7. So all the aerial units are going to war? This'll be good.

      I call Protoss opression palace(Mothership).

      Also someone should record the fights for posterity.

    8. it would be really cool to have seperate tournaments, 1 for bronze/silver, 1 for gold-plat and above. I would say more for more deviation of leagues but there mroe than likely wouldnt be enough people, one can dream right?

    9. @anonymous Tell it to the thread/tourny hosters

    10. @Anonymous

      If you would like to help us run it by being an Observer, we would gladly let you participate!


      If we have a lot of interest/success, we have plans for some higher level games as well. In the mean time, same deal as above: We could definitely use some observers.


      I don't think that will work out, unfortuantely. We're really not sure how long the tournament will last, for one.


      we will have all the replays and Jarhun and I will try to actually cast as many games as we can if all goes well.

      @EVERYONE: ***PLEASE*** if you would like to particiapte, EMAIL US! We can't really work with a bunch of people saying "i'm in" on the comments.

      Still, it looks like we'll have at least 8 people, probably more, so it's looking great so far!

    11. I really want those ponies but I'm top diamond. I hope they run more of these for my chance...

    12. @Rainbow Brisk For your HOW TO ENTER section, make sure you require the character code along with account name, otherwise it will be impossible to contact them in game. Most will probably do that already, but for anyone that forgets its helpful information to include in the required info section

    13. @Anonymous

      Thanks a lot! I was hoping that was implied, but i'll definitely add a note on that. If i really need to, hopefully it won't be too hard to simply ask via email.

    14. That picture made my entire day.

    15. Speaking of casting, where will all the replays be put up? If on youtube I'll be there. I also want Ballooning Pinkie from Fall Weather Friends to be the opener for the videos announcing the competition.

    16. Marine: About DAMN time......
      Pinkie: YOU SAID IT!!! ^___^
      Marine: O_o???

    17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    18. @Anonymous


      They will be uploaded here. More news on that later.

    19. Hell...its about TIME... -Tychus

    20. http://www.youtube.com/user/BestYoungFlyers

      The matches will be uploaded here when they are available. More information on that later.

    21. I would totally be into this, as I haven't touched SC2 since I finished the campaign so I'd probably be the biggest noob there (I guess I'd have to work my five matches to achieve an official rank though).

      It's just... my gaming rig is currently some six hundred miles from my current location, and I won't likely see it again until the end of the summer.... gosh dangit.

    22. last I checked I was plat so I cant enter but I haven't played in like 2/3months so I couldn't keep up with plat players if I tried...

    23. I competed on my collegiate team in both SC1 and SC2, and in both 1v1 and 2v2.

      But... my account has no 1v1 ladder matches played! That means I qualify, right? *Bats eyelashes*

      Ah, well. Good luck to the bronze bronies.

    24. Uhy, the curse of being in diamond. Too high ranked to play in brackets you could win, never good enough to beat the masters player's who are always in the same tournaments as you.

    25. Man, I wish I wasn't in Diamond. :(

    26. Oh man, now for some reason I'm totally fascinated by the idea of bronies being in the master league? Anyone?

      I know we have some fighting game players? Anyone tournament level? I'm personally borderline tournament level but I DO have a 90%+ ranked wins rate on psn ... while it was up at least ...

    27. add me I will help any new comers win this tournament. im on right now and will be most of tonight.

      inspired 215 message me on sc2