• Story: Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman (Update Part 3!)

    [Crossover] Another half-life pony story! This time taking place after the rocket takes off in episode 2! I don't have any unused half life pony images, so have some mad scientist Twilight Sparkle instead!

    Author: Bongo
    Description: Gordon, Alyx, and the rest of the team at the rebel base, White Forest, are suddenly transported into the My Little Pony universe when an unknown error occured after their rocket hit the Superportal. Now all on their own, Gordon and Alyx, and the rest of White Forest begin to make contact with the native ponies of the land. Soon enough, Equestria is plunged into a dark and bitter war between the Human Resistance and the Combine Alien Force which found its way into this universe, with the poor ponie stuck in between the mess.
    Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman
    Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman Part 2
    Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Half-Life 2, War, Aliens, Lambda, Crowbar

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