• My Little Pony Website Revamp

    Thanks to the person that sent this to me, I totally lost your email though for some reason.  Looks like the actual My Little Pony website plans to finally revamp everything.  You can find a sneak preview of it in the link below, but here are some features they are promising...

    1) More Printable Ponies (Like those color able PDF's)

    2) More Activities (Looks like a maze on the front page, probably some other things buried in..hopefully a less grindly flash game?)

    3) Parental Co-Viewing Tips for those of you with children. 

    4) More Videos, hopefully this means more "oops" videos like that Pinkie Pie no fear song without background music! That created so much awesome content!

    Anyway check out their news page below!

    My Little Pony Website Revamp

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