• New Toys, Screw McDonalds!

    Looks like they are finally releasing GOOD toys for FiM.  A while back these popped up as a 4 pack on /co/, but aside from the image nothing else ever came of it.  Looking on the hasbro website, it looks like they will be releasing each one separately for only $1.99 each.  I'm down for that! (thanks to Legion Maximus for finding these over at the allspark.com forums.) Links after the line break thing! (click read more)

    Rainbow Dash

    Pinkie Pie

    Applejack (STILL NO HAT WTF?)



    I'm sure most of you, including me, bought the McDonalds toys... so the real dilemma is...do you buy these as well?  I think everyone on /co/ has seen the images of the toy obsessed neckbeards and their fire hazard rooms filled to the brim with every pony/power ranger/batman action figure imaginable.  If I did buy this set, I would have 3 Pinkie Pies! Where do you draw the line I wonder?


    1. FIRST!
      *orders over 9000 of rarity's figures*

    2. I crossed the fire hazard line without noticing. At this point, a few more toys aren't going to matter. So heck yeah, this is awesome!

    3. where is fluttershy? :(

    4. The brushable hair toys are good, stop implying they aren't.

    5. So, I have checked every site that Hasbro says you can buy these from, including their own shop website, and I cant find them. Ive searched all over the internet, and I cannot find these single packaged plastic hair ponies for 2 dollars ANYWHERE. I bought a set already, and really just want Rainbow Dash, I dont want another Twilight, but, you can only get Dash in the 4 pack. Where are these mythical single package ponies, cuz I am not buying the ones with the soft synthetic doll hair, they look terrible.

    6. sure you can serve this on twilight