• Art: OC ponies #2

    Glasses, spikey hair, and black with white belly?!  That's not Mary Sue at all!  Pie Symbol the Pegasus. There was an entire thread about these last night, so I figured I'd just compile some of them Rarity-OCD style.

    Is this supposed to be that dude from berserk? I never watched the anime myself.
    Say what you will, but I actually like this one.  Shes reminds me of Raven from Teen Titans, who is god tier btw. 
    People from /tg/ probably know all about this little demon of a dragon.
    Dr. Whoofs, need I say more?
    I think this is probably the most Mary-Sue of them all, but whatever it's well done.

    And that concludes this weeks OC Ponies!  Hopefully the 4 people that voted for this stuff got their OC pony fix. 

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