• Plushie Compilation #101

    Whether it's her in her Gala dress, her bridesmaid dress, or her crystal look, Rainbow Dash certainly does clean up quite nice I must say! Just don't tell her that or she might bop you one.

    Time for yet another batch of plushies! Check them all out after the break.

    Source 1
    Crystal Rainbow Dash Plush

    Source 2

    Source 3
    Vinyl Scratch Plush

    Source 4
    Better Apple Pictures

    Source 5
    Derpy Hooves

    Source 6
    Commission: Rainbow Dash Plush

    Source 7
    Lightning Dust

    Source 8

    Source 9
    3 Ponies for Sale

    Source 10
    Twilight Sparkle Winter Wrap Up Plush

    Source 11
    Colgate / minuette my little pony plush

    Source 12
    Sleeping Applejack Plush

    Source 13
    Flying Derpy Plush

    Source 14
    Applejack Plush with Plush apple, and Plush Heart

    Source 15
    Lyra heartstrings beanie my little pony

    Source 16
    Colgate / Minuette Plushie

    Source 17
    MLP Luna beanie

    Source 18
    Ponys For The Meet Up in my country!..

    Source 19
    Spitfire beanie my little pony

    Source 20
    Commission: OC Flamerunner Plush

    Source 21
    Commission: Twilight Sparkle Plush

    Source 22
    Derpy commission

    Source 23
    Twilight Sparkle

    Source 24
    Private Pansy Fluttershy

    Source 25
    Steampunk Trixie

    Source 26
    Rainbow Dash #2

    Source 27
    Mlp FiM:Derpy Beanie plush

    Source 28
    Rainbow Dash Chibi

    Source 29
    Vinyl Scratch Chibi

    Source 30

    Source 31
    2 Cutie Scooties

    Source 32
    Thundercloud Derpy

    Source 33
    Little Big Macintosh

    Source 34
    fluttershy and friend

    Source 35
    Baby Lyra

    Source 36

    Source 37
    Baby Rarity

    Source 38

    Source 39

    Source 40

    Source 41
    Unbearably Smug

    Source 42
    Master Macintosh

    Source 43
    Derpy 2

    Source 44
    Chibi Pinkie 5

    Source 45
    Flitter and Cloudchaser

    Source 46
    Giveaway Plush Spike

    Source 47
    MLP Twilight sparkle, octavia and lyra Plushie

    Source 48
    Big and little AJ

    Source 49
    DJ PON3 / Vinyl Scratch Plush V2

    Source 50
    Pinkie Pie Plush

    Source 51
    Rarity with winter clothes

    Source 52
    Winter Wrap Up Rarity front

    Source 53
    Floppy Derpy Hooves Plushie

    Source 54
    Young Granny Smith Beanie

    Source 55
    Soarin Beanie

    Source 56

    Source 57
    My Fluttershy Plush

    Source 58
    Young Cadence again

    Source 59
    His widdle nose

    Source 60
    She's an evil enchantress

    Source 61 - Unknown
    Sad Derpy

    Source 62 - Michael
    Tiny Fluttershy

    Source 63
    Floppy AJ