• Story: Journey of the Graves (Update Sequel 16!)

    [Comedy][Adventure][Slice of Life][Humanized] - We don't usually take humanized fics, but this is apparently really good! So up it goes.

    Author: GentlemanJ
    Description: The eighth story in The Journey of Graves

    The Grand Galloping Gala, so far gone yet still shining bright in memory as if it were just yesterday. That night marked the turning point for Graves, the night he found something beyond the sight of his rifle, beyond the endless call to arms. It's a new beginning, a new life to spend with the friends he cares for and the one he loves. For once, the grey eyed marshal finds that he too, has a chance to live happily ever after."
    When the Man Comes Around
    So... What happens next? 
    Trouble Meets Disaster
    Two Kinds of Compilations
    Untangling the Knot
    Lazy Summer Days
    Return to the Gala
    Happily Ever After
    Long Winding Road
    There's a Reason They Call it Crush
    Dating is Hard
    Nightmare Night 2:  Halloween Harder
    Casino Battle Royale
    The Ugly Side of Right
    When Man Comes Around
    Winter Wonders Winter Worries (New!)

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