• In Which Phoe Posts Lots of Blackmail.

    Good evening, everypony! How are you? I am well. Very very well. See, I overheard the boys talking about how much they wanted to be beautiful. Well, I'm nothing if not generous, so I pulled a few strings... and now they are. This is totally a thing now, spread the word. Yes, my pretty little fillies, dance just like that.

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    And here's a little bit of Seth...

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     And some more Cereal, still the prettiest filly of them all.

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    PK was probably the most insistent. He She's so cute.

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    Rapidly becoming one of my favorite ships...

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    And for the sake of fairness...

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    The one that started it all...

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    Already featured but I like it too much to skip it.

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    It keeps getting hotter better

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    Seth, I already told you that you were... what? No, Cereal, that doesn't mean I like Seth bett... oh PK, not you too! Come on, you guys have only been girls for three hours! I can't believe you! I swear to god, if you don't calm down, I'm not giving any of you your brushies...