• Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Pony Fanfiction

    The governator of California would like to give you all a few tips on writing pony fanfiction.  Check it out after the break!
  • YTPMV: Brony Heaven / Gala-xy Ponies / Discord Scan

    Just in case your weekly YTPMV intake wasn't maxed out earlier, have three more!

    1.) Brony Heaven
    2.) Gala-xy Ponies
    3.) Discord Scan

  • Story: Pony Psychology (Update: Story 2 Complete!!)

    [Sad][Shipping] This will be the primary hub post for the Pony Psychology series.   It will roll with 6-star right out of the gate.  The separate chapters will remain in-tact for comment purposes (Linked below!) but feel free to use this one now, and don't forget to toss it it's star rating, even though it's official rating will stay 6 regardless!

    All stories are below the break!

  • PMV: At the barricade (les miserables) / Pony Ex: Equestrian Revolution / Sweet Dreams

    I have to admit, I never understood the Octavia thing when people started obsessing over her back during episode 26, but her eyes are growing on me. 

    1.) At the barricade (les miserables)
    2.) Pony Ex: Equestrian Revolution
    3.) Sweet Dreams

  • Ponyarchive Episode Downloads

    We didn't really have a dedicated place for episode downloads last season that was completely reliable.  Fortunately, season two has brought a whole plethora of improvements for those that don't actually have access to The Hub.  I remember having to wait literally all day for pony to hit youtube in 420p, we had 720p within the hour this time around.

    Ponyarchive has a listing of all episodes in various levels of qualities.  It also hosts different types of downloads, from torrent to direct.

    Right now they have what feels like the best 1080p version of The Return of Harmony.  I added the direct download link to the episode post, but for those that want a bit of variety in terms of quality levels/download types, hit up their page for it.

    Pony Archive Episode Downloads
  • Season 1 Transcripts

    He was there to see the season out, and like the 26 episodes he served as a rearguard for, Blueblood looks absolutely fabulous. That's why he's up there, ok? You can't fake that kind of fabulosity. Or this kind, for that matter.

    Through tireless effort and crazy typing speed, a brave and wonderful pony by the name of Alan Back has taken every single last episode from the first season and transcribed them into fan scripts. Being fan works, they are not official scripts, meaning among other things that they're not going to give you the scenery descriptions and directions exactly as they appeared in production, but they are properly formatted and super accurate. This is a wonderful boon to anypony with a creative project requiring episode-to-episode accuracy, or to any of you who are just bored and want to dissect dialog at your own pace without getting swept up in watching the show (there's always so many details I miss because I go into little kid observer mode every single time I sit down. Any of you guys know what I mean?). Download, crack it open, and enjoy

    Friendship is Magic: Season 1 Transcripts
  • Season 2 Episode One 3rd place for Top Favorited on Youtube

    Great job everyone! FiM has finally hit the top of Youtube.  It is currently in 3rd place for most favorited.

    We need to get it to first place though!

    Hit up the video and toss your favorite into the mix!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #189

    I really hope they have plans in the works for a full hour and a half long pony movie.  Can you imagine the epicness? Discord shows that the mane 6 are fully capable of being thrown into a longer style adventure. 

    Have some art...with lots of Discord thrown in.  It seems you all waited a day.

    Source 1
  • Comic: Call of the CMC

    Remember back in the day when Madmax released a comic after every episode? I used to literally sit around for an hour or two waiting for it each night on /co/.  I'm glad she's continuing the trend.

    For those that didn't follow Madmax at all in season one, I'd suggest hitting up her deviant page. There are some great ones in there.
  • YTPMV: Twilight Goose / Rainbows Dash Road / Pinkie Part

    Asian lettering with a YTPMV tag? I'm pretty sure you can just assume its going to be 500bpm at that point.

    1.) 雪Twilight Gooseの滝 (彼らはポニー大好きです)
    2.) Rainbow Double Dash - Rainbows Rainbow Road
    3.) Friendship Double Dash - Pinkie Park

  • Epic Rap Battles of Pony: Twilight Vs. Trixie

    Parodying the success of the Epic Rap Battles of History series, Giganerd17 has released his first Epic Rap Battle of Pony, featuring the Great and Powerful Trixie vs Twilight Sparkle.  You might want to watch a few of the actual rap battles for some context (To explain why he used a high squeaky voice at least!) but overall it was really well done.  The lyrics are hilarious.

    Check it out after the break! (Someone needs to PMV it)

  • Music: I Love Everything / We're On To Somethin' Good / Rainbow Flight Ft. Fluttershy

    I didn't even know it was possible to modify a voice to sound like number one. That's just straight up impressive.

    1.) I Love Everything
    2.) We're On To Somethin' Good
    3.) Rainbow Flight Ft. Fluttershy

  • Story: Of Fillies

    [Normal][Light Comedy]

    Author: ZeroDevil
    Description: After seeing how stressed Celestia has become after a millenium of constant work, Luna makes a wish that her older sister could regain some of the energy that she had as a filly. To Luna's surprise, her wish goes too far and Celestia is made into an actual filly and runs off to Ponyville, eager to use the new-found youthful energy she's gained. Now, Luna must catch up to her sister and stop things from getting any further out of hand...
    Of Fillies Part 1
    Of Fillies Part 2

    Additional Tags: Celestia turned into a filly
  • Story Updates September 18

    The release of Season Two sort of trumped the story update queue again, so It's time for a quick compilation! Complete stories will not fall into this post, but stories updating with planned future updates will.  All of them can be found below.

    Please leave comments on their respective story posts (Linked with their entries) 

  • GMOD Pony Pack #2

    The second pack of Gmod ponies has been released! Included this time around:

    Golden Trophies/Statues

    Check out more informational copypaste after the break, as well as download links!

  • Nightly Roundup #101

    I'm pretty sure once part two of Return of Harmony comes out, it's going to instantly lock its slot as my favorite episode.  I still say it should have been a full on movie though!  The quality of the animation definitely deserves it. 

    I'll stop rambling, have some news!
  • Bronies United: Equestria Girls Singalong

    The people over at Bronies United have compiled another 36 strong singalong, this time using Equestria Girls.  Check it out after the break!