• Music: Cotoponi / A Rare Art / In Celestia's Honor

    I have no clue what genre the first one is, but it's pretty freakin catchy!

    1.) General Mumble - Cotoponi (The Mars Volta - "Cotopaxi" cover)
    2.) A Rare Art: an AotD Orchestral Remix
    3.) In Celestia's Honor (Fan Music)

  • Pony Music Archive: The 'Best Of' Compilation

    Some of you may frequent Ponychan's /media/ board. Those few may recognize the Pony Music Archive, which is graciously upkept by a pony named Waka. It's reportedly so well-organized that even your grandmother could probably find that remix of Avast Fluttershy's Ass*. It even has that one cover I did of the Cutie Mark Crusader's crusading theme. I checked. Now that's impressive.

    However, Waka is well-aware that the archive is presently a staggering size for most pony fans- it currently sits at well over 4GB of delicious pony Kool-Aid in music form. Scratch would be proud. Therefore, he has taken it upon himself to put together a best-of compilation of the best songs in the collection for your downloading pleasure. Isn't that nice? I think so.

    You can find the stickied thread here, and the Google Doc with the download links here.

    * Results may vary

  • Punishable Pony XX

    From the same artist that brought us Blazbrony, a new game has been modified for ponydom.

    I've given so many fighting games a shot, but I never actually get through the learning curve of memorizing combos.  These flash videos make me want to give one a shot.  Hopefully Fighting is Magic is addicting enough to do it with!

    Anyway, have some guilty gear after the break!

  • National Pony Writing Month Starts Today!

    For all you potential novel writers out there, the actual event starts today! For the full ruleset, check out the post here!

    And the first update here.

    The pre-reader running the event has more copy paste too, have that below!
    Fillies and gentlecolts, as I write this, my Internet is still out where I live due to the damage from Irene coming through on Sunday. This won't stop me, however.

    At the current time, it's 1:25 p.m., August 31st on the east coast. For the Aussie and Asian participants, it's already September 1st. My friends, those participants and those wondering just what will result from this insanity, when you hit midnight local time on the 1st, you are free to write your hearts out.

    Good luck to everypony and happy writing!

    - Siraj/Noble Cause, cursing her local cable company for apparently being run by incompetent mules.
  • Story: Pony Gear Solid (Update Part 11!)

    [Crossover][Dark][Normal] Yep, I think we have officially crossed over everything at this point. 

    Author: Posh
    Description: (Metal Gear Solid crossover) "Metal Gear has fallen into the hooves of an Equestrian revolutionary, who, with the backing of his human mercenary allies, intends to use it to depose Celestia and crown himself ruler. Now, the legendary Solid Snake must ally with the residents of Ponyville to prevent this monster from unleashing a nuclear catastrophe."
    Pony Gear Solid (New Part 11!)

    Additional Tags: Tactical Espionage Action. With Ponies.
  • Spinny Celestia/Luna

    I'm going to geek out for a second. I hope you don't mind.

    We've featured these spinny pony models before, and they've always been very impressive. Tonight, we have some more, this time featuring our favorite princess pair. KP-ShadowSquirrel continues their march towards distracting us all to death with magnificent 3D pony plot with a Celestia (in both stereo and regular versions) and a Luna.

    The Luna one details that these are made with Maya, ZBrush, and After Effects. I'm assuming they're passed through in that order- that the base model is done in Maya, refined and detailed in ZBrush, brought back into Maya for some final rendering, and then composited and prettied up in After Effects. I've used this workflow before, so, take my word for it that these are really impressive. Drop whatever you're doing and go take a look. They're magnificent.


  • Wallpaper Compilation #13

    Wallpaper time! Ponify your LIFE!

    (These are big, so the post might take a bit to load on a slower computer using anything but firefox.  Apparently firefox is broken and loads these faster or something)
  • Drawfriend Stuff #171


    Have some art! 

    Source 1 xanaeth

  • Comic: Dinky Abuse / Pocket Change

    What is your favorite Derpy Hooves persona?

    I have to admit, the completely ridiculous Derpy is growing on me.  I wonder what they will do with her now that she has her own specific animations in season two?

    Also some Spike being ridiculous.  I'm not sure how Rarity taking a shower is any different than Rarity walking around, business as usual, but cartoons aren't supposed to make sense are they?


  • Story: Six Mares in Tanks

    [Random] [Comedy]

    Author: NightOfAccordionSax
    Description: After living in Ponyville for so long, Twilight is used to strange
    things happening to her and her friends. One would think nothing could
    faze her. However, she may have met her strangest challenge yet. The
    Ponyville penal system! Can she handle the terror of a system designed
    by ponies who weren’t really trying? *Note: story does not contain
    ponies in armored vehicles
    Six Mares in Tanks

    Additional Tags: Main Six, Dialog, Crazy, Jail, Tank,
  • More Pony Families Incoming in Season Two

    We got to see Twilight Sparkle/Pinkie Pie's parents, but the rest of the mane cast is still a mystery.  Our fanon needs to be blown out of the water!

    I think I'm most curious about Rainbow Dash.  How does a pegasus get a rainbow mane?

    The screenshot above is from Lauren Fausts DA page.  Thanks to Zack for the heads up.
  • Animation Reel With a Few Seconds of Season 2

    Well now that the whole picasa and google nightmare is over, have some news stuff!

    Aidan Mcateer released this animation reel with a small bit of Season 2 mixed in.

    Check it out at this link, or watch it below! I'm not sure why Rainbow Dash is color faded, most of he other video isn't.  Maybe it's a depressed dash episode?

    UPDATE: Looks like it was removed, Gif's after the break! (Or click here for the combined one)

  • PMV/Random: Way Back Home / Rainbow Factory / Dramatic Reading Theme Song

    Suddenly I want to play Fallout 3. Wonder why?

    Also something very...strange in the last slot. I think?

    1.) Way Back Home
    2.) Rainbow Factory PMV
    3.) Dramatic Reading: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Theme Song

  • Regarding Broken Images

    Yes, I see them.

    No, I don't know why it's doing that. Blogger uses Picasa to host images, which is a Google service. It's their end and there's nothing we can do about it right now. Don't Panic™.

  • Story: Beating the Heat

    [Normal] I knew as soon as I saw this in my inbox what image it should have.

    Author: SomeGuy
    Description: A Heatwave has descended on Equestria and Twilight and her friends are trying to find ways to stay cool.

    Beating the Heat

    Additional Tags: Heatwave, staying cool, power of friendship, Everypony
  • Luna Orchestral Series

    I have posted these Luna orchestral tracks across a few threads over the past few weeks.   This post compiles them, and adds the final one.  You can find them all below!

  • "We Love Fine" Tee Shirt Contest Results are In!

    After a few interesting set backs, and a few weeks of voting, the tee shirt design contest entries are finally in! It looks like The Wonderbolts took the top slot, with a few other really neat designs coming in right behind it.  I have to admit, that Sweetie Belle one is pretty amazing.

    You can find the page with all of the results here!

    We have finally escaped those vectors that have been used for absolutely everything up until now.
  • You Are Now Luna

    What do you do?

  • Nightly Roundup #84

    Scratch all over this edition!

    Have some news.

  • Story: Of the Time Before (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] Creation time!

    Author: Clockworkchaos
    Description: Of the creation of the Divine sister's and their peers, and of Equestria and of the elements of Harmony,
    All Chapters After the Break! 

  • Story: Aged Applewood (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] [Sad]

    Author: Harp's'ong
    Description: A year’s passed since the Cutie-Mark Crusader’s formed with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle already earning their cutie-marks, yet so long as Applebloom’s flank remains blank the crusade continues. But now trouble brews under the surface. For weeks Scootaloo’s ignored Sweetie Belle, and when the two fillies butt heads, Applebloom will have to find a way to reconcile their differences or lose both friends forever.

    Aged Applewood Part 1
    Aged Applewood Part 2  (New!)

    Additional Tags: CMC's, Sad, Heartfelt, Growing Up
  • Derpy Lines Set 4!

    (Bonus Video)
    Set four of the Derpy Hooves lines have released! You can find the after the break!

    (Neighsayers need not neigh)

    Also have some Story of the Blanks WIP Pony Sprites!