• Story: With a Little Help From My Friends (Update Part 9+10!)

    [Normal] CAPITALISM!  It's all OC ponies, so that usually defaults to a derpy image.

    Author: BillyColt
    Description: Hoofston is a normal town, for the most part. It has its shopkeepers, its eccentrics, its shut-ins, and its civil servants. It's quite dull, really. One day, a vagabond with a song in his heart (and not a lot in his head) comes to town, to see if he can't spark a little music into everypony's hearts.
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 1 
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 2
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 3
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 4
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 5 
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 6 
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 7
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 8
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 9 (New!)
    With a Little Help From My Friends Part 10 (New!)

    Additional Tags: A stupid musician and others.
  • Youtube Poop Round 4!

    Ridiculous stuff time!

    1.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Crazy *Updated*
    2.) Friendship is Joshing
    3.) Horseplay 5

  • My Little Brony Sneaks to the Top of Youtube?

    I admit, my Youtubefoo isn't that amazing.  I usually click browse, and hit up the science category... ignoring everything else.    The videos on the top of this page are almost always completely unrelated to what I'm interested in.

    Imagine my amazement when My Little Brony was up there.

    I'm not sure how critical this is, but talking to my more YouTube savvy friends on steam and hearing their seething pony hatred bubble over after sharing the screenshot seems to point to it being positive (For us at least). 

    Feel free to yell at me if they have some sort of video matchmaking outside of the main Youtube page.  I was under the impression that these were specifically picked out though. 

  • Comic: Welcome Party

    Source / Click for Full
    Comic time! Honestly I'd be nervous about having Pinkie Pie around my parents too.  She doesn't exactly have a whole lot of common sense going for her, considering her random behavior when Celestia was in Ponyville.
  • Game: Runaway Pony

    Pony flash games! Pony flash games everywhere! I swear to Celestia, the next time I see a pony flash game I'm going to play it so hard that its pixels will hurt. That's right. I'll make pixels bleed, do you hear me? I'll RGB your luma values, bitch.

    Wolfkodi over at DeviantArt has made this flash game featuring a walk cycle that he was creating for his pony. He started adding more and more things, and eventually it just turned into a game. I kind of wished my garden would do that. Not to imply that I have a garden, but it seemed like a good thing to segue into. All you do is levitate the food into the basket and leave the mail levitating by itself. Have a score war in the comments!

    You can find the game here.
  • Comic: Most Formidable Flier

    Source / Click for Full

    I'm seeing Derpy's popularity fall in bit in fanfiction lately and move on to comics. 

    This is actually awesome.  The comic relief version of her personality works great.  I don't really know why she spawned a pile of sad stuff. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #161

    What FiM would have had as an intro if it wasn't originally for 12 year olds edition!

    Honestly I wouldn't mind a sort of side prequel series... Anyway, on to the art!

    Source 1

  • Midnight Shadow's Happy Luna Fanfiction Competition Results Post!

    Welcome, everypony, to the

    Happy Luna's Super Magically Fun Storytime Adventure Challenge

    Results Post!

    Look at that Luna, doesn't she look like a happy Luna? She does! And it's all thanks to you awesome, awesome bronies and your fun-filled fics of fabulousness. In a remarkably short space of time, you flooded my inbox with 61 fics and bought me a ticket all the way home to the controlled chaos which is the EqD headquarters in Canterlot. I presented the Princess of the Night with a stack of paper so high I believe it is officially a mountain. Some of my minions are now scaling the north face. If it had been 40, it would have been terrible. As it was, it was friendship.

    Not all of them are what would ordinarily be posted, but I'll be fair - Here we have for you (and don't let your eyes glaze over) everything I got sent. Because ponies. I want to thank everypony who put quill to parchment to make this happen. The ones at the top are mine or my minions' favourites, but don't let that stop you from exploring the whole batch. I promised some weekend reading and by gum I'm going to deliver.

    Some of these demand their own post, and I think they deserve it.

    To everypony who wrote something, even those I didn't post (for not meeting EqD general posting standards), thank you! If I've forgotten you, let me know, I'll see what I can do.

  • Pinkie Pie Ornament Already Available in Ontario

    Source: Meghan
    Apparently this thing is already floating around up in Canada.  For those living in Ontario, a store called "Carlton Cards" currently has them in stock for 13 bucks a pop.  Not too bad considering American Greetings ornaments are usually considered collectors items in a few years. 

    Do you leave Pinkie Pie locked away in a box for potential future resale though?  Can the party pony of Ponyville stand her plastic imprisonment?

    I hope those of you that do pick one up will make the right decision.  You don't want a Pinkamena on your hands.
  • Brony Movie Night #16

    It's Friday! Have some Copypaste

    Hey guys, it's time for Brony Movie Night once again!  Movies will begin at 7 PM Eastern (GMT -5) on Friday and 2 PM Eastern on Saturday, and the lottery will take place during Saturday intermission.  The schedule is here:

    -Mane Movie: The Goonies

    -Pony Episode: Cutie Mark Chronicles


    -B Movie: Buckaroo Banzai

    -Pony Episode: Boast Busters

    A couple announcements as well:
    1. Next week is our End Of Summer event, where we will be showing all 3 Lord Of The Rings movies, one each night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with 2 pony episodes each night as well.  This week our lottery will be to select those six pony episodes instead of movies

    2. We are still looking for Hub streamers and new mods, if you are interested in either, please email us at bronystate@gmail.com to get an application

    3. Due to some hi-jinks that Anonymous pulled this week, our Dinkypage site has been shut down temporarily.  Please go to our alternate site, bronystate.co.cc, for the time being

  • Discussion: Would you watch FiM if it wasn't ponies?

    Don't worry... I'm scared too.

    This brings up a pretty interesting topic though.  If the characters in FiM weren't ridiculously cute ponies, would the show still be awesome with just the personalities/writing/art style to back it up?

    If you had to choose another creature to take their place, using their art style, what would it be?

  • G4 Minty on Taobao

    More stuff from Taobao!  Voodoo I tells yah! I don't know how they manage to get all of this stuff so early.

    I don't really know the history on Minty, but if shes as cool as the fan-art plays her out to be, I'm hoping she shows up at some point on season two!

    You can find the MLP arena thread here!

  • Pony Music Gladosified

    This crazy channel has converted every single pony song into turret style voiceovers.  Some sound a bit strange, bother others really do pull it off amazingly well. 

    Now we need them to be uploaded and randomly played during actual play-throughs of portal! Do it!

    My Little Portal Project
  • Papercraft Spike

    This actually got lost in my BLACK HOLE of an art queue folder.  I really wish Gmail had sub folders or something!

    Kna has released another spike in papercraft form.  You can find all relevant links below!

    Spike Regular Size
    Spike Tiny Size

  • Music: Vanquishing the Ursa Minor / The Moon / The Final Fall of the Lunar Republic

    1.) Vanquishing the Ursa Minor - Orchestral
    2.) The Moon - ByCelestiasBeard
    3.) The Final Fall of the Lunar Republic

  • PMV: Go The F*ck To Sleep / I Can Have a Dark Side / PINKIE PIE'S PONY SPAM

    Samuel L. Jackson, Normal stuff, and WTF. It's PMV time!

    1.) Twilight Jackson reads "Go The F*ck To Sleep"
    2.) "I Can Have a Dark Side" PMV

  • Comic: She Did it Again / Mares of War

    Click for Full
    Pinkie Pie being...Pinkie Pie again!

    Also an Equestrian War series below for those of you that like seeing our favorite little, innocent, completely un-warlike, lovable, non-violent ponies doing something that they would probably never do!

    Unless it involves pies.  They apparently don't mind as long as no one gets hurt.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    Part 6

  • Nightly Roundup #72

    Octavia?!  Hell yah!

    I had two #68 nightly roundups, so I skipped 71 to make up for it.

    I'm hoping the music ponies get some spotlight in season two.  
  • PK Reads Spiderses

    Oh god.

    Oh god, guys.

    I am so sorry.
  • Tape and Scissors!

    Looks like some more completely random merch has popped up.  You can now cover your desktop in pony tape using the pony scissors to cut shapes and make measurements.

    It seems like every household object is being ponified.  I'm still waiting for my limited edition, embossed,  pony xbox 360 controller and PSP!

  • Writing Training Ground: Week 5 Complete!

    Happy Luna for happy news! It's great to see all the progress this group of writers has made over the past month or so. Spur them on, readers- they're the guys writing your fics while we wait for Season Two!

    The DA Group
    This Week's Instructions

    The Week's Completed Fics