• Music: Fluttershy's Lament


    Oh my god.

    I used to not care about Fluttershy. What the hell happened? This song is amazing. It's so amazing I convinced Seth it needed a post on its own instead of being included in a regular music post.

    Find it after the break. Yes the banner is because of this.

    Oh my god.

  • Comic: Trixie's Lament

    Trixiefire Shipping?  That's a first.  Have a comic about it...all 8 parts of it!

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6 
    Part 7
    Part 8

    (I'm honestly confused,  but at least Trixie looks awesome with wings!) 
  • Story: Shades of Pink

    [Dark] Crazy pinkie pie without a pure grimdark tag?! That's a first!

    Author: NTSTS
    Description: Trapped in the darkness of her own mind, Pinkie Pie is forced to deal with her fear of losing her friends while confronting the sinister side of her subconscious
    Shades of Pink

    Additional Tags: Dark, Psychological, Frightening, Introspective, Lonely
  • Pony Chat Mobile Interviews Ellen McLain About Ponies

    Well, this one kind of came out of left field.

    Yet Another Pony Podcast did a special toy episode where they cover a wide array of pony toys. The Canterlot playsets and the papercraft sets were some of the ones they covered, and you can find that podcast here.

    But also included with the email was an interesting addition- an interview a friend of the team did, by the name of Midnight Dreams, with Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS in Valve Software's Portal and Portal 2. They asked her some questions about ponies, and she said she'd gladly (ha) voice a pony if Studio B asked her to.

    You can find the video after the break.

  • Story: Luna's Day Out

    [Random][Shipping] Luna in socks+Avery Strange... Do you need more convincing?

    Author: Avery Strange
    Description: Luna's finally ready to get back out there into the world of Equestria, ready to see what's become of ponykind in the past thousand years. Except... she's not quite ready to go out on her own, amongst ponies that know only tales of nightmares and betrayal about her, and the one pony she knows personally is a little busy running a kingdom and raising the sun. When the offer for companionship comes from an unlikely place, Luna learns two great lessons. One, the risk to get to know a pony can lead to great rewards. Two, socks make everything better.
    Luna's Day Out Part 1
    Luna's Day Out Part 2
    Luna's Day Out Part 3

    Additional Tags: Luna Fluttershy socks socks socks
  • Pony Ice Pack

    Not the best picture on the planet, but apparently this ice pack is floating around now.

    I guess ponies really are compatible with ANYTHING.

    It was found in the cereal aisle at Fortinos, in Hamilton.

    Thanks to Chelsea for the pic!

  • Even More Tee Shirts at Welovefine

    I tossed the Steampunk one and two others in the nightly roundup last night, but Welovefine.com has just rolled out another huge set of official shirts.   

    Still a lack of Trixie I see! It's a shame I'm the only one that would buy a shirt with her on it.  It takes a certain type of intelligence to appreciate her showmareship.  Sadly only a select few are gifted with such cranial power. 

    You can find them all on this page!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #153

    For the Lunar Republic edition!

    Source 1

  • PMV: Triboom / Phenomenon

    Yay for anime openings. They are always fun.

    Also a normal PMV followed by an Lolwut PMV

    1.) Triboom (Trigun Opening)
    2.) Phenomenon

  • Twilight's So Lonely =[

    Pooor Twilight Sparkle. 

    You can find her cry for attention after the break.

  • Extended Main Theme Coming with Soundtrack?

    This is an interesting response from Daniel Ingram's facebook page.  Apparently Hasbro wants to include the full main theme (Found in the voicebox of the singing Twilight Sparkle toy) in the official soundtrack.

    The idea that there even is an official soundtrack on the horizon is neat.

    Thanks to Lt_Unrealistic for the heads up!  Braving that wall must be an experience to say the least after last night!
  • Music: Pinkie's Telegram Remix / iLuna / Pony Sauce - Rainbow Dash

    Have some music.

    #2 requires headphones, its pretty interesting with them though!

    1.) Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram (Postal Mix w/ Vocals)
    2.) iLuna
    3.) Pony Sauce - Rainbow Dash

  • Story: In Her Majesty's Royal Service (Update Story 2 Chapter 14!)

    [Normal][Comedy]  Apparently this story made the pre-readers feel self conscious, since this author busts out amazing art too. In other words they liked it, a lot.

    Author: Sagebrush
    Description: Who are those courageous and stoic ponies that put their lives on the line in service of the princesses? Follow the tale of Storm Stunner, a new recruit to Equestria's Royal Guard.
    In Her Majesty's Royal Service (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Guard, Ponies,Three, More, Words

    Description: After guardsponies Storm Stunner, Crack Shot, and Check Mate proved instrumental in stopping an interdimensional incident that threatened to annoy the city of Canterlot, the Royal Guard made a realization: perhaps they might just be able to serve functions beyond pulling aerial chariots and trying not to blink in public.

    Now months later, they’re finally starting to get somewhere with each of the odd regimens they’ve designed; it’s a shame that three of their number will have to miss the progress to follow. In recognition of their prior bravery, quick thinking, (and to a smaller degree their dumb luck), Princess Luna has given Storm, Check, and Crack Shot a special assignment: to visit the lands on the borders of pony control, to sample the local flavors, and to maybe even take a picture or two. One might dare to call it a vacation.

    However, expectations mean little so far from home, and despite Luna’s wishes to keep the guardsponies out of harm’s way, the world can easily change in a thousand years. The three guardsponies may be forced to deal with the inconvenience of their vacation turning into an adventure.

    From Canterlot with Love (New Part 14!)

    Additional Tags: Polysyllabic, inappropriately, tagged, guardspony, haiku,

  • Pony Wallpaper Compilation #10: Glowy Edition

    Glowy Wallpaper time! I haven't done one of these in a while. 

    All except the last one are 1080p.  

  • Story: The Perfect Cupcake


    Author: A.J.
    Description: With some help from Pinkie Pie, Twilight learns to make the perfect cupcakes for her beloved assistant, Spike.
    Deviant Art
    The Perfect Cupcake

    Google Documents
    The Perfect Cupcake

    Additional Tags: Describe it how you wish
  • Custom Pony Compilation #7

    Custom Pony Time!

    Above, we have a set of four; though each is being sold separately on Ebay right now through these links:


    And to the right, have some Glow in the dark Celestia and a Great and Powerful Trixie  to the left (With matching card thingy!)

    Confound these blindbags, they make me want to CATCH EM' ALL.

  • Story:Trixie, Hero of Equestria


    Author: Grif
    Description: Our proud showmare found herself down on her luck after the events of Boast Busters. What will the Great & Powerful Trixie do?
    Trixie, Hero of Equestria

    Additional Tags: No Twixie here no Sirree
  • 8 Bit Hop Skip Jump

    Remixes in 10 seconds flat!

    You can find it after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #64

    Might as well just call this a Morning Roundup, because it's totally light out right now.

    Have stuff!

  • Story: Fire and Rainbows (Update Part 2!)

    [Shipping] Dashfire time!

    Author: DandT
    Description: Rainbow Dash gets another chance to meet with Spitfire but things don't go quite as expected.
    Fire and Rainbows Part 1
    Fire and Rainbows Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Rejection, Self Discovery, Acceptance, Love
  • Sinfest Pony Comic

    Apparently this is a big deal, because my email and Gtalk has been flooded with it all night.  Grats Sinfest on skipping the nightly roundup (which is currently in progress and taking forever)
  • Hop Skip Jump Song (original) Version!

    It's here! 

    I wonder why they cut this one?  It seems like it would have fit.  Now go remix it!

    After the break (Soundcloud embeds are laaagy)

    Soundcloud capped out on downloads, get it here!  (Thanks Bejoty!)

    And sorry Daniel for the spam!  Them ponies can get pretty ravenous sometimes... 

  • Comic Con Final Poster Update

    Crimson Valor and his team has heard your pleas!

    They have modified everything and officially created the final version of the Comic Con poster for everyone to divulge in.

    There are multiple versions, some with border/comic con text, some without any of that stuff.

    The Deviant Art version is 5k resolution this time around,  meaning it should actually load on lower end computers.  The actual 30k file is still fully available for the new revisions though.

    Everything can be found on the Deviant Art page specifically created for this one poster.

    These guys deserve a lot of praise.  This is something you could bring to a poster shop and have printed out as a massive poster for your room, rivaling even the Comic Con versions.

    You can find all versions here, OC free. 

    Also a note from CV-
    "It has been confirmed by a member of the show's production staff that one of the characters in the balloon in the original poster is indeed Cherry.  Likewise, it has been confirmed by the same production member that the balloon's other occupant is an official character.  However, this mystery second character is an as-of-yet unreleased Season 2 pony and cannot be revealed at this time, for legal reasons."