• Story: Endless Gifts

    [Normal]  "This was cute... extremely cute... teeth rottingly cute"- Pre Reader with bad teeth

    Author: JenovaII
    Description: One of the Cutie Mark Crusaders gets her Mark. Will jealousy break up the Crusaders forever?
    Endless Gifts

    Additional Tags: Growing up is hard!
  • Pony Generals

    Hey! You! With the pony! You like ponies, don't you? What a silly question- of course you do, everypony likes ponies. You know what's even better when you add ponies to it? Pretty much everything, you quack. Doubly so when you add Rarity. Her problem-solving skills and dashing beauty can defuse even the most hostile of situations. If she were in London right now, the only riots happening would be over her. (Note: Cereal has no idea why there are riots in London.)

    The whole set of these pony generals are after the break.

  • Story: Witch of the Westmareland

    [Adventure][Comedy][Crossover][Light Shipping]

    Author: Colour Coded Chaos
    Description: When Applejack's nailed by a falling rowan tree whilst taking part in the Running of the Leaves, she thinks it's bad enough being, well, nailed by a falling rowan tree. But when a raven lands on her windowsill and tells her to go somewhere that sort of doesn't exist in two days or she'll snuff it with a fairly sizeable explosion, and Ditzy Doo gets dragged into the mess, everyone's favourite orange farm pony has to go a-questin'. This can only end well...

    This is a crossover with a medieval folk ballad called The Witch of the Westmoreland, or rather the extended ballad version penned by Archie Fisher and sung by the late Stan Rogers. Have a dandy link to what I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqGv2l5bJr4&feature=related
    Witch of the Westmareland (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Medieval folk. Now with ponies
  • Music: MLP Kart Racing Game Music

    More crazy music for that FiM Kart Racing game has popped up! I really want to play this...

    1.) Rainbow Dash Road
    2.) Menu, Everfree, and Mines audio sketches

  • YouTube catch-up: August '11 (Again, for the first time)

    The pony fandom is full of awesomeness all-'round. Fan art, fanfiction, and fan discussion is 'Net-wide, by this point. It's all ace, truly...and yet, I've always found the tech (Tek?) side of the fan output - music and videos - most captivating. Let's catch up on YouTube again, pony fans.
  • Comic: AppleJack Vs. The Toothbrush / Determined Pinkie

    I'm really hoping season two fleshes out earth pony "magic" a bit more, because in the current state, these poor creatures really did get the short end of the stick.

    Maybe their secret talent is actually 4th wall breaking like Pinkie Pie?  Has she unlocked some hidden earth pony potential?

    Source/Click Image for Full

  • Drawfriend Stuff #151

    It was still just labeled "Fluttershy" edition!

    Lets get some action sequences.  Fluttershy is a bad ass when ticked off!

    In fact, I'm thinking of doing a Fluttershy action sequence event.  Or maybe I can have Phoe add that to the next Artist Training Grounds thing


    Source 1
  • Tags and YOU!

    I get a lot of questions about the various offshoots of [Grimdark], be it [Grimlight], [Dark], or whatever. 

    Since I do all of this manually anyway, feel free to request a variation of the tag.  The actual categories on the site keep it all together in "Grimdark", but I don't mind changing things up a bit.  [Grimdark] is good for gory, murder, , ect,  but if your only issue is a [Dark] atmosphere, let me know in the categories section of your story submission.

    This also goes for shipping.  If Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are "interested" each other, but not "all over" each other, a [Light-Shipping] works perfectly fine.

    Hopefully that clears everything up! 
  • Music: Scootaloo's Wings / Theme of Mentar: Fraud / 8-bit So Many Wonders

    This time on Music Queue: some Jackle App, a theme song from the badass looking griffon from Mentar the Magnificent Merchant of Magical Mixtures (Is this the first non-cupcakes theme song for a fanfic?) and an 8 bit version of So Many Wonders.  Enjoy! 

    1.) Scootaloo's Wings
    2.) Kisuke - Theme of Mentar: Fraud
    3.) 8-bit So Many Wonders

  • League of Extraodrinary Gamers Charity Event

    Lyra and Octavia play video games.  They are not Extraordinary Gamers, but even they donated a few bits to the make a wish foundation in honor of the League of Extraordinary Gamers event going on here.

    Over the next 158 hours (Give or take a few due to my lateness), they will be marathoning all sorts of stuff in the name of charity!

    So far they are currently at a whopping $1683.39 out of their goal of $10,000.  If you want to help out, head over to the channel, with an alternate below!

    Twitch Channel
    Justin.TV channel

    They also said to post EQUESTRIA DAILY RAID if you come from here once you get into the comment section. 

  • YTPMV: PONY ZONE / Seal Of The Ponys / My Little Can Can

    That first one almost rivals Night of the Pony.... almost... It might just be the Japanese text distracting me.

    And afew more to go with it!

    1.) 【レッドゾーン】 PONY ZONE 【ラブPINKIEラブ】
    2.) My Little Can Can
    3.) Seal Of The Ponys

  • Comic: Gummy / Socks!

    Source/Click for Full!
    There are so many comics that try to explain the origins of Gummy.  I'm pretty sure this one is the most accurate though.

    Also some SOCKS, or the effect of SOCKS on ponyville's #1 drama pony at least.
    Source:fadri / Click for full!

  • Story: O 42 (Update Part 3.5!)

    [Grimdark][Shipping][Sad][Sci-Fi][Adventure] Sci-Fi that isn't a crossover?! Amazing!

    Author: Cat Eats Dog
    Description: A simple delivery mission leads to an all out fight for survival and the fate of the galaxy as a series of strangely coincidental events leads Twilight Sparkle to acquire the knowledge and friends she will need to try and save the day. But with the reemergence of an ancient evil and the formation of a new sinister army will friends and knowledge be enough?
    O 42

    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 3.5 |

    Additional Tags: Long, Space, War, Science, Technobabble
  • Music: SLENDERMANE(HORROR) / The Best Party / Super Ponybeat - Bestest Friend

    The music community in this fandom is amazing.  I'm pretty sure we hit every genre. 

    Foozgiz brings the Horrorcore, and for those of you needing something a bit happier, a remix of "At the Gala" Pinkie Pie style is immediately after from Daks. 

    And more Eurobeat brony, because hes awesome in general.  

    1.) Foozogz - SLENDERMANE(HORROR)
    2.) The Best Party (Pinkie Pie daks Remix)
    3.) Super Ponybeat - Bestest Friend (Italo Nostalgia Mix)

  • Story: The Breaking of the Wall

    [Crossover][Random][Comedy] "If you've ever wondered what the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny would've been like if Pinkie Pie had organized it, this is the story for you. If you've never wondered such a thing, you're probably sane." -Pre-Reader #16
    "This fic is pure insanity...  and I loved every second of it."-Pre-Reader #2

    Author: Ganymede
    Description: When Pinkie Pie decides to explore beyond Equestria, the things she brings back wreak havoc in Ponyville.
    The Breaking of the Wall

    Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie Fourth Wall Comedy

    Character list after the break! 

  • Absurd Resolution Comic Con Pony Poster

    I had to use the snipping tool to cut this behemoth out because blogger refused to upload it. 

    A group over on Deviant Art has vectorized the FiM comic con poster.  At it's current resolution, it's a MASSIVE 18 feet wide, with plans to release a 30,000px version very soon. 

    Now where to go to get one of these printed out... I need to cover a wall with ponies. 

    You can find it here!

    Credit goes to
  • Ponies Invade European Woodstock

    The Przystanek Woodstock  festival in Kostrzyn, Poland recently got hit by all sorts of pony stuff, including some massive posters of Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Derpy.

    They must have different ink prices out there, because a colored Luna of that quality in the states would be crazy to pay for.   

    More images and a short writeup piece after the break!

  • NMAtv Brony Report

    Oh god...this is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

    The trollfaces!  I love these guys.

    You can find it after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #62

    Trixie's comment transmutation fizzled and she turned herself into a filly.

    Poor girl, she can't even solve a Rubik's cube anymore...

    Anyway have some news while we reverse this.

  • New Comment System Test

    (UPDATE)  Passing on Disqus.  Thanks for the testing!

  • Story: Pacing of My Heart


    Author: Bookman230
    Description: Applejack reevaluates her feelings for a certain Pegasus.
    Pacing of My Heart

    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

    Additional Tags: Heartwarming, realist, lovely, complex, engaging