• Another Bed!

    This is another version of that bed spread thing!  I'm not sure if multiple stores carry the same types, but this is available at Walmart, unlike the one from earlier found at Target. 

    You can find the online page for it here!
  • International Friendship Day!

    For those of you following the nightly updates, you probably know that today was International Friendship day. What did you guys do to celebrate? Did your take part in the synchtube marathon? (That is still going I think). Did you hang with non brony friends?

    I just got back from the Arizona Meetup. It was packed! It's pretty amazing to see 50 other pony obsessed people all talking about the show and stealing pizza the second it hits the tables.

    I'll do a writeup about that tomorrow when I get some more pictures! (My phone was pretty much dead, and I am lost without GPS so I could only snag a few.)

    Also my Super Smash Brothers Brawl group after the break! (Which I apparently suck at now.)
  • Story: A Dream Come True (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] We haven't had a Spitfire story in a while.

    Author: Epic Rarity
    Description: It's Spitfire's first time auditioning for the Wonderbolts and she is pretty confident in her abilities. However, she meets a certain colt that will become her best friend and greatest rival.
    A Dream Come True Part 1
    A Dream Come True Part 2 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Spitfire Soarin' Wonderbolts Rivalry Friendship
  • Comics: Chickens are Super Spies/Memes on the Moon

    Hey! Hey guys! I know how to call an international agent of intrigue and mysery! Scootaloooo! Scoot Scoot Scootaloooo! Also works on chickens for some strange reason. The above awesomery from everypony's favorite flight-challenged filly is brought to you by Aalevgor. Below, find Twilight Flopple's super ultra mega realistic depiction of Celestia and Luna's reaction to seeing their toys. It's so real, I think it may have just been recorded with a video camera. Real!

  • How Certain Episodes Might Have Played Out

    Here, have some videos I made instead of walls of text that I made!

    I was bored this afternoon, and got to thinking just exactly how certain episodes of the show would have played out had a character in them either used some common sense or not been a troll. All meant to be taken lightly, of course. Let's call them an experiment- or, if you prefer, a commercial break between the fanfics.

    They're all after the break, if you're interested.

  • PMV: My Little Pony Extended Theme ELECTROPOP REMIX / Cutie Mark Space Crusaders [Remix] / KeepOnRockin

    I really hope Hasbro releases the full theme for us. I'm sure remixing it off of a toy isn't the easiest thing on the planet.  

    Also some Space crusaders (Who remind me of space Teemo for some reason!)

    Have some YTPMV's!

    1.) My Little Pony Extended Theme ELECTROPOP REMIX
    2.) Cutie Mark Space Crusaders [Remix]
    3.) KeepOnRockin

  • Custom Pony Compilation #4

    Yeesh, these custom artists are nuts sometimes.  That's the coolest dash ever.

    Not to mention this Amazing blind bag Trixie, complete with wizard hat and cape, and a blindbag Scotaloooo. 

    All 3 are up on Ebay for those of you who want one!

    Trixie can be found here,  Dash here,  Scootaloo here. and Trixie#2 here!

  • Synchtube Filly Mare-athon..Again!

    Hope you guys aren't sick of re-watching the episodes yet!

    Have some marathon! Starts in...10 minutes!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #142

    These character compilations are amazing.  

    Everypony edition  I guess?

    Source 1
  • Poll Results: Which Pony Looks Best in Socks?

    I think we can end this nonsense already.

    I can't believe Nyx almost beat Fluttershy.  Remember 4 months ago when I said OC ponies would be more accepted as our desperation for pony increases?  Looks like it happened... I probably should have thrown Little Pip into the mix too...

    The website seems smooth enough now for polls again.  I've been trying to optimize the hell out of it, since the load times before were atrocious.  Feel free to suggest some below!

    ^Update^ As I was going to delete the poll, It looks like Nyx actually did beat Fluttershy! 

  • Story: Learn to Fly


    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: Twilight Sparkle always tries to do things by the book and think
    things through logically. When logic isn't enough, Twilight must learn to
    soar above her failings and grow, with a little help...
    Google Documents
    Learn to Fly

    Deviant Art
    Learn to Fly

    Additional Tags: flying, philosophy, immediacy, yellow, growth
  • Pony Bedspread Image

    A while back, I posted about some new pony throw blanket at Target, and included a snippet about some sheets/pillow cases.   I didn't have an image of it though!

    For those of you curious about going all the way into this fandom, this right here might be one of the ultimate steps aside from getting a pony tattoo.  Though, I still think a smug ass Trixie on my calf would be amazing.

    Thanks to cliff for the image!
  • Comment Subscriptions

    One of the pre-readers pointed out that you can actually subscribe to the comments on blogger posts.  I can't believe I didn't notice this...
    So if you want to be emailed every time someone comments on something, instead of sitting there and spamming f5, head on down to the bottom of the comment box and click "subscribe by email". 

    Yes, it's that simple.  You might need a blogger/gmail account for it though, I'm not 100% sure. It seems to just do it automatically. 
  • PMV: Play Like Pinkie Pie / Virus Alert Weird Al / Nissan - Pôneis Malditos

    These mane cast PMV's are amazing. I'm pretty sure Drums&Base Pie is way cooler than Dubstep Dash

    Also some weird al, and the strangest commercial I have ever seen. You can find the translation under the video, courtesy of Luke!

    1.) Play Like Pinkie Pie
    2.) Virus Alert Weird Al
    3.) Nissan - Pôneis Malditos

  • Comics: Celestial Beings and Cosmic Horrors

    Hey there, everypony! It's comic time! Yay, comic time. Today's fare deals with the vast reaches of reality beyond the scope of our every day lives. Deep stuff! Above, please find enclosed a lovely little comic in which Granny Smith explains to three young crusaders where the stars and constellations came from. Below, please find... um... well, let's just say it's based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft and leave it at that, mmkay?

  • Rarity in the deep / Half pony: Full Pony Consequences / Winter Wrap-Up

    PMV's sure are PMVish.

    At least the first and third. The second one is a live reading of that ridiculous half life fanfiction that popped up a while ago, but with ponies.

    1.) Rarity in the deep
    2.) Half pony: Full Pony Consequences
    3.) Winter Wrap-Up [Electropop Remix]

  • Nightly Roundup #51

    Why are ponies with katanas so awesome?  Does that make me a weeaboo?

    Today is the International Day of Friendship technically.  I'm hitting up the Arizona meetup tonight to celebrate, what are you doing?

    The MLP twitter is even on board! 

    Have some news!

  • FiM Advent Calendar

    Someone sent this one a while back, but didn't give me anything other than a picture!  I guess it has been hangin out on the German Amazon since May. 

    Now /r/ing Cheerilee in Santa Hats, cause she is beyond cute.  It's funny, I actually complained about Cheerilee being one of the Mcdonalds toys back when those were announced, and now I love her just as much as any of the other characters in the show. 

    What is with these Twilight Sparkle vectors though?  That thing is a bit scary. Poor Twi...

    Anyway, you can find the page here!
  • Socks... and Skates

    Trust Pinkie Pie to take things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

    Not only does she have multiple colored socks, but she also threw some skates on!