• Canterlot Castle Full Set

    Source: Lady Moondancer
    For those of you who are curious about some of the new pony stuff that was recently released, this is the full canterlot castle set .  The entire thing costs 40 bucks, and includes both Luna and Pinkie Pie.  The actual castle itself is made of cardboard...yes cardboard.

    It includes a whole mountain of random accessory things, some of which come from other g3 toys.  It's not really a brony centered product (obviously) but for the collectors out there, it might be neat!

    I'm not really sure what the correlation is between Pinkie Pie and Luna, but that is totally a wedding cake... just sayin.

    You can find the thread about it here

    Source: Lady Moondancer
  • Spike's Quest Game Engine Demo #3 Released

    Misterbull has sent us another engine demo for the game Spike's Quest. Seth said he tested it and it works fine, so I'm going to forgo that step. So, if it's a virus, it's Seth's fault, not mine.

    Misterbull would like to emphasize that this is not indicative of the final game, but is simply a test of the engine. He releases these tests about once every Wednesday. If you'd like to keep up with the development of the game, there's a thread on Ponychan here that you can bookmark for more information.

    The actual game can be downloaded here.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #140

    This drawfriend post is epic.  So much good art today!

    And that totally isn't because of the awesome Trixie in socks, Trixie with wings, Trixie with Twilight, or Trixie the musician.  I promise. 

    Also new poll. Who is the best pony in socks? Going up in 5 minutes under the chat button on the right.  Lets end it once and for all!

    Source 1

  • Mystery Song Solved!

    Go Daniel Ingram!  Apparently that Twilight Sparkle plush actually sings an extended version of FiM introduction.

    Now someone go bug Hasbro into releasing it so we can remix it into....
    •  8 bit
    • Eurobeat
    • 16 bit
    • Death metal
    • Techno
    • Trixie Autotune Singing
    • Mario Paint
    • Orchestral

    Also the Twilight Sparkle plushie is actually purple, she just turned pink in the video! 

    Thanks to Flutterguy for the heads up!
  • Singing Twilight Sparkle Plushie With a New Song?

    This is actually really neat.  This thing has 3 different songs it cycles through: The FiM theme song, Winter Wrap Up, and...a mystery song?

    It sounds like a modified intro theme.  I think Daniel Ingram confirmed that the actual intro for season 2 would remain the same, but this could have been a small modification to how it starts.

    That or the Twilight Sparkle solo he mentioned a while back. 

    You can find the video after the break!

    NOTE: She only looks pink due to the lighting! 

    Thanks to Pepper Dog for the link!
  • Comic: Oh My Celestia

    Source: Madmax
    Wow... Madmax needs to draw more manga!
  • Story: Dusk (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping] Shipping all OVER the place!

    Author: BewareTheWater
    Description: Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have found another thing in common, their love for Applejack.
    Dusk Part 1
    Dusk Part 2
    Dusk Part 3 
    Dusk Part 4
    Dusk Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: First-Person, Relationships, Love, Emotion
  • iOS Game has TONS of pony references.

    Either Hasbro gave them a license, or these guys are completely ignoring copyright restrictions. Deflex, an indie style graphically insane game for the IOS was recently released by Llamasoft, makers of games like Space Giraffe. 

    Not only is the full on Derpy Hooves model used, but Fluttershy can be heard in the background cheering you on as you play. 

    I'm really curious about how they are getting away with this one. 

    You can find a review of it here, and the game itself is up on the iOS market place. 

    Thanks to Eytan for the heads up!
  • Story: The Emotional Illness (Update Story 2 Part 1!)

    [Normal] Spoiler: I've never watched Dr. Who.

    Author: Tarkana
    Description: A strange sickness has infected nearly everyone in Ponyville. It seems there is no hope for a cure - until Twilight stumbles across a strange blue box...
    The Emotional Illness: Chapter I
    The Emotional Illness: Chapter II
    The Emotional Illness: Chapter III
    The Emotional Illness: Chapter IV 
    The Emotional Illness: Chapter V

    The Emotional Illness (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, Short, Aliens, Crossover

    Description: The Doctor takes the mane cast on an adventure unlike any they've had before. Thrills! Chills! Timey-Wimey!
    Life Among the Distant Stars
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 1.5
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 2
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 2.5
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 3
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 3.5
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 4
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 4.5
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 5
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 6
    Life Among the Distant Stars Part 7

    Life Among the Distant Stars (All Links)

    Additional Tags: One-shots, time travel, Sci-fi

    Description: The Doctor returns to Equestria to find it is the center of a gigantic time paradox. He sets off with the mane 6 to fix the problem, but soon finds the threat is larger than he realized...
    Time Crisis (New Part 1!)

    Additional Tags: Doctor Who, time travel, paradox

  • Welovefine T-shirt Contest: Update!

    The folks over at welovefine.com just dropped us a line to let you all know that they have finally unexploded their servers, which means their "design an awesome pony t-shirt and win a thousand bucks" contest is finally ready to get back to voting! Because of the technical difficulties, they're extending the voting deadline by a week, meaning everything will wrap up at 11:59 PM (PST) on August 21st. Follow the link below and do your part to make sure we get to have awesome pony shirts. Pony fashion is serious business!

    Welovefine Contest Voting Page
  • Story: The Midnight Crusades


    Author: RiffBrony
    Description: Ever wonder what Princess Luna was doing during the Grand Galloping Gala? When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are in need of a babysitter while the mane 6 are at the Gala, who should show up and offer her services other than the moon princess herself? However, much like Twilight and her friends, their evening does not turn out exactly as planned...
    The Midnight Crusades

    Additional Tags: Young at heart, Little Sisters,
  • Derpy Musical + Project

    That crazy Derpy Hooves voiceover girl wrote a song for Derpy, and sang it (In Derpy's voice) , but she needs help adding some instrumentals to the background.

    You can find it after the break!

    And the ponychan thread here if you want to help!

  • Just News Mode is Already Here!

    Look at Pinkie Pie! Shes amazed!

    I have been getting a lot of requests in email for a "Just News Mode", as well as a bunch of people begging me to not post anything except for news on /co/. 

    I'd like to point out that "news" button on the main bar.  That already is "Just News Mode".    If you want to filter art/pmv/fanfiction/plushies/ect, just bookmark that instead. It moves pretty slow, since there isn't a whole lot to cover, and a few other things like to sneak into it, but at the rate it goes it's pretty easy to manage.

    Just a simple PSA from EQD! This post however will not fall into the news category, as those who have it filtered anyway probably already know about it right? 
  • Official Sketches and More Season 2!

    Sibsy over on Deviant Art (One of the animators working on FiM) recently dropped these on her DA page, along with the message:
    "Wrapping up work on the last episode of season 2 of MLP....this episode never seems to end!"
     These guys are awesome.  Also filly twilight is endlessly cute.  

    You can find the DA page here if you want to follow her here!

    Thanks to Calpain for the report!
  • Golden Russet Tweets latest MLP Episode Anamatic

    From the Goldenrusset Twitter page!  I guess he heard our begging last night when I posted those doors!

    How casual!  Does he not know the POWER THAT HE WIELDS?

    Thanks to kein for the heads up! 
  • Upcoming Derpy Toy?

    Remember that official fan forum I talked about like a million years ago? Well, I was just leafing through it this morning and I found an interesting back-and-forth between a fan and the page's admins. This was apparently posted on Tuesday, so, apologies if you've seen this already. I'm slow.

    If there was indeed a Derpy toy released, I highly doubt it would be called such- both for legal and aesthetic reasons. Do you think they'd go with Bright Eyes? or Ditzy Doo? Or is Cereal just reading too much into this?

    What do you ponies think?
  • Plushie Compilation #4

    Source: Brainbread
    The amount of smug ass unicorn in this plushie compilation is reaching critical levels!  I'm afraid it can't take much more! One of them is actually up for grabs on Ebay.  You can find that here!

    Source: Brainbread
    Source: IrashiRyu
    And for those of you who dislike the Greatest and most Powerful Unicorn in all of Equestria, Twilight and Spike also make an appearance. 

    Confound these talented bronies!
  • Story: Side Stories are Never Successful (Update Story 2!)

    [Normal] Spike stories are pretty rare lately!

    Author: A Pony Farce
    Description: A side story to Suited for Success that focuses on Spike and his connections in Canterlot.
    Side Stories are Never Successful

    Additional Tags: Short, Background Ponies, Dialog, Musical References, Suited for Success


    Author: A Pony Farce
    Description: Spike makes a routine trip to Canterlot to refill Twilight's supply of tea but discovers that every last bag of her favorite brand has disappeared. With no tea and no desire to head home empty-handed, the baby dragon has no choice but to hunt down the culprit with the help of some old friends.
    Five Out of Five Ponies Who Read Drink Tea (New!)

    Additional Tags: Minor errands and idle banter

  • PMV: Darth Fluttershy / If Pinkie was Darth Vader / Who's Watching?

    I don't really know how you guys do it, but I somehow got 2 star wars crossover...things in a day.  Yes, I know Twilight is wearing a Star Trek uniform. Love and tolerance right?  Even Trekkies and Star Wars fanboys can get along!

    Have some Darth Fluttershy and Darth Pinkie Pie

    Also a Paranoid Twilight Sparkle PMV.

    1.) Darth Fluttershy
    2.) If Pinkie was Darth Vader
    3.) Who's Watching?

  • Writer Training Ground Week 2!

    Those crazy newbie writers managed to pump out 42 fics this week! 

    They also set up a mini blog to compile everything.  You can find that, and all entries here!

    This week's theme: A Pet stuck in a tree in the Everfree Forest.  How you twist that is up to you!  Check out the Deviant Art page here for more information.
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  • Nightly Roundup #49

    Applejack... As promised.


  • Music: 3 YTPMV's

    More Trigger stuff!

    1.) maREC 6.xkg (1000 Subs Special)
    2.) Rainbow Dash Shylenol
    3.) These ponies don't have Any Reader