• Behind These Doors...

    Behind These Doors... season two is being created.  And according to the person that took this picture, it is more than living up to the hype. I can't wait for it!

    He also commented on how much everyone working on the show loves it when we talk about how amazing they are, so show them some love!

  • Music: Dr Dissonance: Rarity, Graceful Style! / Jedidiah Pie Takes Flight / 8-Bit Pinkie Pie Polka

    I could see Rarity as a vampire.  One of those classic ones who live in luxurious castles in the middle of nowhere and play pipe organs.  She has that style about her that would fit the roll. 

    Anyway number one makes me think of that.  In case you were curious.

    1.) Dr Dissonance: Rarity, Graceful Style!
    2.) Jedidiah Pie Takes Flight - Orchestral
    3.) 8-Bit Pinkie Pie Polka

  • Story: Serving Justice


    Author: The Mechanic
    Description: A young mare's research into the nature of Justice yields unexpected results, and shapes the rest of her life.
    Serving Justice

    Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Justice, Legal
  • Drawfriend Stuff #139

    Awesome crossover edition!

    This one comes in various resolutions, I'd suggest hitting up the source to pick your your particular preference

    Also check out the speed painting!

    Source 1
  • Story: Luna's Socks (Update Deluxe Edition!)

    [Shipping] On the update:

    Foxxy (Author of Twilight Sky Over Canterlot) collaborated with Butterscotch to add art/additional sections to the Luna's Socks story.  You can find the new one with the other links!

    Author: Butterscotch Sundae
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle returns to Canterlot to celebrate the Grand Jubilee with Princess Celestia, she again meets the prank-loving Princess of the Moon - but what does the mischievous Luna want with her? And what do socks have to do with it all?
    Luna's Socks Part 1
    Luna's Socks Part 2 
    Luna's Socks Deluxe Edition  (New!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight, Celestia, Luna, shipping, comedy, shipping, pranks, socks, sexy
  • Customize your Soda and Bubble Bath Boxes!

    Pixelkitties over on Deviant Art has released these two printable labels for for various household objects.  These things are pretty amazing.  I honestly might go buy some box bubble bath for the first time ever and deck one out with it. 

    I might drink soda for the first time in a few years too!

    Both images should link to the full resolution versions (They are massive) and the final product can be found below!

  • Q&Neigh: Everypony

    I hope you're ready for twenty five minutes of us talking, because that's what you're getting, or you can go to your room with no dessert.

    Welcome to the first podcast I think any of us have ever produced. Inside, we answer your questions (sometimes) and go off on tangents and disagree with each other a lot. We do much more of the latter, actually. Be dazzled by how off-topic we get! Be amazed at... the sound quality! Yeah, I'm working on it. Phoe's mic was unfortunately very quiet, so I normalized the audio as best I could. The result is you'll actually be able to hear her, but occasionally it makes the background noise become louder when no one is speaking. That will be fixed next time.

    Seth does the introductions (voice crack included) and is therefore the first to speak, followed by me with the first question, and then Phoe telling me I'm a jerk. Just in case you were confused about who was who.

    Embedded player after the break!

    Also check out the transcripts courtesy of  Sotha here!
  • New Twilight Sparkle Plush + Canterlot Setup

    Source: MacchiatoJolt
    It looks like the Canterlot set displays are popping up at various targets around the USA.

    Source: AnDaY on Ponychan
    Source: Aimee
    Included are a few new merch items that haven't really been reported on yet.

    Above is a new version of the Twilight Sparkle plushie.  It does have sort of a strange nose thing going on there, but at least it isn't a copypaste of the old g3 models. Total cost for it is 20 bucks, not too bad really.

    For those interested in seeing what the actual display looks like, you can find that to the right.  It's pretty elaborate to say the least.  If I was a 12 year old girl, I would be all over it. 

    I think!

    Anyway have another image after the break! Thanks to everyone for the pics, and Elton for letting me know!

  • Sparkle World Magazine!

    Remember a year ago when you would have scoffed at how ridiculous something like this is while walking by at the supermarket?  How you would never buy one of these for yourself in a million years?

    Confound these ponies...

    Anyway, inside this exceedingly girly peice of "literature", you will find an entire workbook dedicated to ponies, including 75 stickers to cover your laptop in, and a fold out Celestia.  

    More pictures after the break! Thanks to Carraig for the news!

  • Comic: Pokey

    A 6 page comic about a background pony that appeared for a whopping 15 seconds!  I love this fandom.  All pages below, credit to Rannva!

    Not everyone got their cutie marks from a Sonic Rainboom.  

    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
  • Music: Celestial Origins / Rainbow Dash Objects / Then Dash back to see ME!

    Epic Celestia music, and more YTPMV's from the guy that created the awesome Fluttershy one from a while back (Probably the only YTPMV  that I like after Pinkie Trigger/Night of the pony! Amazing!)

    1.) Celestial Origins
    2.) Rainbow Dash Objects
    3.) Then Dash back to see ME!

  • Comic: Card Trick-sie

    Heey, that pony webcomic finally updated!  With Trixie of all ponies. 

    Other comic was a bit saucy. To the moon with it
  • PMV : Arcane Equine / Walk Through the Fire / Pony Commercial

    Two PMV's dedicated to Twilight Sparkle!?


    And really ridiculous commercial...
    1.) Arcane Equine
    2.) Walk Through the Fire
    3.) The Best Commercial Ever Ponified

  • Nightly Roundup #48

    It's Wednesday!

    The Great and Powerfu...shes so sad... Trixie why are you sad? Wednesdays are always your day...

    I'll toss some news up I guess.
  • Random Merch Stuff #2!

    Source: Ligbi

    It looks like ponies are invading....everything.  No form of merchandise is safe!  Above we have a purse, that comes with a tiara.  I don't know how purses and tiaras correlate exactly, but its part of the package! 

    Souce: Logan/Quala
    There are also these rub in color things.  I'm not really sure how that works, but it has Twilight Sparkle on it, so who cares!

    And for the dwarf bronies out there, have some...panties.