• Music: YTPMV - Unreal Superpony 3 / Live Winter Wrap Up / Equestria Girls Remix

    Holy Crap this YTPMV is nuts... I usually don't like them, but seriously, "wow".

    1.) YTPMV - Unreal Superpony 3
    2.) Winter Wrap Up [One Man Band Cover]
    3.) Equestria Girls (DJ PON-3 SUPERB347 MIX)

  • Hot Topic Finally Carries Pony Shirts!

    Hot Topic now carries pony shirts! 

    So far their stock isn't the greatest on the planet, and it looks like they are womens only, but once something hits this point, piles of other merch tends to follow. 

    I know "knowyourmeme" announced this craze as a subculture a while back, but seeing it pop up at a store like this next to Zelda and Mario is a pretty big testament.  They might not have the best reputation on the planet, but at least it does signify the inevitable pony takeover of...everything!

    Links to the shirts are in the images!

    Thanks to Lady Chu for the heads up!
  • PMV: Forest Gump / Psycho / Twilight in ponyland

    Movies and Crazypie! Yay~

    1.) Forest Gump
    2.) Psycho
    3.) Twilight in ponyland.

  • Speculations and Stuff!

    This is from the comic con poster...

    Wonder who these guys are?  Are we going to see some gangster style villains in season two?

    Discussion time!
  • PMV: Cutie Mark Chronicles -- Theatrical Trailer / Twilight Rising / Last Friendship

    You guys seem to go in spurts. One day I will receive a mailbox full of stories, and the next, a mailbox full of PMVS. You can probably guess what today was.

    The first one is actually really well done, for only using content from a single episode.

    Also some Twilight sparkle and anime opening style stuff!

    1.) Cutie Mark Chronicles -- Theatrical Trailer
    2.) Twilight Rising
    3.) Last Friendship - Raireki

  • Story: No Tame Forest

    [Normal] "You'd better be both dead and sick
    If you don't drop everything and read this fic
    Work and sleep?  That is a load!
    Read it now lest my anger EXPLODE!"-
    Pre-reader who RP's Zecora and drives everypony else insane.

    Author: PhantomFox
    Description:An injured Rainbow Dash is rescued by Zecora after a rogue natural
    storm crashes her into the Everfree Forest. But with an even fiercer
    storm on the horizon, will Rainbow Dash be able to recover in time?
    Can they figure out how to tackle this tempest and keep it from
    blowing Ponyville to pieces?
    No Tame Forest

    Additional Tags: Episode-like (episodic?), Storm, Everfree, Zecora, Rainbow Dash
  • Twilight Sparkle Boot Up Animation For Android

    For those of you with rooted android phones (and a few others), this pack of downloads will replace the boring stock boot-up screen with the best pony in the show!

    Inside the Zip you will find different resolutions for various devices.  Be sure to check out the readme and follow the link to determine the correct size for your phone.

    Note: this is primarily for people with rooted phones, though through hours of google I found it is possible on some to do it without.  The readme also gives a brief explanation on how to do it through console commands with the android SDK.

    Warning: Rooting your phone does void the warranty, and there is always a chance you will screw something up and brick it. It's also a pain depending on your firmware (Like my 2 hours of hell yesterday!)

    The DA page for this is here!

    Have a download link!

    You can find the video of Twilight Sparkle summoning the Android OS after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #134

    Why isn't this in 1920X1080 edition!

    Oh wait, it is!

    Ponibooru is terribly slow today, so I only made it to page 25 before giving up.  I know some of you upload to that site specifically, so uhh, sorry if I missed it!

    Source 1

  • Story: Vamp it Up! (Update Complete!)

    [Comedy][Adventure] Vamponies?! I don't even!

    Author:  Tumbleweed
    Description: Who is the mysterious Count Fetlock? What does he want in Ponyville? And, most importantly, can Twilight Sparkle find out before it's too late for Fluttershy?

    Vamp it Up! (New Complete!)

    Additional tags:
    Books, Cheap Puns, Vamponies.
  • Sporcle Comic Con Poster Quiz

    That is a ton of characters right there, but how many do you actually know the names of?

    I'll be honest, I struck out at 64/72.  The tennis guy, butler, and a few others completely stumped me. 

    And in case you guys were wondering about the stats so far:

    And a link

    You guys should email me when I break things! I have been in drawfriend digging mode for the past hour. 
    Glad I'm not the only one that missed Rainbow Day, but come on, 64% for Doctor Whooves?  Aren't we pretty much spammed with fics and art involving him?  I'm actually surprised pokey is so high up.
  • The Best Explanation of Friendship is Magic Ever

    I'll let the image do the talking this time around.

    If you don't want to go marathon all 26 episodes after reading that, you have no soul.
  • Music: Sweet Apple Acres racing theme / Afraid To Get Your Wings Dirty? / Vinyl Finds a Fight

    I can definitely see playing a game with this theme.  Someone fund it! This might even make good fighting music for the mane6 game. 

    1.) Makkon - Sweet Apple Acres racing theme
    2.) Afraid To Get Your Wings Dirty? - General Mumble
    3.) sci vs Chain Algorithm - Vinyl Finds a Fight

  • Pony Monopoly (Update: Bunch of Stuff!)

    • Chance/Community Chest Cards (After the break)
    • Rarity Promoted
    • Applejack Demoted (poor girl..)
    • Spelling errors fixed
    • Still no moon :(

    Yeah, that's a freakin' Pony Monopoly board. Soggy called it Monopony in the email. I rather like that name, but, I'm quite partial to puns in the first place. By the way, this comes to us from Soggy. Good work, Soggy.

    You can really tell he put a lot of work into this board. The squares go up in order of character importance until you get to Celestia and Luna. He only made one mistake- it's a big one, though. He has Rarity at nearly the back of the line for the mane cast. He has Applejack in front of Rarity. I'm willing to forgive this transgression only because of the sheer amount of work that went into the rest of the board. But, seriously, that's a fault I have trouble ignoring. And, seriously, Pinkie at the back? I don't really like Pinkie, but she's better than Applejack. For shame.

    True story, I am not good at Monopoly at all. I think it stems from the fact that every time I played it with my dad, he would always beat us. Every time. He was a master at games like that. Clue, too. He would dominate us at Clue. It got to the point where we wouldn't even play with him anymore because he was so good at it. So you can add that to the list of things that Cereal isn't good at, alongside being funny and being able to write well! According to /co/, anyway.

    After the break you can find the paper money and the deed cards used for the game.

  • PMV: YTP and Ridiculous stuff

    I hope you guys like Youtubepoop!

    1.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Neat
    2.) The Magical Land of Equestria
    3.) Trololuna

  • Comic: Pylons and Magic / I'll Never fly

    Lost of video game crossovers lately.  This one is from Don_ko

    And a Scootaloo comic below from Veggie!

  • Exclusive My Little Pony Comic-Con Poster

    This is fantastic. I'll copy-paste the Facebook message, because it does a better job of explaining this than I will, because I'm just making incoherant noises at the moment:

    We’re all so excited to be in San Diego for Comic-Con International! Are any of our fans here too? Visit us at booth #3329 and you could snag 1 of 5,000 exclusive Comic-Con 2011 posters, while supplies last! Act quickly, these will only be available at Comic Con and once they’re gone, they’re gone :)

    Pretty much every major and minor and background pony is proudly featured on this poster. Some of the notable ones are our ever-present mascot Derpy, Lyra and Bon-Bon, and, to my utter delight, Octavia. I'm serious, Octavia is back there, and she didn't get a single line in the entire show. I'm so happy.

    I have a mission for you all. If you go to Comic-Con, please, grab me one of these posters. You'll pretty much be my best friend forever.

    EDIT: For those wondering, the QR code on the bottom just leads to the Making of Season One video we've posted here already.
  • Sculptures and Figurines

    Source: Hoikamage
    If pony ever dies, at least we will have relics in pretty much every art medium out there!  Have some sculpted pony stuff!

    Source: Githgulcag
    Above we have some dash in a parasprite bikini from "Swarm of the Century". 

    And to the left, some "best pony" made out of acrylic.  I don't need to name her do I?

    And below are some animal companions.  The artist is actually selling commissions of these for $2.50 each plus shipping.  She is currently taking advantage of the buy one get one free on materials at Toys R' Us, so prices will increase once that deal ends.

    Source: Gryphyn Bloodheart
  • Story: Pinkie Pie, and Nothing More

    [Sad] Poor Pinkie Pie...

    Author: Present Perfect
    Description: How could Pinkie Pie have forgotten her own birthday? When you've had birthdays like she has, maybe some are worth forgetting.
    Pinkie Pie, and Nothing More

    Additional Tags: psychological, MPD, birthdays, facing your demons
  • Nightly Roundup #42

    I couldn't find enough for a drawfriend today edition! So have one that was part of it!

    To the news!

  • Story: MLP The School Years (Update Part 3!)

    [Normal] Humanized poni! Oh lawdy

    Author: Aether Ouranos
    Description: We've all been through some schooling, but what happens when the ponies have to go through it? Tori (Twilight) is new to the School of Equestria, will she be able to fit into a group that's known each other for most of their lives?
    MLP The School Years Part 1
    MLP The School Years Part 2
    MLP The School Years Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Humanized