• Canterlot Ponies Now Available in Seattle

    The Canterlot toys that were originally scheduled for August 1st have made it out on shelves early over in Seattle.  I don't know much about toys breaking street dates, but I've been told it's much less strict than games/movies, so you might want to give your nearby Target a call if you plan on grabbing these. 

    Sadly, Celestia remains pink.  What can you do though?  At least Luna is available.

    Thanks to Chivahn for the heads up! 

    More pictures after the break for those that have no clue what I'm talking about !

  • Story: Claro de Luna (Update Complete)

    [Shipping][Sad][Normal] "A music masterpiece of love and intrigue" -Pre-reader #16

    Author: James Corck
    Description: Princess Luna experiences love at first sight during a concert in Canterlot, as she is struck by the talent and beauty of the main cellist, Octavia. How does love endure when you can't age and your loved one can?
    Claro de Luna Part 1
    Claro de Luna Part 2 (New!)

    Claro de Luna (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Romance, Love, Music, Coping with the Loss.
  • Twilight Sparkle's Black Hole Diagram

     Alfa995 has created this diagram of different levels of bronydom.  

    I'm assuming most of you are in the are sitting a few tiers away from the middle, though I'm sure a few of you are stuck in the actual singularity with me!   It sure is crazy this deep! Confound these overly addicting ponies...

    Anyway this awesome flash diagram can be found here!
  • PMV: Race Like Rainbow Dash / My Little Eve: Spaceships are Magic / Pinkie Pie's On Crack

    I get a lot of Rainbow Dash PMV's. Most are just 4 minutes of Dash flying around with rock music in the background. It's a breath of fresh air when someone actually throws custom graphics into a PMV, especially one I have seen 300 times.

    I may not like dubstep, and it may be 49 seconds long, but it does a a great job of "selling" Dash.  If there was a cartoon starring just her, I would want something like this to be the intro.  

    Also a movie trailer with Dash!

    And some Pinkie Pie... poor, poor, Pinkie Pie.

    1.) Race Like Rainbow Dash
    2.) My Little Eve: Spaceships are Magic
    3.) Pinkie Pie's On Crack

  • PMV: The Hayngover / Nyan Rainbow Dash (Heavy Metal) / Great Day!

    Movie Trailers, Revamped Nyandash, and a PMV! Variety hour..again!

    1.) The Hayngover
    2.) Nyan Rainbow Dash (Heavy Metal)
    3.) Great Day!

  • Humanized FiM Opening

    Hey! This is really well done! I could see this being a real cartoon.

    I'm so glad they are ponies though.  I don't think I'd ever be able to watch it if they weren't.  

    You can find the flash at the newgrounds post here!
  • Mysic: Pony Swag New Verse / Venetian Hooves / Avast Pinkie Pie's Ass

    I'm curious... Would you guys be interested in a pony swag verse competition thing? I've gotten three so far, so obviously there is some interest.

    If you want to add a verse, send a message to BringDaLULZ on Youtube

    1.) Pony Swag New Verse
    2.) Venetian Hooves: Me and my so called Ponies [Lyra + Octavia + Vinyl Scratch]
    3.) Avast Pinkie Pie's Ass

  • Comic: Octavia Is Freakin Adorable: Part Four!

    Part I: Click for Full Size
    Part II: Click for Full Size

    UPDATE: Click past the break for part three!

    I know we just did Drawfriend, but I couldn't resist putting this two three-part comic by Dreatos up.

    I can't explain it. Octavia is just the most adorable thing in the world sometimes. I dunno what it is about her. Maybe her color scheme is what's appealing. It's certainly not a canon personality I'm attached to, because as far as we know she doesn't have any. It's all stuff you guys have made up. That must be it. You guys are really good at taking these background ponies with no story to them outside what we see them do in the show and making these extremely likable characters out of them. I love you, Octav- I mean, uh, you guys.

    There's a second bonus Luna comic after the break, too. Personally I'm just here for the Octavia. Look at those adorable purple eyes. I want to hug her and take her home with me.

    Don't tell Rarity.

  • Comic: Trickster Goddess

    And then fanon explained the entire disappearance of Luna with one comic strip.

    Click the image for it!

  • Story: Apples From a Foreign Land

    [Shipping][Adventure] This is actually a commissioned story for a brony and filly who met thanks to ponies! Grats guys!

    Author: HiddenBrony
    Description: Twilight Sparkle receives a letter from the Princess explaining that it's time to start teaching on her own, and Twilight soon finds a red unicorn stallion in her home! However, a chance meeting with a local mare has the new colt in town head over heels, with Twilight vying to keep the unicorn on his studies!
    Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 1
    Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 2: The Apple Falls
    Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 3: Far From the Tree Part 1
    Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 4: Far From the Tree Part 2

    Additional Tags: A story for David's love

    "For that special pony girl that has to leave so soon. We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day."
  • PMV: Fluttershy Joins a Band

    Someone emailed me this yesterday...  I admit, I "0_o"'d pretty hard.  Not because the PMV is amazing, but because it actually SOUNDS like Flutteshy is singing it.

    I figured I was just over-reacting like usual (I tend to get excited about weird things), so I sent it to my normal "dude this is stupid" evaluators Cereal, and Speckles (You don't know her), and amazingly enough, I got a "woah", and "Daww" back!

    It's not a 100% match, but is pretty close!

    Are there any other songs out there that sound like the actual pony is singing them?  Feel free to toss them in the comments below.

    Anyway, have some Fluttershy after the break!

  • Story: Glimmerhorn Vale

    [Shipping][Normal] Twixie! Kind of

    Author: Abalidoth
    Description: Twilight teaches Trixie a lesson about the history of
    unicorn magic.
    Glimmerhorn Vale

    Additional Tags: Short, Magic, Ghosts, First-Person, Lesson
  • Pony Wallpaper Compilation #9

    Tehnomad sent me a few new really neat wallpapers, so I took the other ones I had in my art folder and created a small compilation!  You can find everything below!
  • Story: The True King / On Waffles

    [Normal] Two short stories from the same author! Madness I say. Or something.

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: After many long years, Celestia's beloved sister has finally returned to her. However, Luna has brought someone else with her.
    The True King

    Additional Tags: Celestia, Luna, OC Pony Reunion

    Description: A world filtered through a television set does no justice to itself at all. I learned this, many years ago...if you will listen, I shall tell you how.
    On Waffles

    Additional Tags: Expidition, Waffles, Humans in Equestria, Tyrant Celestia, Celestia, Humans

  • Story: A Night to Forget (Update Part 2!)

    [Sad][Crossover][Grimdark] This is a ....Titanic crossover. Yes, you read that right. I was surprised too!

    Author: MichaelXX2
    Description: A congregation of pony characters boards the RMS Titanic in 1912, and some meet a horrible demise.
    A Night to Forget
    A Night to Forget Part 2 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Sad, interesting, grim, depressing, maddening
  • Nightly Roundup #41

    Pinkie Pie is pretty under-appreciated.  I think out of all the ponies, her psychological state is probably the most fascinating.

    We can talk about that later though! On to the news!

  • Story: Silly Species Swapping (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal] I have nothing for this story, so have some impossibly cute Romana.

    Author: Roboshi
    Description: An attempt to break new ground in the world of magic goes terribly wrong for Twilight and the Mane cast find themselves with the wrong abilities. Can they deal with this change? Can Twilight set things right without magic? And what powers did Pinkie get?
    Silly Species Swapping Part 1
    Silly Species Swapping Part 2
    Silly Species Swapping Part 3
    Silly Species Swapping Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Magic, Swapping, Accident, Species, Problem
  • YTP: My Little Failures (Update #4!)

    Like I'm ever going to get another chance to use Apple Fritter! Not that she fits this at all anyhow.

    Flashgen is releasing this series of random videos/parodies using ponies. Some are pretty cool! I'll use this post as your typical series update spot.

    Anyway all episodes are after the break.
    1.) My Little Failures - Entry #1
    2.) My Little Failures - Entry #2
    3.) My Little Failures - Entry #3
    4.) My Little Failures - Entry #4
    5.) My Little Failures - Entry #5 (New Embed wont work!)