• Story: My Little Firefly: Out In Equestria

    [Crossover] Firefly Crossover!

    Author: Kintexu2
    Description: The Firefly cast stumble upon Equestria and get stranded and
    separated from each other when the ship crash lands.
    My Little Firefly: Out In Equestria

    Additional Tags: Firefly collides with the Ponies.
  • Luna / Pinkie Pie Plushies

    Evilsugar has released 2 more plushies.  I'm pretty sure this Princess Luna is the best one so far.  That thing is amazing!

    Also some pinkie pie!

    That pinkie pie looks sosoft.
  • Story: Elements of Awesome (Update Volume 2 Part 6-10!)

    [Normal] The Mane 6's kids?! Oc madness right there!

    Author: Hawky
    Description: Set a random amount of years in the future. Twilight Sparkle disappears and it's up to her daughter and her daughter's friends can save them. Will Dawn and co. be able to rescue the unicorn in time, or will [SPOILER] happen? Read the gaddum story to find out. Or don't. Also, be prepared for sappy. There will be some very sappy bits. Enjoy
    All Links after the break!
  • Story: The Glue Maker

    [Crossover][Random] So... Bill Clinton was on NPR a while back and mentioned a villain, and now he finally has a story.   All welcome Krastos the Gluemaker!

    Author: Walkinix
    Description: On an unprecedented adventure, Harry the Bear finds himself interlocked in a fateful journey with Fluttershy to help save her friend Rainbow Dash from forces unknown from within the Everfree Forest.
    The Glue Maker

    Additional Tags: "Sometimes, mistakes happen for a reason"
  • Comic: Muffins! / Luna Plays Call of Duty

    I wonder if muffins will be staple part of Derpy in season two?

    Also have some Luna!  (Click image for full comic)
  • Flash Game: Trinelight Beta

    A while back, a game called Trine was included in one of those humble indie bundles, and for a good day and a half, I found another obsession to fawn over that finally didn't have anything to do with colorful equines with anime eyes.  Sadly, the game was pretty short, but I enjoyed every moment of it, and spammed pretty much everyone on my steam list with praise about how amazing it was.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago,  and you can find a post about a physics based flash game someone was working on for school. 

    Imagine how amazed I was when I opened my mail today and saw that he was turning it into Trine with ponies. 

    So far it's looking really awesome! He needs beta testers though.  Have some links!

    You can find the new demo of the game here!

    If you want to help beta test, send an email here, with "Trilight BETA participant" as the title.

    He also opened up a blog to track progress for the game, which you can find here!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #132

    Poison joke edition!

    I might do an event based on poison joke.  Haven't decided yet though.

    This one is a bit shorter, but it hit the minimum requirement of 20 images, so lets do it!

    Source 1
  • Synchtube Animation Night

    Sunday night movie time! This time Mojo will be playing Spirit Stallion of the Cimarrion, and voting for the one after that! 

    You can find the channel here!

    And the backup channel here!
  • Discussion/Thing: Write an Episode Summary!


    You must present an episode summary idea for season three.  

    Think about what makes this show great!  The slice of life style is surprisingly difficult to write.  Remember, an episode is only ~22 minutes, so your summary needs to be about something that can logically be told in that time frame. 

    This may or may not turn into a script writing contest later on.  (Probably will, because I love events). 

    So below, take 3-5 sentences and explain your dream FiM episode! 
  • Ponies Around the World Round 5!

    I want those glasses for my Fluttershy...

    I didn't think this event would be so massive in scale.  This is round 5, meaning we are at about 280 images posted so far, and I still have 60 emails left.  (I'll do the exact math some other time!)

    Have some previous rounds!

    I am considering making this a monthly thing, so for all of you who sent me emails begging me to extend the deadline, go ahead and take your vacation pony pictures anyway!  

    Enough of my blabbering, it's pony time!

  • Youtube catch-up: Results!

    Youtube has been caught up, and the results are now live for everypony to see. A total of 22 unearthed videos (plus an extra 4 that warrant comparison) made the cut, with 9 in particular dazzling this pony fan. Embeds, commentaries, and additional video links are all available after the break!
  • PMV: Pony Swag Video / Hey Ocean / My Little TF2

    Heeey, this pony swag PMV is awesome. I guess they cheated a bit though.

    Also some Hey Ocean stuff (Applejack/Rainbow Dash VA band)

    And...my little TF2. So random.

    1.) Swagberg ft. Maros - Pony Swag (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
    2.) Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave
    3.) My Little Team Fortress 2

  • Karaoke Stuff WWU/Art of the Dress

    These might be cool for all of those meetups scheduled for the next few weeks.

    Have some Karaoke after the break!

    1.) Art of the Dress
    2.) Winter Wrap Up

  • Nightly Roundup #39

    Have some cake with your news.

    I'm so glad Madmax is back!