• Drawfriend Stuff #108

    Lunar Eclipse Epic edition.

    I want to fight this boss...

    Or serve this queen...

    Or something...

    Source 1
  • Goddess Level Celestia Cosplay

    What's that? Our tyrranical overlord is the best pony now? 

    I agree. 

    You can find the DA page here!
  • Two Brony Covers

    Cover time!

    1.) Cutie Mark Crusaders (Phineas and Ferb theme cover)
    2.) Big Mac the Secret Stud (Agent B's theme)

  • Synchtube Mare-athon!

    Filly synchtube is doing another Mare-athon! 

    It starts at 10:00 PM PST, so... 1 minute!


  • Pony Body Part Chart

    If you are like me, equine anatomy was a completely alien subject before Friendship is Magic; in fact, I always considered horses to be relatively ugly beasts.    I still do! But these ponies sure as hell don't look like any horse I've ever seen!

    Hopefully the above chart helps explain some of the strange terms that keep popping up, primarily in Art of the Dress where rarity pretty much goes down the list of various body parts to measure on her friends.

    (Withers is way less dirty than I originally thought...)

    You can find the artists page here!
  • Pony Speedpaint Time!

    I think these tie in pretty well with our current training grounds posts, so have some speedpaint videos!

    The first one is the image above, the other is a pen drawing of Rarity.  Both videos embedded after the break!

  • Friendship is Witchcraft / Lucky Number SpLevin

    Another abridged series! If more than this episode comes out, I'll split it off into a new post!

    Also another movie trailer and everypony as a DJ!

    1.) Friendship is Witchcraft
    2.) Lucky Number SpLevin
    3.) DJ Pwnies 4 [20% cooler] [final version] [MLP:FiM]

  • Music: DJ D-Dog Mixes / A bunch of MLP:FiM covers

    Remember back in the day when I used to post maybe 2-3 youtube links a day?

    We sure have come far...

    Anyway, Mixes and Vocal covers this time around! Enjoy

    1.) DJ D-Dog - I thought you wanted whining?
    2.) Mad-Dog - Tasty Speedcakes
    3.) A bunch of MLP:FiM covers

  • Music: AOTD (Always Stressed) / Luna Goes all Stupid Evil / Pinkie Dub Step

    Some awesome techno style stuff above, and dubstep below for those of you who are into that!

    Number two sounds like it came from the metroid: luna edition soundtrack, it's a shame that it gets a bit fuzzy halfway through. 

    1.) Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix)
    2.) Luna Goes All Stupid With The Evil
    3.) Cupcakes - Tristan Toxique

  • Fox News on Bronies Round 2!

    Last night I posted a link to a Fox News video on bronies.  Apparently they have busted out a round two of it.  This one is surprisingly less obnoxious, but still manages to do absolutely no research and is filled to the brim with bias. 

    That ONE line in the Wired.com article sparked all of this I think.

    Now before you all explode, please realize... Fox news has never been an actual news agency.  They are self proclaimed (Literally) just there to entertain.   Don't take it seriously.  It's pretty much just a more serious version of the Colbert show.  (see, I can do it too)

    You can find it after the break!

  • 12 Million Trixie Comic / After the Gala Fixes

    Aww, you guys know just how to butter me up. 

    Sources: Lurid Phoenix / Aleximus Prime

    I have a feeling these links are going to be seriously broken, poor blogger can't handle moving images around like this! If they work, all comics are in their respective images.  

  • 80's Tees Seeking T-Shirt Recommendations

    The people over at 80's Tees who have the FiM license for shirt creation are looking to us for advice on what kind of designs we would like to see.  The ones above are not official by any means, simply beta ideas quickly thrown togeather. 

    Now as much as I'd like to wear a shirt that professes my love of Twilight Sparkle for all the world to see, I have to admit it would be a bit akward. 

    They will be checking This Thread on ponychan, as well as this post here for comments/questions/concerns, and building Brony-centric shirts out of it. 

    I'm sure 20% cooler will already make the cut, so what else would you all like to see?
  • Brony Movie Night #6

    It's Friday! Brony movie night day!

    Pre-showing is happening now, the actual bulk of it begins at 7:00 PM EST

    This week they will be showing:
    • Pony episode: The Best Night Ever
    • Mane Movie: Aladdin
    • Pony episode: Dragonshy
    • B Movie: Starship Troopers (Warning: Nudity, Volence, Swearing, Ect)
    If you are interested in attending,  you can find the links for it below!

    Brony State (Main Page)

    They would also like to let everypony know that encore presentations will be held on Saturdays at 2:00 PM EST
  • Equestria Flags Event Post


    I usually don't choose winners, but that one totally won, just sayin!

    I'll tweet these over to the MLP Twitter page. 

    All flag submissions are after the break! Only 11 (late people...)! You guys slacked off!

    1 Superzat
  • Minecraft Parasprites / Spanish Fandubs


    Also more of that spanish fandubber, cause shes awesome.

    1.) Minecraft Parasprite Infestation
    2.) Porra
    3.) Amenme

  • [Voodoopony] Album Two

    This guy is a music creating MACHINE!  It's like Madmax reincarnated or something. 

    You can find his new album once again on Bandcamp!
  • Story: Justice Society of Equestria

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Whats that? Morning crossover time? Lets do it!

    Author: Lord Hierarch
    Description: The Mystery Mares and Stallions of the Justice Society were keeping the lands of Equestria clear of threats the Equestrian Guards could not handle. At their height a secret government organization forced them to disband. Now a new enemy is taking out surviving members, and its up to past and future heroes to stop this before any more are lost.
    Justice Society of Equestria

    Additional Tags: Justice Society, long, heroes, battle, history
  • My Little F'd Up Pony Girl / Rainbow Dash's Epic Sonic...

    So I heard you guys liked anime intros, how about some ending style stuff?

    Also a PMV and one of those random picture/video/music thingies.

    1.) FiM Alternate Credits
    2.) My Little F'd Up Pony Girl
    3.) Rainbow Dash's Epic Sonic Rainboom Will Save The Righteous

  • Nightly Roundup #9

    What's that?  I'm out of new Lyra to post?

    Well we all know what that means...

    The Great and Powerful News is after the break!

  • Story: Warmth for the Night (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] Lunas and Celestias and OC's! Oh my!

    Author: Dragryphon
    Description: A strange unicorn gives Luna something she needed, and continues to show up to her. However, this filly seems to have secrets. Several secrets.
    Warmth for the Night Part 1:Frozen
    Warmth for the Night Part 2 Cold
    Warmth for the Night Part 3: Warm
    Warmth for the Night Part 4: Hot
    Warmth for the Night Part 5: Molten (New!)
    Warmth for the Night Epilogue: Cool Down (New!)

    Additional Tags: Strange, Warmth, Lunarific, Diary, Magic
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 22

    Twilight Doesn't Quite Get It Edition. Also, I love pointless capitalization. And pointed capitalization. Oh Celestia I'm so tired. That actually sounded funny to me. Ahahehe... eh. Today also doubles as wishful thinking night because it's the middle of June and I am tremendously hot and haven't gone swimming in... gosh, how long has it been? Years, I think. But these 167 splishy splashy little ponies are making me feel very cool and relaxed. Cool enough to celebrate our total rising all the way to 4,218 in total! *party favors!*

    Well, before I pass out let's get this part out of the way. Submission guidelines are here. If there's something else I can help you with, talk to me at phoe@equestriadaily.com. Rain or shine, your Blog Princess is always there to help!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony building something. This night is dedicated to productivity. But what are these ponies building? Iono. Tables, houses, computer programs, giant robots, relationships, statues in my own glorious image, shrines to Lyra... you didn't hear that last one!