• Drawfriend Stuff #107

     It's so epic edition.

    Confound you Valcron! You interrupted Trixie plot edition with this! I hope you are happy!

    Things got a bit jumbled this time around, so the drawing event stuff is mixed in.  I ran out of time! 

    Source 1 VALCRON
  • Lauren Faust Responds to Pony Weight / Sea ponies

    I saw this one floating around yesterday, but wasn't too sure how interesting it would be to discuss, lets roll with it anyway!

    This kind of explains why Pinkie Pie can devour truckloads of cake and stay completely fine!

    Though I do think Twilight looks a bit stockier sometimes... not that this is a bad thing. 

    Also some sea ponies below, just in case you were curious about their return some time in the near future.

    Apparently none are planned for season 2 (considering Lauren had at least some say in the initial stages of development) but who knows what will happen in Season 3!
  • Custom Rainbow Dash Window Painting // Clay Derpy

    This is. So. Awesome.

    Caroline has sent us photos of their custom Rainbow Dash window painting. It was done freehand with acrylic paints. It looks totally rad, if I do say so myself.

    After the break, there's also photos of Eternal-equilibrium's custom Derpy Hooves clay model, and one more photo of the window painting.

  • 8-Bit Music: Pinkie's Singing Telegram // Pony Pokey

    I'd do another rant about Octavia here, because apparently some ponies actually read these little blurbs, but... nah, I'll give it a rest. I'm sleepy.

    1) Pinkie's Singing Telegram
    2) Pony Pokey

  • Story: Changing Octaves

    [Normal] Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Remember this post, where I put out a challenge to our authors to write a story about Octavia? Pen Stroke answered the call with this beautifully-written short piece called Changing Octaves. I honestly hadn't expected anyone to write the story I described, much less write one this quickly and this well. I applaud you, sir.

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: Cereal Velocity should really be careful what he posts up on Equestria Daily. A one-shot of an Octavia story Cereal wanted to see written.

    Octavia may be a gifted musician, but that doesn't mean she always liked her instrument. After all, what filly grows up wanting to play a huge contrabass?
    Changing Octaves

    Changing Octaves Alternate

    Additional tags: At the challenge of Cereal Velocity
  • PMV: Hero / Banished (Anime opening) / Fixed an animation error

    Today sure is filled with PMV's and Fanfics!

    These anime openings ALMOST make me want to go back to that phase from years ago in high school.

    1.) Hero
    2.) Banished (Anime opening)
    3.) Fixed an animation error in the Regular Show

  • Comic: Fluttershy is Fed Up With Angel / Mayors

    Two more comics!  As always, click the image for the full verions!

    Sources: Geekscomeoutatnight / Bakki

  • Story: The Pain of Plants

    [Normal] I need to start compiling random OC pony images for all of these! Have some Celestia!

    Author: Hugo V
    Description: Field, an honest and humble colt, looks back on his life and the tribulations that followed gaining an unofficial position at Canterlot Castle. Retelling the story through his own eyes, the now older pony reminisces about life, love, and most importantly, friends.
    The Pain of Plants Part 1

    Additional Tags: none
  • MLP DVD Possibly in the works?

    The MLP Facebook page has dropped a pretty interesting response to a question about DVD's. 

    Hopefully this means they are either already in progress, or working on the legal technicalities.

    Regardless, I hope some special features pop up!

    You can find the facebook thing here!

    And thanks to shelldon for the report! 

  • Comic: Trot in Hell / Egophiliacs Comics

    Poor Kratos... he doesn't realize that Pinkie Pie will suck the masculinity right out of him. 

    Also below (Click the images for the actual comics) are some of Egophiliacs comics.  I'm pretty sure he increases the daww of the drawing training ground by at least 300%.  For those of you who don't visit those posts, I figured I'd put them in a comic spot.  (Trying something new here codewise that I can't preview, I'll fix the links if it doesn't work!)

  • Season 1 Downloadable Song Playbook

    A huge song book of season one lyrics, keys, and key changes has been compiled into a PDF for everyone to use during conventions/meetups and whatever else you can think of!

    At 21 pages long, hopefully this teaches all of you sing along people the actual lyrics of the songs! 

    You can find the book here!
  • Applesheen is WINNING / Pony Cross Intro / So Whatcha Want

    Ponies and Time's Scar? That's...almost scary. Though the video could have had a bit more on the relevant scenes.

    1.) Applesheen is WINNING
    2.) Pony Cross Intro
    3.) My Little Beastie Boys - So Whatcha Want

  • Story: The Nightmare Wars


    Author: EsperDerek
    Description: The year is 2239. The Earth and its colonies have found themselves pushed to the brink of extinction against an unknown, seemingly invincible enemy. But when a desperate mission is undertaken to capture an enemy vessel, what will be uncovered will change not just the course of the war, but the fate of two races...
    The Nightmare Wars Chapter 1: Contact

    Additional Tags: Space Opera, Battle, Revelations, Mecha

    Fan art after the break!

  • Music: Foozogz / Evil Enchantress Jazz / Intensive Gastony Unit

    I think the Gaston one is a bit old, but I don't remember posting it ever, so lets do it!

    1.) Foozogz - This Song Made Man A Fluttershy
    2.) Fluttershy and Octavia: Evil Enchantress Jazz
    3.) Intensive Gastony Unit

  • Story: Second Impressions

    [Normal] "This one is so sweet it might give you cavities"-Pre-Reader #10

    Author: Somber
    Description: Fluttershy revisits the site of her worst night ever and comes
    face to face with emotions she never imaged she possessed…
    Second Impressions

    Additional Tags: Drama, psychological, happy ending? Really.
  • PMV: The Pink Lebowski / Scootaloo where are you? / TROT PMV

    Random PMV time!

    1.) The Pink Lebowski
    2.) Scootaloo where are you?
    3.) "TROT" [PONY PARTY MUSIC SONG] (PMV to the song posted a few days ago!)

  • Story: A Walk in the Sun

    [Sad] Lyra and Bonbon better be canon for season two!

    Author: Melionos
    Description: On a perfectly sunny day in Ponyville, a wintergreen unicorn visits an old friend.
    A Walk in the Sun

    Additional Tags: Short, Bittersweet
  • Delicious Pony Cake / Perler Bead Rainbow Dash

    I love cake.  And ponies definitely make cake even better.

    Also have some Perler Bead Rainbow Dash!
  • Nightly Roundup #8

    More Nightly roundup, and more Lyra! Sadly It's a bit late tonight, but I had a lot of emails to dig through.

    On with the show!

    After the break.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 21

    Ehehehehe... the ponies! The ponies! THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA YOU GUYS! HAHAHA -- ahem. Well then. Let's begin the I've Finally Lost My Mind edition. Tonight's ramblings are gonna be a little bit shorter than usual, because my computer is kind of lagging tonight and typing is somewhat difficult. Keeping up with submissions is a higher priority. So ironically, on this our Laughter Night, I will be 37% less funny than usual. Cue ponies telling me I'm not funny anyway. W-well... the thing about that is... *sniffle* Not gonna cry. Not gonna cry... o-oh, um, right. Pictures. 143 tonight. Our total is now over 4,000! In fact it's 4,051! Somepony told me last night my math is off - I'll get on checking that soon. But it's only off by maybe one or two, so... *noisemaker!*

    Distraction time! Have some submission guidelines. Send questions or alternative entries to phoe@equestriadaily.com And that's all I have to say about that.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony swimming. I thought we'd try another more action oriented theme and give you all a break from my recent obsession with depicting emotions. Since I'm feeling generous, I'll also explicitly state that other maritime activities are also acceptable fare. Being on a beach! Being on a boat! Waterskiing! Um... what the heck else do ponies do in the water? Swimsuit edition?