• Music: Giggle at the U.N. Owen / Hush Now Quiet Now (Guitar Version) / KK Slider WWU

    Something completely ridiculous, and 2 covers this time around!

    1.) KK-Slider Winter Wrap Up
    2.) Friendship is Metal - Hush Now Quite Now (Guitar Version)
    3.) [MLP: FiM x Touhou] "Giggle at the U.N. Owen

  • Story: Warden of the Everfree Forest

    [Normal] Twilight Sparkle, Ace Detective. That sounds like a pretty cool idea for a comic book. While somepony gets on that, here's a mystery story for you.

    Author: tootaloo

    How does Ponyville remain safe while being so close to the Everfree Forest? Twilight and Spike investigate and come across an old secret.
    Warden of the Everfree Forest

    Additional Tags:
    Mystery, Investigation, Everfree Forest, Ponyville, Fight

  • Pokemon Card Pony Set!

    Not to be outdone by those Yu-Gi-Oh players, another brony has busted out a set of pony Pokemon cards. Now this is a nostalgia bomb.  I was obsessed with this stupid game as a kid. 

    These are actually..really high quality.  Color me amazed!  Or color me purple and blue,  I'd like that too.

    Anyway, you can find the full set here!
  • Know Your Meme FiM Charts

    For those of you still curious about how FiM is doing in the meme circuit almost 2 months after season one's departure, look no further than the meme headquarters of the internet. 

    I'm not surprised that they upgraded it to a subculture.

    You can find the full list of graphs here! Or if you want to try out my coding expertise, you can click the above image.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #102

    Flutterdash edition! Or something.

    I kind of miss the shipping main images.

    Would you guys hate me if I brought back Drawfriend: OC editions? I've never had anything against them personally.

    Anyway on to Drawfriend 102!

    Source 1
  • June Friendoff: The Compilation

    Puns everywhere.

    This post would have come to you guys sooner, but Megasweet was doing a drawing Livestream last night. I had to watch it in the interests of science. I'm sure you understand.

    I'll be compiling these in a way similar to what Seth did for the previous event. Art entries will get a red tag, and story entries will get a blue tag, so you can scroll through quickly and find what you're looking for.

    I received 60 entries, by the way! A better turnout than last Friendoff! I'm proud of you guys. We beat Seth! Well, technically, you all beat Seth. I didn't do anything.

    SUPER FUN BONUS EVENT GAME: Take a shot every time a story was written about a Madmax image.

    Alright, let's do this.

    Someone forgot a page break-Seth

  • Story: Pie's Path


    Author: Sagebrush
    Description: After Pinkie Pie discovered her special talent and her life's calling, what became of the rest of her family? How did her departure affect them?
    A Pie's Path

    Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Dreams, Responsibilities
  • Remix War Round 1!

    It's time to use this oddly appealing Lyra image again, because Remix War Round 1 has come to a close!  Below after the break, you will find 21 embeds of various pony mixes.  

    If you are curious about what exactly this is, you can find all additional information on in by visiting this post! 

  • Comic: My Moustaaaaaaaaaache / Derpy Collage

    So that's why she stole it...

    Also a derpy collage below, I have no clue where else to put it.

    Source Rizcifra / Derpy Collage

  • Story: Pirates of the Equestrian Mane

    [Random][Normal][Comedy] You know, we actually got a Ninja story at the exact same time... sadly it needed some editing.

    Author: Pineapple Skitter
    Editor: Morkskittar

    Description: The mane six suddenly find themselves aboard the "Fool's Gold", the black ship of the iron pyrites! Will they get their sea legs, or will they wash out? Hopefully you'll find out! Eeeee...yarr?
    Google Documents
    Pirates of the Equestrian Mane Part 1
    Pirates of the Equestrian Mane Part 2
    Pirates of the Equestrian Mane Part 3 (New!)

    Deviant Art
    Pirates of the Equestrian Mane Part 1
    Pirates of the Equestrian Mane Part 2

    Additional Tags: Distraction, Mary Sue, Pirates, Iron Pyrite, Briny
  • PMV: Walkie Talkie Mare / The Metal / Doctor Whooves Animation

    Tenacious D, Walkie Talkie Mare's, and a full on animated Doctor Whoof this time around!  Enjoy! 

    1.) Walkie Talkie Mare
    2.) The Metal
    3.) Doctor Whooves
  • Music: Bass + Drum Art of the Dress / Lisa Simpson-DJ Pon-3 / Cupcakes Alicorn Mix

    Lots of music coming up today, I hope your ears are ready.

    1.) Art of the Dress [Bass & Drum Cover]
    2.) Lisa Simpson and DJ P0N-3: Jazz Jam
    3.) Cupcakes (Allicorn's Muffin Mix)

  • Story: My Little Test Subject

    [Crossover][Comedy] Portals and Pinkie Pies, what a combination.

    Author: Klutzybear
    Description: GLaDOS is bored out of her mind. Watching over the facility and the constant failures of her newest servants can really bum a robot out. . . . Say, who let a pink pony in here, anyway?
    My Little Test Subject

    Additional Tags: Portal, pony, short, robots, crazy
  • Music: Voodoo Pony Songs

    A new music brony is on the scene. Looks like he deals primarily in more subtle techno style tracks. You can find a few of his videos below, along with the youtube channel for all of them here!

    1.) Flight of the Thunderbolts
    2.) Luna's Spectrum
    3.) Derpin in Ponyville

  • Nightly Roundup #3

    Cereal gave me a name for these,  so without further adieu, introducing Nightly Roundup #3, where small news gets compiled like everything else!

    All news after the break!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 16

    I am very, very pleased with how tonight came out. There's some good puns sprinkled throughout, but for the most part we have a very beautiful, peaceful collection of ponies that just makes me want to close my eyes, put on some orchestral music and take a deep breath. Actually, hold that thought for just one second... ok, back. Joining us tonight are 155 windswept equines. By special request, we're going to debut an extra feature here that's sure to amaze: a full tally of ALL of the pictures you guys have sent in so far! Are you ready for this? 3,253!! High hoof, everypony!

    Ok, while the blood's still pumping, let's get the boring stuff out of the way. Submission guidelines are here, and you can send all questions, concerns, and failed attempts to phoe@equestriadaily.com. I do love hearing from you guys!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dressed as or hanging out with a famous person/pony. Today's theme was a suggestion by one Cereal Velocity. I asked him if he counted, and he got all quiet and embarrassed. He's so cute. But for the record, I say web personalities count. And not because I'm shamelessly hoping for a flood of Phoe/Lyra. Well... not just because. Don't look at me like that!