• Remix War Update!

    Not a Clever Pony's Remix War is in full swing, and registrations are closing at the end of the day tomorrow, so if you are interested in joining in, feel, free to jump on board for it!

    On June 11th we will get a massive selection of new remixes to listen to. So far they have some really interesting talent from all over the pony fandom, so expect some awesome stuff!

    You can find the participants so far Here!

    If you want to participate, sign up last minute by sending an email to iamnotacleverpony@gmail.com
  • More Warhammer Ponies

    I know absolutely nothing about Warhammer, but these are cool drawings in any case!

    Sanity-X has sent us some! Check them out here, here, and here.
  • Story: Luna's Excellent Adventure

    [Crossover][Comedy] Luna Comedy! The best comedy really..

    Author: Blueshift
    Description: Princess Luna is fed up with not having any friends. So one day, she uses her magical pony powers to travel across the pony multiverse. Surely one there is some pony who will be her friend? What could possibly go wrong?
    A MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/Transformers crossover
    Luna's Excellent Adventure

    Additional Tags: Old Pony Generations, parties, bonkers
  • Drawfriend Stuff #92

    Twilight Sparkle would make a good anime character edition!

    And to answer concerns in the last drawfriend about the borderline images, I actually received a ton of emails begging me not to take them out, so I think just a link is a fair compromise.  They are still quality images, just a bit spicier than some people would like to see in plain sight.  Anything that would be banned on Deviant Art remains banned here though regardless. 

    Source 1
  • Custom Spitfire

    It's... amazing.

    I found this one on Ponibooru, does she have a DA page?

    this is definitely one of the most badass customs so far.
  • MLP Trading Gard Came Website!

    The Pony Trading Card Game has expanded into it's own little website, with card listings, forums, and a few other neat features.

    They are still looking for help with various aspects of the project, if you are interested hit up their forums, for everyone else the site can be found here!
  • Toys: Canterlot Castle / MLP Tent

    Sheltoon spotted this on MLP Arena.  These were found on that chinese website I linked a few days ago.  Apparently they are going to become target exclusives soon.

    Sadly they are not the true show accurate toys most of us seek! At least Hasbro's marketing department knows about us now though, so maybe something will be on the horizon?

    And a MLP Tent, discovered by Shelltoon.  Lazy kids these days don't even know how to make their own forts out of sheets and chairs!
  • New Eurobeat Brony Luna Jazz Mix

    Eurobeat Brony has released a new song on his Alternate Tracks album, this time completely different than his normal stuff. 

    In fact, it might be time to bust out  Rainy Mood again.

    You can find Luna (Nightlife Jazz Instrumental)  here!

    And upon closer inspection, it does appear to mesh perfectly with rainy mood...but what doesn't?
  • 3D Pony Trophies

    Someone on DA is animating a bunch of really SHINY pony trophies.  So far he has Earth and Unicorn completed.  You can find them all below!

  • Comic: Spike Strikes Again


    Have some spike nonsense!

    Full comic at Zutheskunk's DA
  • Ponychan Pony Letters Project

    A brony from Ponychan is doing a letters from the ponies project, where you write letters, and they write you back!  Apparently he is doing a good job of it, and keeping everypony in character, so if you use your imagination it should be fun!

    You can find the Google doc of it here, along with all relevant information on where to send your letters and how to get them featured.

    I think Google should start promoting ponies at this point with how much we use their document system. 

    I'm not sure if this can be considered fanfiction or not, so I'll just roll with it being not fanfiction until someone complains!

    Also a Letters to Rainbow Dash Facebook page!

    Here is a copy paste from letter brony! 
    PONY TO PONY=BAD (seriously, I only did it that one time to open up a storyline, and that was before the ED post existed. I might do it once more.)
  • Equestria Girls Featured on CNN

    We have successfully taken over one of the most visited news websites in the USA!

    Good job everybrony!

    Now onward to the rest of the world! 

    CNN's Marquee Blog Features Equestria Girls

    Thanks to -RWW for the report!

    Sadly they don't really have their facts straight, but at least it's there!
  • Pony Flash Drives - Orders On Hold

    The brony working on those pony Flash drives was a bit overwhelmed yesterday.  He wanted me to let everyone know that he is reworking the ordering process.  He is also adding a bunch of new designs tot he mix. 

    Once everything is finished, orders will be re-opened at the same DA page, so keep an eye out. 
  • Music: Pinkie's Lie // No Fear - a strings remix // Flutterrage

    This first song

    It makes me so happy.

    Hopefully the dubstep thing below makes you dubstep people happy too.  

    1.) Pinkie's Lie (MLP FiM Remix)
    2.) No Fear - a strings remix
    3.) Flutterrage

  • 2D Pony MMO Concept Art

    Tons of concept art from the 2D Pony MMO here for you guys!  It's incredible the progress they are making with it. 

    Below the break you will find:
    Ponyville Library (Top)
    Fluttershy's Cottage
    The Pony Restaurant
    Sweet Apple Acres
    Dewdrop Daisy's/ Flower Shop
    Carousel Boutique (Colored)

    As always you can find the main DA page for all sorts of interesting stuff on the game here, along with Simbardo (The Concept Artist)
  • Story: Red Cloak

    [Crossover][Comedy] You may want to check out this page before trying to understand what is going on here. This is a pretty niche-as-hell crossover, but anyone who DOES understand it will probably find something funny to laugh at.

    Author: Donum Mors
    Description: Twilight is embroiled in a ominous cult.
    Red Cloak Part 1
    Red Cloak Part 2
    Red Cloak Part 3
    Red Cloak Part 4

    Additional Tags: Inglip, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Twilight, Short
  • Pony Hoodies On a Facebook Shop!

    Masculinity?  Screw that!  I want to be a UNICORN!

    It looks like Arichelic Creations on Facebook is opening up commissions for these on June 1st.  If the BEST PONY IN THE SHOW isn't your cup of tea, Zecora and Spike are also available.

    You can get all of that here!
  • Comic: You've Got Mail

    Luna comic?

    Luna comic!

    The full comic is HERE!

    Source-Kitsune the Fox

    Also bonus rarity comic after the break!

  • Drawing Training Grounds New Submission Template

    See that Twilight Sparkle? That's me right now after stressing about this all day.

    An awesome coder brony named Calamari has built up a script for us to use that makes it so poor Phoe doesn't have to upload 300 images every night for the drawing training ground. 

    All information can be found after the break!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 3

    Artist Training Grounds, I should have banned Pinkie Pie edition. I think in a week or so I might experiment with disallowing the images that follow too obvious, but now that I've typed that I out it feels too mean. Perhaps an incentive system? You can get bonus points for looking for ways to trot off the beaten path, and then at the end you can trade in your points for... shoot I don't have anything to give away except smiles and hugs. I hope those are good enough! Today's image count: 277 ponies in all!

    We have a new system for submissions now, sure to cause 63.7% less stress. Roughly speaking. See this post for details. Also, as this is already becoming something of an issue, here's an extra reminder to pay attention to the theme. I'm giving you guys a huge amount of leeway, but part of the reason for the themes is to force you to exercise your creative muscles in as many different ways as possible. If you give me 30 days worth of ponies standing there like lumps with placid smiles, that's not really helping you out! When I ask for jumping ponies, I expect them to jump. Or have jumper cables attached to them. More on that after the break.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dressed as The Great and Powerful Trixie! That's right, to please our prestigious premier purveyor of pony pleasures, Phoe presents this perfect proposal: it's Trixie Cosplay night! Bonus points for including an irate, disrobed Trixie somewhere. Remember, Sethisto is watching! =D