• Ponyville Poll Results

    Seth said I had to make a serious post to make up for the other one.

    Then again, there's not much I can say about these results other than I think everypony who voted 'no' must already be a pony living in Ponyville. The Other votes are obviously all Spike.

    Spoilers, I voted 'yes'.
  • Fillydelphia RP Website

    For all you crazy roleplayers out there, another website has popped up!  This one is a bit more robust and built specifically for roleplaying (so not just a forum!)

    You can find it below, as well as any other information you need on it!

    They are currently looking to fill out various roles, so if you want in, get over there!

  • He told me to!

    Okay, I posted it!
  • Comic: Horn Enlargement

    Confound this Blogger app! It is completely worthless!

  • Tons of Animated .gif Avatars #3

    Another set of Animated .gif forum avatars have been released from Simbada over on Livejournal! You can grab them at the link below!

    Animated Forum Avatars

    Megaupload of All
  • My Little Avengers // Crazy Pinkie // Gallop Lagann

    Some more PMV/Trailers for you! All of them are embedded below the Page Break as per section 8 guidelines #4 SAVE THE FRONT PAGE initiative.

    Since these are compiled, I don't have much quality control on the stuff. Feel free to complain!

    Also randomly assigned image GO!

    My Little Avengers
    3 Minutes of Pinkie Losing it

    Gallop Lagann
  • Seeking Icon Artists for Summer Pony Achievements!

    This idea has been brewing for a while.  Someone named Pwny_Pokes on ponychan contacted me with a google doc example for an achievement point idea and wanted me to host it here.  I'm sure every company on the planet would be all over real life achievements, its just nearly impossible to implement.

    We did come up with something, but it will require the honor system

    Everything is after the Page Break.

  • Equestria BATTLE!

    An angry Trixie is back from China
    And she is taking over Ponyville

    So... yah! 

    (I want to be like Google and have a new one every day, but they take too long!)
  • Rarity Painting Process

    The artist who painted the rarity up above created one of those speed paint videos for it.  It's definitely an awesome color job, so maybe that huge niche of people that color the drawfriend stuff from /co/ can learn something from it!

    You can find the Youtube Embed below, as well as a link to a slower version.
  • Ponies Sneak Into Sequence

    A new indie game just released on Xbox Live today.  The project head regularly visits the Neogaf forums, where a huge brony following has popped up.

    Apparently, he snuck a pony item in! 

    For those of you who are planning on buying the game, here is the sequence to unlock it, directly from Feep (The guy in charge).
    "Upon reaching the seventh floor, go to the Gear screen. Hold down the following buttons: D-Pad Left, A, Y, Left Trigger, and Right Bumper. Then, use your mouth or something to press the Right Analog Stick inward. You'll get your special PonyGAF item!"
    In a stroke of genius, he makes you use your mouth to unlock it!  Just like a pony!  And judging by that poll that will be the greatest discussion post ever, most of you want to be ponies!

    No word on what the item actually is yet, the game literally just released on XBLA today.

    Thanks to Macintosh Apple Brony for the report!

    Also a trailer for the game after the break for those curious.
  • Giggle at the Ghostly - Space Mix

    This remix is madness! In a good way!

    I don't think I've ever listened to so much euro stuff, but I'm liking it.  These ponies bring about life experiences all over the place.

    Anyway, you can find the full remix by Laservega embedded after the break.
  • More Spreadshirt Pony Shirts!

    Another shirt brony shop has opened up.  This one has some really cool designs, mainly from the various vectors and stuff that have popped up over the last few months. 

    I was told in email that the money is being donated to toys for tots, but I have no way of confirming it.

    Anyway you can find the store below!

    Spreadshirt Pony Shirt Shop
  • Edgar Wright Posts Ponies On His Blog!

    Edgar Wright (The director for movies like Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World and Shaun of the Dead) has posted ponies on his blog.  Primarily the movie trailer adaptations. 

    It's spreading!  The pony shall take over the world one famous director at a time! Keep those movie trailers rollin... even if I am bored of them!

    Edgar Wright's Blog
  • Bubbles Live Reading

    Remember that Derpy Hooves story from a while back, that recieved 159 votes, with a solid 5 stars? (New record I think!)

    Well someone did a live reading of it!  I suppose that was inevitable.

    Check it out after the break! 
  • Real-Life Sonic Rainboom

    Well, sort of. Thought you guys might be interested in this little tidbit before today's regular Seth-Sponsored News™ starts.

    Yesterday as I was leaving the college campus, I happened to notice out the shuttle window a ring of light around the sun in the colors of the rainbow. Jokingly, I thought to myself, Rainbow Dash, if you do those every day, ponies will think you're showing off. I tried to snap a picture with my phone, seen above, but even color-corrected it's difficult to see it. I dismissed the phenomenon.

    This morning, I saw an article from a local radio station explaining 'the striking ring around the sun' from yesterday. So I wasn't crazy! I had been visited by a sonic rainboom! And it was awesome.

    Alright, there's my independent journalism for today. Back to your regularly scheduled shipping.