• Game: New MLP Online Sprite Test Up!

    Looks like progress in the 2d MLP online game is coming along pretty smoothly! They finally have a movement test demo thing out.  You can find a link to it below, along with some surprisingly awesome soundtrack.

    MLP Online Sprite Test
  • Story: A Summer Twilight

    [Sad] This image gets a lot of attention!

    Author: Larathin Bradley
    Description: A grown-up Spike looks back on his life and on those who are no longer with him as the anniversary of a dear friends death rolls around. Will he be able to deal with his grief and put the past behind him? Or will it take the help of someone much older to get through the pain?
    A Summer Twilight

    Alternate Tags: Loss, Grief, Friendship, Memories, Summer Sun Festival
  • Bacteria (parasprite mix) / Pony Friday / Fragmented Dream / Sexy Naughty Bitchy Rarity

    My email, it overflows with videos! Have some!

    1.) Bacteria
    2.) Friday Pony Mix (Somewhat tolerable edition)
    3.) Rainbow Dash's Fragmented Dream
    4.) Sexy Naughty Bitchy Rarity (I never realized how much she actually plays this roll, this video really shows it!)

  • Actual Statistical Shipping Chart!

    Someone actually went through all the fics on here and created a chart showing how many stories each pair has been shipped in.

    This is way more interesting than it should be.

    Poor Rainbow Dash never gets a break!
  • My Little Pony Website Revamp

    Thanks to the person that sent this to me, I totally lost your email though for some reason.  Looks like the actual My Little Pony website plans to finally revamp everything.  You can find a sneak preview of it in the link below, but here are some features they are promising...

    1) More Printable Ponies (Like those color able PDF's)

    2) More Activities (Looks like a maze on the front page, probably some other things buried in..hopefully a less grindly flash game?)

    3) Parental Co-Viewing Tips for those of you with children. 

    4) More Videos, hopefully this means more "oops" videos like that Pinkie Pie no fear song without background music! That created so much awesome content!

    Anyway check out their news page below!

    My Little Pony Website Revamp
  • Story: Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman (Update Part 3!)

    [Crossover] Another half-life pony story! This time taking place after the rocket takes off in episode 2! I don't have any unused half life pony images, so have some mad scientist Twilight Sparkle instead!

    Author: Bongo
    Description: Gordon, Alyx, and the rest of the team at the rebel base, White Forest, are suddenly transported into the My Little Pony universe when an unknown error occured after their rocket hit the Superportal. Now all on their own, Gordon and Alyx, and the rest of White Forest begin to make contact with the native ponies of the land. Soon enough, Equestria is plunged into a dark and bitter war between the Human Resistance and the Combine Alien Force which found its way into this universe, with the poor ponie stuck in between the mess.
    Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman
    Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman Part 2
    Hλlf-Life|Hλlf-Pony|ALL Freeman Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Half-Life 2, War, Aliens, Lambda, Crowbar
  • Applejack PLushie

    Look at that Hasbro! She actually has her hat!

    Take note!

    You can find the DA link for more images of it below.

    Applejack Plushie in DA
  • Winter Wrap Up+Torinoko City Mashup//More Weird Pinkie Pie Stuff

    I admit, my anime knowledge isn't the best in the world, so I have no clue what the song it's being combined with actually is.

    But other than the intro, its pretty good!

    Also some..strangely hypnotic Pinkie Pie stuff below.
  • Comic: Trollestia Strikes Back

    The ongoing battle between Luna and Celestia continues! Who will come out on top in the end?

    Artist: Don_Ko
  • Story: Twilight Sky Over Canterlot

    [Normal] We really don't have many first-person perspective stories uploaded here. This one is done really well. It's probably one of the best fics on the site!

    Author: Foxxy
    Description: "Hi everypony! Sorry I missed you. I'm away in Canterlot for a few days. If you need help finding a book, Spike will be happy to assist. Library hours are 9 -5. Thanks! See you all then!
       - Twilight Sparkle"
    Twilight Sky Over Canterlot 


    Additional Tags: Contemplative Unusual Melancholy Detail Oriented
  • Seeking Pony Vectors!

    Do you have a massive 4000x4000(or just high quality) pony vector sitting in your folder begging to be used on something?  I am gathering a whole bunch of them for future banners and stuff.  If you guys could toss them my way via email that would be great! Preferably as attachments (Ie unzipped, unless your email service doesn't allow large image file uploads).  I have a bunch saved up right now, but I'm sure I'm missing a few.

    I'll dump the vector folder here for everypony else to take advantage of, since pony vectors are awesome.  It's just a pain digging through deviant art and ponibooru for them. 

    Thanks bronies~

    Email is Sethisto@gmail.com as always
  • April Foals Art Voting: Finals!

    Yay! The Finals for the Art section of the April Foals event is finally under way! 

    This event is way too long!  Here are links to everything..

    April Foals Main Submission Post
    April Foals Discussion Post
    April Foals Voting Brackets
    April Foals Art Poll Round 1
    April Foals Art Poll Round 2

    You can find all 7 (Because I screwed up) entries below after the break!