• Story: Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal

    [Normal] We don't get many spike centered stories!

    Author: Tanner
    Description: Spikes dragon friend drops into town one day to hang out with him, but when his brash attitude starts conflicting with the other ponies will he be sticking around?
    Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal

    Additional Tags: One-shot, Diamond Dogs, dragon, OC
  • Pony You're A Firework // Applejack Wants Cake

    Some firework up above, and Weird cake thingy after the break. I guess it's some Nicholas Cage meme I missed.

  • Story: The Knacker (Updated Part 4!)

    [Grimdark-Gore, Death, Violence]
    The author would like to let everyone know that part 1 is the only gory part, and is optional, though sets the mood for the rest.

    Author: Kenneth Nigel Acker
    Description: Something ancient has awoken in Equestria. Something evil. It was stopped once before. Can it be stopped again?
    The Knacker
    The Knacker Part 2
    The Knacker Part 3
    The Knacker Part 4 (New!)
  • Story: Not Too Hot to Trot

    [Shipping] Caramel x Twilight!? Madness I say!

    Author: Duplex Fields
    Description: There's a protocol to follow at the conclusion of a date.
    But when the pony courting Twilight Sparkle can't work up the courage,
    things get a little out of hand. 
    Not Too Hot to Trot

    Additional Tags: short, date, bookishness, courage, mail
  • Drawfriend Stuff #57

    Dash needs a canon pet already edition!
  • Story: The Special Letter

    [Normal] This was going to be a 300 word story event thing, but apparently it expanded!
    Author: Nido Media
    Description: Derpy is the only mailpony able to make a certain
    delivery. But what will happen when she is affected by the baked bads?
    The Special Letter

    Alternate Tags: mail, sick, muffin,
  • Story: Letters, Letters, Letters

    [Shipping] A lot of shipping stuff today!  This is from the same author that wrote Out in the Cold!

    Author: EsperDerek
    Description: Princess Celestia likes getting letters from Twilight Sparkle. She looks forwards to hearing from her pupil, and listening about all the adventures and lessons that Twilight experiences. Perhaps, as Princess Luna happens to point out when Celestia reads her a certain letter about feelings, a little more than even she realizes. Maybe it's time for her to admit her own true feelings?
    Letters, Letters, Letters

    Additional Tags: Turmoil, heat wave, letters, feelings
  • Story: Out in the Cold (Updated Bonus Chapter!)

    [Shipping][Sad] Some more Trixie/Twilight!  Yes, Shipping! I got nothin else! Er wait, this is shipping, but... it's actually pretty "epic" too. Change of image to something more relevant.. poor Trixie.  Written by EsperDark
    Description: Feeling the weight of the world and haunted by memories of her past, The Great and Powerful Trixie returns to the scene of her greatest defeat. Will she find a new purpose, or will the events that transpired make such a thing an impossibility?
    Out in The Cold

    Part 2
    Description: Wrestling with her own worries about this new path she finds herself on, Trixie must face those that she has wronged in her past, and in doing so, has to come to a decision. What does it mean to be Great and Powerful?
    Lighting the Fire

    Part 3
    Description: Summoned to the seat of Princess Celestia's power, two ponies face a great dilemma. Unwilling to allow Twilight and Trixie the chance to experience a magic potentially even greater than friendship, the Princess throws their future into uncertainty. Will they be able to convince her otherwise, in the conclusion to Out In The Cold?
    Water, Food, Shelter, Companionship 

    Bonus Chapter (New!)
    Description: A few months after the events of Out In The Cold, and after much cajoling, Princess Luna, Trixie and Twilight finally dare to make use of some of the knowledge in "The Book". The experience is memorable, but the aftereffects are more so. It looks like it's going to last more than a few months, as well. Certainly will last at least nine. Maybe an entire lifetime. (Kind of a goofy, shippy, sappy, only-a-little-serious continuation to Out In The Cold)
    Reaching Midnight

    Alternate Tags: Romance, surprise, humor, life, a deal
  • Poll Results: Does the Website Move too Quickly?

    I try to spread posts out by at least 1 hour, but I sometimes don't really have a choice.  Hopefully you guys are bothering with page 2, because that stuff is only a day old usually! I want everything to get a chance at the limelight. 

    I'm glad most of you don't mind though.  I visit a lot of gaming blogs (Kotaku, Joystiq, Massively), so I know how a blog is technically supposed to run, but with the addition of fanfiction here, it makes things move a lot quicker than a normal blog.

    The pre-readers have helped a ton though.  You probably have seen a decrease in story uploads lately overall.  I've sent countless people to ponychan for editing that I wouldn't have caught with my skimming.  Whoever was planning that writers training ground thing over there a while back really should re-build it!
  • Story: Tonight We're Gonna PArty like it's 999 (Updated Part 2!)

    [Random][Shipping]  Some Luna X Twilight Sparkle with all sorts of randomness thrown into the mix!
    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: It's Luna's night, the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. Celestia wants to sleep, it's almost her only day (night) off. Luna has other plans.
    Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 999

    And Part 2 below!

    [Shipping][Random] Warning: Very borderline clopfic.  No graphic details (which usually is the deciding factor), but still borderline as hell!

    Description: Twilight wakes up after a hard night of
    partying...and finds herself stuck between two very important ponies.
    literally. The sequel to "Tonight we're gonna party"
    Whatever Happened the Morning After? (New!)

    Additional Tags: Awkward, Drunk Ponies, Romance
  • Discussion: Conventions and Meetups

    There are hundreds of anime/video game/ect conventions going on all across that plenty of bronies will probably plan on attending.  Instead of creating 20 different posts, Lets build some correlations right here!

    So the topic of discussion this time: In the comments below, drop a convention you plan on attending.  With any luck, we will have multiple people attending specific ones who can meet up and geek out about how tyrannical Celestia is behind the scenes, or the number of freckles on Applejacks face.

    Also have some Rainbow Dash Cosplaying as Altaïr....which fits WAY better than it ever should.
  • Crazy Cupcakes Remix, and Pinkie Quest

    You guys sure do make a lot of Pinkie Pie Videos! Pinkie Quest is after the break.

  • Story: Twilights Last Gleaming

    [Normal] April foals round winner number 2!

    Author: M.Marsh 

    Description: It is April Foals Day, and Twilight Sparkle is determined to beat Pinkie Pie and win the prize for best prankster by any means possible. Can Ponyville possibly survive?
    Twilight's Last Gleaming

    Additional Tags: Needed
  • April Foals Art Voting Round 2!

    Round 1 of the Art votes can be found below, as well as information on how it works!

    Art Voting Round 1

    (4 winners cause I'm bad at this game apparently)

    Art Voting Round 2 Is Complete! Winners below!