• April Foals Event Poll Round 4!

    This has been..interesting so far.  I'm thinking of doing that wild card idea with all the second place stories.  I can't believe how many quality ones there are. I reallly didn't expect this at all.

    Check out the Poll Brackets For Winners!

    Or all of the April Foals Entries

    Below are the Entries for Round 4! Comments below!
    17) Mare of Misrule

    Description: Every year in Ponyville on the first day of the fourth month, a pony is randomly chosen to be the Mare of Misrule and is given the powers of a Princess for the day.
    [Normal] Everypony, Author: ButterScotchSundae
    18) That's How The Accursed Cookies Crumble
          That's How The Accursed Cookies Crumble Part 2
    Description: "Oh," sings Pinkie Pie, "Today's a day of laughs, a day of jokes...a day for pranking lots of folks! Yet an implore from Applejack keeps Pinkie from helping Rainbow Dash with their planned prank. As a conspiracy is revealed Pinkie Pie's friends try their best to put one over on the greatest prankster in Equestria...but will Dash spoil it?
    [Normal], Everypony, Author: The Descendant
    19) Messin' With Celestia
    Description: "Princess Celestia is not having a good week.  But is the fish in her mane merely an accident, or is something more sinister at work?  Only the coven of robed ponies plotting her downfall know for sure!"
    [Random] Celestia, Everypony, Author: Friendly Uncle
    20) The Unexpected
    Description:Twilight learns that even the innocent can turn on you.
    [Normal] Everypony,Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Spike, Author: Tinker Jet
    21) April Foal's Day, on Ice.
    Description: It's April Foal's Day.  Pinkie Pie is up to something, and it's up to Twilight Sparkle to stop her. 
    [Normal] Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Author: Too Much
  • PMV Purgatory 2: Revenge of the Ponies

    Apparently the one earlier wasn't actually a sequel at all!

    Have some more random pony nonsense!
  • More Pony Keychains!

    Someone on Deviant Art is selling these keychains.  There are 4 altogether, including Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle.

    At 8 bucks each, they are a bit pricy.. but they look high quality at least!

    You can find the shop for them below, as well as the DA page.

    Kanti's Cute Store

    Kanti's Deviant Art

    Hasbro sure is missing out on a lot of customers... I'm still amazed that the rainbow dash pins sold out so quickly! All 360 of them!
  • Swapped Color Table

    This is actually pretty interesting!  I kind of want to see an episode where something like this happens now. 

    You can find the MASSIVE 4000x4000 version in this link below, blogger tends to resize things down to 1000ish.

    4000X4000 Version
  • FiM Youtube Poop #2

    Apologies to those with firefox 4 (like me) who probably have a youtube video in the poll section 70% of the time now due to all these embeds...but this is way too awesome not to post right now.

    I kind of liked the first one, it was kind of ok......BUT THIS

    This is amazing.
  • Music: Cutie Mark Crusaders 8 bit

    I love this stuff. You guys are making these CMC grow on me, even though they will never replace the mane cast.
  • Comic: More Luna Revenge

    This time...with mechs. 
  • Pinkie Pie's No-Fear song (Piano Version!)

    Someone named David Larson made this and sent it to me!


    Why does this community create so many awesome remixes?
  • Cutie Mark Chronicles Teaser+Poll! (Added Youtube!)

    Hub has a teaser trailer up for the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode, with 3 possible endings to vote on...all involving RAINBOW DASH!

    And these endings...are all epic.

    2.) Tryouts for the Blue Thunders(typo?)!
    3.) The Lightning Bolt in the Stone!


    You can find the full summaries as well as the trailer in the link below!
    Cutie Mark Chronicles Ending Poll!
    Also some Youtube!
    Youtube Link!
  • Rarity Arcade Stick!

    Another Arcade stick modification from Purple Tinker! This time with Rarity! Is there anything she CAN'T modify?

    You can find the DA page below for it!
    Purple Tinker Rarity Arcade Stick

    Now where is TRIXIE?!
  • Pony MMO Progress!

    Wait so... It's actually happening?  This isn't a myth? Color me amazed, I didn't think something like this was even possible with how many "pokemon mmo's" have crashed and burned over the years on /v/ and /vp/. 

    Ponychan really is crazy... and it's a full multiplayer engine according to his DA page.

    You can find the full video demonstration of an apple harvesting quest below, along with the ponychan post for it!

    Pony MMO on Deviant Art (Demonstration)

    Ponychan Post
  • Music: 16 bit MLP Opening...and 3.5 NIGHTMARE FUEL

    Someone please...make this game. Just replace the Sonic sprite with Rainbow Dash or something. That would be the epitome of 20% cooler.

    Also some Family Guy meets 3.5g Nightmare Fuel after the break!

  • Story: A Friend In Need

    [Normal] Trixie Story!  Hoooray.

    Author: Gregorius
    Description: A mysterious pony skulks in the shadows of Ponyville, but it only takes the help of Twilight Sparkle and her faithful friends to bring this visitor's troubled past to light.
    A Friend in Need
  • Story: Never Going out of Style

    [Normal] Luna never gets old!  Season 2 can't come soon enough!

    Author: Thanqol
    Description: Hoity Toity endures YET ANOTHER evening of banality and crimes against fashion, but everypony seems pretty convinced that this Luna character will turn things around.
    Never Going Out of Style
  • April Foals Event Poll Round 3!

    Round 3 time!  And you artists, I'm going to start up 3 polls for you guys in tomorrow!

    Check out the Poll Brackets For Winners!

    Or all of the April Foals Entries

    Below are the entries for Round 3! Feel free to comment below!
    1) The Day the Pony Stood Still

    Description: Twilight Sparkle is enjoying her first April Foals Day in Ponyville, when suddenly her friends discover something weird! Will Twilight and friends figure it out and save the day?
    [Normal] Twilight Sparkle, Author: Solaris90
    2) The Bestest Pranksgiving Ever!
    Description: Love is like a sandwich. It happens when you least expect it, and usually comes with fries and a drink.
    [Crossover] Lucky, Dr. Whoof, Coconut, Sandwich, Author: Vincent Van Dough
    3) Yes I'm only doing this for the Ticket
    Description: It's April Fools, and Rainbow Dash has decided to prank all her friends. But what happens when she pranks Fluttershy? Maybe she'll learn about friendship.
    [Normal] Everypony, Author: l0x0r
    4) Pinkie Pie’s Incredible Interplanetary Super Prank
    Description: Pinkie's search for the perfect April Foals prank turns out to be more than it appears.
    [Normal] Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Author: Cupcakesnom
    5) Pride Goes Before Folly
    Description: After being the target of a few 'practice' April Foals Day pranks, Twilight challenges the team of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to a pranking competition.  What can she come up with to compare with the veterans?
    [Normal] Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Author: PhantomFox