• Story: The Day Equestria Ended (Update Part 2!)

    [Grimdark] ZOMBIE PONIES! I suppose that was inevitable.

    Author: Icemane
    Description: A background pony is found (supposedy) dead on the everfree forest, after being gone for a few days. Twilight is to plan her funeral, and has a dark premonition that she tries to ignore, but she cant shake the feeling that something is wrong.
    The Day Equestria Ended
    The Day Equestria Ended Part 2 (New!)
  • Art: Crazy Good Customs

    Holy crap these rock.  It's a shame the state of toys these days wouldn't allow something so intricate to be mass produced.  Or it's a shame we haven't thought of cost effective ways to mass produce stuff like this at least.

    Or maybe we have, and Hasbro is just lazy.

    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt this time.

    You can find the Deviant Art for these below

    Thatgg33kgirl@deviant Art

    And then I realized I was amazed at ponies in dresses.  CONFOUND THESE PONIES!
  • Song/Story: Be My Guest (Pinkie Pie Version)

    [Normal] In an attempt to cheer all the sad, banned, and scared bronies up, Choppers Top Hat has written a Pinkie Pie story to make everything better!  Check it out after the break, cause the image as long as hell.

    (based on the Beauty and the Beast song) 
  • Story: Completely Different (Updated Part 3!)

    [Shipping]. Looks like a new Dash shipping series! And I'm trying out shipping tags in the main body instead of at the bottom, since no one knows the ones at the bottom of the posts exist.
    Description: Chapter one of a Dashfic (shipping included).  Dash feels there's something missing from her life, and decides to set out and find herself a date for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala.
    Completely Different
    Completely Different Part 2 
    Completely Different Part 3 (New!)
  • Video: Purgatory

    There was an old series back when I played WoW years ago called "Never Stay Tuned", with a bunch of random commercials about various wacky things.

    This reminded me of that. It took me a about 20 seconds or so to understand wth I was watching though, so give it a shot before to click the X ;p

    I guess it's also relating to something called "AMV Hell" That I've never heard of.  But I've never been big on anime so I guess that explains it. 
  • 4chan Pony Wars Over; Peace Treaty Negotiated

    Looks like the new rules for MLP have been published and finalized... They are pretty strict though.
    -Keep all MLP related content within the current largest MLP thread
    -Actually discuss the show
    -Ignore any threads speaking negatively about the show

    Do NOT:
    -Post any MLP material in any thread not explicitly about MLP (reaction images, avatars, macros, quotes, phrases such as everypony/brony/etc)
    -Post threads to speak negatively about MLP or reply to threads speaking negatively about MLP
    -Post any MLP material on other boards
    -Bump MLP threads just to keep them bumped
    -Report MLP threads where users are staying in one thread

    These rules are in place for the meantime and we'll make adjustments as we see how everything goes. Abuse will result in bans.  "

    I don't think they really realize how many mlp fans there are on /co/.  1 thread limit was possible a  few weeks ago, but these threads are capping in 30 minutes now, It's inevitable than a few will break free.  The archive won't be able to keep up. 

    >bump mlp threads just to keep them bumped

    Like that was ever an issue...

    And banning MLP reaction images elsewhere is pretty ridiculous. Half of 4chan is reaction images...

    (I had fun playing CNN today, but go make me some content to post when I get home from work tonight! Drawfriends get to work! I want to post this awesome Lyra pic!)
  • Mods Finally Respond to MLP Bannings

    Apologies to those of you who have no clue wtf is going on, but for the 70% that do, it looks like the mods have finally given us...something to chew on.

    Apparently they were getting piles of complains about mlp avatars and crap.  Why people are so offended about this when right below said avatars is fatfurs and goatse, I will never understand.

    Apparently cute is just scary.

    More stuff from the IRC

    Apparently it's pony avatars they want to get rid of.  Now who could possibly be guilty of that! *ducks*
  • Comic: Shut it Down!

    Pretty much.
  • Splitting is Probably a Bad Thing

    We have 2 Pony focused chan boards.


    Ponies are once again OK on /co/.  

    I think it was kind of decided that both boards have different types of communities.

    Ponychan was winning, but I don't think it matters anymore.  I personally was posting on FiMchan due to the faster speed/less errors, but I dug some really good content out of ponychan I haven't seen before.

    If it ever happens again I can always remake the poll, but looking back it probably wasn't the best idea ever.  Anyway I'm off to work.

    >mfw when they are both completely even so far
  • Story: What Rarity Needs (Updated COMPLETE)

    [Shipping] A Series by Ebon Mane.  It is now COMPLETE with the addition of Part 5.
    Description: Twilights Research into Divination magic has given Rarity a vision about her future love.  Will she interpret the portents correctly?
    What Rarity Needs
    What Rarity Needs Part 2 
    What Rarity Needs Part 3 
    What Rarity Needs Part 4
    What Rarity Needs Part 5
  • Video: Lord of the Ponies

    Yes, Applebloom is now frodo.
  • Comic: Winter Wrap Up

    More Madmax stuff! This time in response to the armada of Madmax clones!
  • Story: Twilight and Rarity's Magic Book

    [Shipping] I have so many kissing Twilight/Rarity pictures that could be used for this, but I'll spare your virgin eyes anti-shipping people!

    Warning: It does come very close to being a Fap Clop Fic 
    Description: When Rarity returns some books she borrowed from the library, Twilight Sparkle discovers a book she's never seen before among them called Reform School Fillies - a book with incredible magic powers.
    Twilight and Rarity's Magic Book

    Twilight and Rarity's Magic Book (Docs)
  • Super Ponybeat: Fluttershy's Lullaby

    Super Ponybeat - Fluttershy's Lullaby is now available!

    You can download the File here..

    Super Pony Beat: Fluttershy's Lullaby 

    And the Album Artwork here..

    Album Artwork
  • 4chan Mod Wiping Pony Threads.

    Looks like some mod/janitor is going crazy with thread deletion on /co/, and ponies is now word filtered.

    The only thing we can really do is...


    and pray he isn't the one that started the bs.

    Visit the Ponychan board for now. 

    Or FiMchan board. 

    Or Pony IRC Chatroom

    (there are too many pony chans)

    Looks like /b/ is getting hit too.

    Hopefully this is just some one day janitor/mod wankfest that will end soon, and not some permanent thing.