• Story: Pony Story

    [Normal] More humans entering equestria stuff! Still need a summary and title, also it's just the prologue.

    Author: Need

    Description: Need
    Pony Story

    Additional Tags: Need
  • Story: Trixie in Canterlot

    [Normal] More Trixie stuff!  Still need a summary and real title!
    Description: need

    Trixie in Canterlot
  • Story: Light Up the Sky

    [Normal] Swirly cloud lightning magic is kind of fire worky right? Here is another Crossette fic.
    Summary: Crossette is ponyville's fireworks expert, and draws mostly ire from the townsfolk for her explosions and eccentric personality. Her dream is to one day make a rocket that actually flies without exploding....and she's close to that goal. However discovery always has a price, sometimes very heavy.
    Light up the Sky
  • Story: Turntable Turnabout

    [Shipping] It's Official, Dash really is shippable with anyone.

    Turntable Turnabout Part 1
    Turntable Turnabout Part 2 
    Turntable Turnabout Part 3
    Turntable Turnabout Part 4
  • Doctor Whoof and the Gala of Terror

    [Normal] A series by Pacce. I think I might have to start a Doctor Whoof section in the archive at this rate, there are so many stories with him in it now! Not that this is a bad thing!
    Summary: The Doctor's a pony now and he travels with Derpy as he tries to figure out how to not be. I'll prolly do a story to introduce them later, but friggin everybody has done stories introducing him so I decided to skip it for now.
    Doctor Whoof and the Gala of Terror
  • Drawfriend Stuff #20

    Viewtiful Edition

  • Game: Rainbow Dash Attack!


    May the era of pony themed games and datings sims be truly amazing!
    This one can be found below, check the makers comment for soundtracks to listen to while playing it.

    Rainbow Dash Attack

    Can you beat my high score of 580?! I got owned.

    But this spawned a contest!
    Post your score in an imageshack link or something and drop it in the comments below.  Best one after 2 days wins a hoofclap.

    Current Score to Beat: 2452
  • Story: Moonlight Inspiration

    [Normal] Luna REALLY needs a new episode so we can see her true personality for once. Though if she is anything like the writers here seem to think she is, she will be awesome.
    Description: Luna is inspired to look upon her celestial duties at a different angle after a chance encounter with a certain time-themed pony.
    Moonlight Inspiration
  • Poll Results: Transformed into a Pony, Sent to Ponyville

    I think Twilight can show my response to this well enough.

    Never change /co/. Life sucks, be a pony!  (I totally didn't vote yes, you can't prove that I did)
  • Valentines Day Drawfriend/Writefriend Event!

    Anti-Shippers, run for the hills! This is defenitely not something you want to read!

    Another event has popped up on /co/ (not created by me btw so don't send me angry emails) and it is my DUTY to make sure everyone knows about it! Below is the massive copy paste, explaining everything! (click read more)

  • Twilight Hair Wig

    Some crazy brony is creating a Twilight Sparkle colored wig! 

    And I find the idea of real girls dying their hair pony colors much more appealing than I should! Rainbow Dash hair would be so much cooler than blond and brunette.
  • MLP Showing Up at the New York Toy Faire.

    I haven't actually ever heard about the New York Toy fair before now.  These ponies have expanded my knowledge of everything!

    Lets hope this means even more accurate molded ponies, though I don't think I really need any more with this massive pile of mcdonalds toys/4set building up on my computer desk. But if they drop a good Luna and Rainbow Dash without only 3 colors I'm afraid I won't be able to resist!

    The Event happens on the 12th according to the calendar on the main toy fair website thing, and goes on for 5 days.  You can find the calendar and list of events here...

    Toy Fair Calendar

    You can also find the MLP Facebook below.  I don't know if they will update it with new toys at the fair, but there is always a possibility!

    MLP Facebook
  • 100,000 hits!

    Someone capped the 100,000 get(I know, wrong context, don't kill me), and emailed it to me.  The Image was a little blurry though, so I dug something out of one of the 1080p episodes.

    That's a lot of hits for a pony blog!  It's almost scary how many bronies there are now.  Last week I was getting around 6000 a day, then it broke out of /co/ and I hit 16,000.  That is nuts! It's sitting around 10,000 now.

    I grabbed a tripcode, "Twilight's Horadric Cube." So you guys can yell at me or whatever on /co/ now.  I honestly don't even remember what the horadric cube does, I played diablo way too long ago for my terrible memory. 

    Anyway, story archive is pretty much done. There are some bugs still, but that is the fate of using something other than my own ground up coding for a website.  I want to add something way more efficient in the future than some ghetto text thing from the 1990's, but I am limited ;/  Sorry about the rainbow of colors over there, I am not sure how else to really seperate things cleanly.  I guess it hurts some of your eyes.  Would it help if I made all of the actual stories bold? I notice they are a little bit hard to see in comparison to the bold markers.  

    Anyway off to dig through archives for today's news day!  I saw a valentines day event thing when I was half asleep browsing it on my phone earlier, which sounds like fun. I'll create a post about that.  I also saw a ton of new drawfag stuff so I will extract that too for the next one. 

    Thanks for supporting the site! Hopefully in the future I can afford an actual server and just have you guys upload everything directly, but I still have a few more HTML classes to take.  I am learning a lot of side HTML just fixing bloggers bugs, so that's a good thing.

    Onwards to 200,000!

    Oh and use the star ratings!  I've kept the current items up on the side bar longer than normal so people can vote on them, but no one is bothering!