• Christmas Carol Visual Novel Recruitment

    A Christmas Carol Visual novel project is currently under way, but the fact that it has been a completely solo project up until now is making it difficult for the artist to finish.  With finals coming up, and the actual holiday just a few weeks away, he is calling out for some assistance. 

    The bulk of the work (Sprites/Story/Background images) is complete, just a few simple things are required to finish it off. If you fall into any of the following rolls:
    • Female Voice Singers (Rarity / Trixie)
    • Proof Readers
    • Music Arrangers (Though the music sounds pretty awesome already!) 
    • Cutaway Scene artist
    • Animator for the credits
    Hit him up on the Deviant Art page.  

    I tossed the most recent preview after the break, if you want an idea of what the project entails.