• Story: Going Home (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] We definitely haven't had anything with Pinkie Pie's parents yet. Apparently we have!

    Author: Mazer
    Description: When Pinkie's Father becomes too sick to work, she is requested by her mother to return home to the Rock Farm in order to help out. Now Pinkie must face her childhood memories along with the fear of her father's health.
    Going Home Part 1: The After Party
    Going Home Part 2: The Cutie Mark Crusaders 
    Going Home Part 3: Rainbows and Turnips
    Going Home Part 4: Family Meeting (New!)
    Going Home Part 5: Father's Request (New!)
    Going Home Part 6: The Party (New!)
    Going Home Part 7: Returning Home (New!)

    Additional Tags: Emotional, Development, Backstory, fleshing out