• My Little Pony: The Storm of Zephyr Heights - Covers, Synopsis, Artists, Writers! - G4 CROSSOVER

    A G4/G5 crossover is apparently on the way with this one according to the synopsis! There are so many possibilities here. Merging these two universes might answer a crazy amount of questions! It's too bad we didn't get this idea in movie form. Maybe an adaptation some day?

    Anyway, go get the infos below!

    My Little Pony: The Storm of Zephyr Heights

    Writer: Jeremy Whitley
    Artist: Andy Price

    Synopsis: The story begins in #1 and continues in two epic, oversized issues! A must-read for Friendship Is Magic fans as the world of Generation Four collides with the ponies of Generation Five. A storm's a-brewing in Zephyr Heights! For the first time in forever, Queen Haven is taking a vacation, which means Princess Zipp is in charge! And while the queen is away, the Mane Six will play. But the forecast for the substitute queen's reign is not looking good… A mass of clouds the size of a city is wreaking havoc on Zephyr Heights… It's hailing, it's snowing, it's raining, it's blowing wind, and all the Pegasi are in danger! The Mane Six quickly jump into action, but it's up to Zipp to save her kingdom. Her bravery may just lead to the discovery of a lifetime…and bridge the world between the past and present.


    Artist: Juni Ba
    Artist: Andy Price

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