• 24 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Celestia Day!

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    The sun has arrived, and she brings fanfictions!

    Go get the best fanfics about her below. This is a different list than last year, so go here if you want more. And thanks to Whisper Key for digging them up.

    Slice of Life

    I See A Cold Wind by overlord-flinx [4k words]


    Hearth's Warming Eve is nearly upon Canterlot once again. The city is abustle with holiday shoppers and busy little ponies, but they all have the same thing on their mind: The Hearth's Warming Play!

    Ponies from all across Equestria come to audition for the distinguished honor of being in that year's playbill. Whether it's as a stagehand, a contributor, or the coveted actor, it was just an honor to be listed. This year however, an even greater honor was on offer: to share the stage with Princess Celestia herself!

    Well, it wasn't yet decided what role she'd be playing, but she was auditioning! Of course she was going to get a role! Why wouldn't she? It was a shoo-in. Especially with her sister Luna waiting in the wings to support her.

    Sad by Boopy Doopy [3k words]


    Celestia has been raising the sun later in the day than normal, and setting it earlier than usual. Luna wants to find out why and help her sister with whatever problem she's facing. But help can be hard to give when your sister is in the middle of a depressive spell that will last for weeks more, one that she always faces at this time of year, every year.

    A time for forgiveness by Shaslan [5k words]


    Celestia has forgiven her sister for her crimes as Nightmare Moon. But Luna remains unreachable and distant as the moon itself. Celestia wants nothing more than to celebrate Hearth’s Warming with her little sister, and Twilight’s latest friendship report has given her an idea.

    Foreign Thoughts by GaPJaxie [2k words]


    Celestia has an important lesson to teach Twilight -- she cannot bring harmony into the world until she finds it inside herself.


    Princess Celestia is Addicted to Caffeine by Lucky Seven [1k words]


    Ah, sunrise. The perfect time for a cup of coffee!

    ... or ten.

    ... okay, fine, twenty.

    Seriously, how much caffeine does it take to kill an alicorn anyways? And what is her morning routine like?

    The Assassination of Celestia by the Coward Sunset Shimmer by Flisky [1k words]


    Princess Celestia gets legit deaded by everyone's favorite bacon head.

    Eclipse Awareness (Or Lack Thereof) by 6-D Pegasus [4k words]


    With the end of the reign of the Two Sisters, Celestia and Luna decide to raise the sun and moon together in one final solar eclipse. Where it once represented the rebellion of the moon against the sun, it would now represent a display of stellar beauty where the sun and moon rise together in harmony. It would mark the transition to a new time of peace for Equestria, under Princess Twilight.

    Too bad they forgot to notify Twilight about this. Or anypony else for that matter.

    This will end well.

    Some Assembly Required(?) by AutoPony [1k words]


    Celestia loves her little sis - but family has a way of making it difficult sometimes when very bizarre secrets are unveiled.

    Tonight is one of those nights.

    And We All Kill Philomena by Estee [9k words]


    There are certain issues involved with having Philomena as a pet. Giving the entire palace staff permission to take a swat at the bird if it tries anything? Has solved none of them. The phoenix is still trolling everypony, happily setting off pony tempers (and the occasional fire alarm) without a care in the world. The swats just aren't working.

    Maybe a few murders will do the trick.

    ...or, given that it's Philomena, Celestia might have to go just a little further.

    Dead Dove (Do Not Eat!) by Ice Star [3k words]


    Discord invites Princess Celestia on a lunch date in Chaosville. Together, they prepare a lovely meal for two with all of Discord's favorite foods.

    Absolutely nothing terrible happens.

    Ground Control to Major Scootaloo by The Red Parade [3k words]


    Princess Celestia only sends the most vile and evil ponies in Equestria to the moon. Or, that's what Scootaloo wants to believe.

    Helping Mr. Zar by Monochromatic [1k words]


    When Twilight Sparkle brought the human internet to Equestria, among the many consequences, there was one she hadn’t anticipated:

    Princess Celestia falling for e-mail scams.


    Long Way Forward by Not That Anon [1k words]


    Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have been watching over Equestria for many centuries. They've seen cities rise and fall, empires grow and collapse. They've guided their subjects through the ages better than anypony could hope for.

    So why, then, do they feel so alone at the end of time?

    Alethophobia by Ice Star [1k words]


    Nothing hurts quite like honesty. How bad could one lie be? How bad could it be to keep lying? How bad is it when you can't stop? How bad is it when you don't want to? What about when you don't know how to?

    When you're Princess Celestia, lies can be as everyday as the rising sun.

    And They All Cheered My Name by RunicTreetops [4k words]


    Princess Twilight Sparkle has been faced with a difficult decision. Unsure of what to do, she seeks advice from her old mentor, Celestia. The ex-ruler of Equestria may not have an answer for her, but she does have a story. A story about guilt. A story about the greater good.

    A story about the day after the worst day of her life.

    How the Mighty Fall by ReaderReads [3k words]


    "Celestia, I - don't understand. What's going on?" Twilight asked, voice shaking with anticipation of the answer.

    Celestia opened her eyes, irises flicking back and forth between raging orange and peaceful violet. "I have fallen," she replied.

    Celestia's heart has been emptier still, even with Luna returning, with Twilight rising to princess-hood. A small voice inside of herself had been whispering sweet nothings to her for centuries; now, however, she chose to listen. It was better than nothing.

    She realised too late she had made the wrong decision.

    Last Light by Styxanon [1k words]


    Princess Celestia has lived for 4 billion years. Her children have left their cradle, and Equis sits nearly abandoned. She must perform her duty one last time.


    A Walk in Canterlot by ScarletRibbon [2k words]


    Celestia just wants to experience one last part of normal pony life. Discord doesn't understand it, but he's willing to go with it.


    Don't Go Through. You Can't Stop Me. by daOtterGuy [1k words]


    Celestia tries to stop Sunset from leaving.

    Encore! by Pascoite [5k words]


    Long ago, Princess Celestia took on a very important responsibility from Pinkie Pie: to keep their world going. She’d personally seen the toll it took on Pinkie, but she couldn’t allow any of her subjects to shoulder it. If only some higher authority could relieve her of this burden.

    Morningstar by Reviewfilly [1k words]


    For many ponies there is a darkness deep inside their souls that no light could triumph over. For Celestia there is a blinding light.

    Only A Few Moments by TCC56 [3k words]


    Starswirl the Bearded developed a time-travel spell. A pony could use it - but only once, and only be in the past for about a minute.

    One chance. One minute. That's all Princess Celestia has to save her sister from the Nightmare.


    Dyson Sphere by 6-D Pegasus [3k words]


    Equestria has witnessed centuries of rapid technological advancement during Twilight's rule. Innovations in the production and integration of magic has led to countless improvements in the quality and efficiency of life in Equestria, and enabling ponies to finally touch the stars and new worlds. However, with the rise of more and more energy-heavy processes and a stagnation in development regarding the extraction of energy, Twilight turns to the biggest and final step in energy extraction: a dyson sphere: a massive device that would surround the sun and allow virtually all the energy released through nuclear fusion to be harnessed by Equestria.

    Two former princesses have some concerns.


    The Tyrant Within by Impossible Numbers [15k words]


    In the world of ponydom, Equestria is but a young and vulnerable nation. It needs heroes to defend it. It needs authority. It needs pillars.

    Yet Star Swirl and his legendary Pillars have mysteriously vanished. After guiding ponydom for so long, their absence is sorely felt, their stability lost, their legacy in peril.

    Young Celestia knows this. But what can she do? She's just a disobedient student.

    Young Cinch knows this too. And in her mind, it's not a question of what she can do. It's a question of what she will do. For she is always working – she prides herself on it – and now she is working on a solution to everything...

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