• Discussion: How Long Have You Been Here?



    At the risk of being a bit meta here, let me ask, how long have you been viewing this site?  Were you in the fandom for a signifigant amount of time before you viewed it?  And another question, what is your favorite part of this Blog?  And if you have any input on what you'd like to see going forward, you can pop that in the comments as well.

    I've been here for ~4 years (give or take some months).  I don't participate in the comments that much maybe, but I lurk around and see what y'all are saying :P.  It was pretty much around the time I became interested in the fandom that I went here, because to my understanding that was what people did.  I did appriciate the condensement of fandom content here.  It was always a good pooling point for content to look into on my own time.

    What about you?  Anything interesting thoughts to share?  Discuss Below.

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