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    Friendship is Magic Season 10 like Dragon Ball Super 

    by Double C

    (Note: Season 10 is NOT confirmed. Soapboxes are opinions of fandom members and not meant to be used as news) 

    Hasbro has said Friendship is Magic is getting a season 10 as a show in the future. While fans a divided on this but it be fun to see the Mane 6 return after some disappointments in its follow up of A New Generation. While it will most likely draw influence from the IDW comics but will give them some works to see if it will continue as future season not just season 10. But what Hasbro should really do is make is make season 10 much like Dragon Ball Super in order to fix some mistakes that Gen 5 made. In many ways, A New Generation along with Tell Your Tale and Make Your Mark should be set in an alternate timeline since it lacks any connection to FIM.

    We all can agree Dragon Ball Z is the greatest anime and manga series of all times thanks to the Akira Toriyama. Unfortunately Dragon Ball GT was a very disappointed sequel with bad storytelling, favorite characters treated unfairly, and turning Goku into a kid. Than latter Dragon Ball Super had brought the franchise back to life by adding new things while giving favorite characters power ups in better storytelling. This did however started the debate of both GT and Super but it’s safe to say GT is set in an alternate timeline.

    Twilight would never take all the magic to keep Opaline out which would imply she lost faith in everyone including Luster Dawn. Creating the Unity Chrystal would also have been against what she said that friendship and harmony lives in everyone and don’t need a physical item.

    The design chose for Spike and the other dragons was also off. Spike and the other dragons looked like dragons with pony structure. We know Spike can walk on both legs even in his temporary adult form which enabled him to hold and grab things with his finger claws. In this form he looks like he couldn’t hold or grab anything except scratching his head.

    While Celestia and Luna were mention but never made an appearance which left fans wondering of their fate. We know the royal sister care about everyone even in retirement so they would never ignore what was happening in Equestria. Opaline could have murdered them first as a means to eliminate a major threat but this would have put everyone on alert and her punishment would have been either imprisonment or death.

    Seeing Sunny going super saiyan alicorn is perhaps what confused use. Unknown why Sunny can’t just become an alicorn like Cadance and Twilight did.

    The wendigos absence is suspicious since they feed on the hatred and disharmony of ponies which brings eternal winter. Even without magic, they would still be around since they are the spiritual essence of hatred.

    So in all, Hasbro should admit that Gen 5 shouldn’t be connected to Gen 4 which turned into a mess. The story had lots of holes where it never explained or explored of what happen to all of Equestria and the other creatures. Twilight and Spike felt more important than their friends and family. With season 10 of FIM to show most likely on YouTube, the writers should make stories that will make Friendship is Magic have no connection to A New Generation just like with Dragon Ball Super make GT have no connection to DBZ.

    Personally, I think they will make more than just season 10 because there are more possible stories including a certain villain escape from imprisonment.


    Has My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Created a Renaissance in Animation?
    By: Folklore

    With a full decade of episodes and one of the most obsessive online communities of any show, FiM seems to have thrust a lot of people in careers in animation that never would have considered it before it launched. People like Viziepop creating Hazbin Hotel started in pony, and others like Imalou just went straight to working on the next generation of it.

    I wonder what the world would be like if we never had this cartoon? So many incredible shows have popped up since its release and many of the staffers working on them say they were involved in some way in pony. Networks also took notice, wanting a FiM level hit for themselves and offering creatives much more freedom to hopefully make it happen.

    Hopefully we keep seeing people get into aniamtion from pony even as the show ends. I know a lot of

    What Will G6 Look Like?
    By: Matador

    With G5 winding down as Tell Your Tale does it's bi-weekly episode releases and Make Your Mark gone, there's a good chance Hasbro is already working on the next generation of My Little Pony. My guess is, they will be bringing it back to old Equestria pre-g5 and either following right up after G4 with Luster Dawn and her friends, or at least some kind of story taking place in the Equestria Twilight ruled as a larger alicorn. Personally I'd love to see maybe a side city get some love, simliar to ponyville. Really the possibilities are endless here. There were many locatrions on the map of Equestria that were never explored and it would behoove hasbro to go ahead and fill out those places with some lore and a new cast of ponies.

    Specifically ponies though. While I like the student six, I think they should stick to what everyone really wants. Cute poneis. We already did the diversity arc in season 8 and 9. It's time to dial it back. Maybe add some new pony race if they want to do something unique, but it should stay pony rather than yak and changeling.

    I's also like to see them give some closure to Cozy Glow. I can't imagine it's just generally accepted that they've imprisoned a filly forever. Anyway. There is a lot to explore still. Thanks for reading.

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