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    • MLP What If. . . Human Flash and Twilight got to Together
    • Where should Generation 4 move to next?
    • Marespam is Kinda Cringe
    • The Gore and Infection AU is Just Gross
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    MLP What If. . . Human Flash and Twilight got to Together
    By Double C

    For the last What If, Equestria Girls introduce to use many things and for ones like me Twilight’s first crush, Flash Sentry. But this is where things get complicated since we see both the human and pony versions of Flash and Twilight like the human version. While there were opportunities for pony Flash to develop but some think there were actually opportunities or human Flash to develop. So What If human Flash and Princess Twilight got together and face many challenges.

    If you all remember in Camp Everfree, Sunset told Flash to accept he will never see Princess Twilight again and that Sci-Twi is not the same. However in the end of Spring Breakdown we see the human 7, Bulk, Derpy, Lyra, and Flash in their pony forms which also hinted that all the guest and crew of the ship have also turned into ponies. While left use guessing on how they reacted but human Flash was perhaps surprise and happy to see the Twilight he knew and reenacted his flame. Also unknown if any knew about the portal but if human Flash knew he would come and go if he pleases to see Twilight.

    While both Twilight and Flash would be happy to be reunited, but how human Flash would adapt to pony culture and form. While many would be a challenge especially playing the guitar with no fingers but Twilight can teach him. The other is Equestrian law and customs since this would be part of his duties as a prince. But if Sunset can adapt to her human form and human culture, so could human Flash.

    So in all, human Flash would be more of a trophy husband than being involved in royal duties unlike his pony counterpart. But would make Twilight’s life good by keeping the castle clean and comforting her after her duties. Also he could teach music (like his pony counterpart) music at the School of Friendship of how music can bring everyone together. So who would Twilight be better off with pony Flash or human Flash?


    Where should Generation 4 move to next?
    By: FirePuppy

    On the night of March 18th, I learned the hard way that censorship is not the clear reason why animated movies stay unreleased for a long time in certain countries, especially Rainbow Roadtrip.
    Most often, it's because of obligations with other companies, in the case of Hasbro still refusing to leave Discovery Family when their contract didn't expire as we thought it would.

    Regardless either way, I still want to see Generation 4 content be available on any streaming service other than YouTube -- that is, except MAX, since Discovery Family is now part of Warner Bros. Discovery. YouTube doesn't work for me either because the show keeps stopping at Season 4 in almost every language over there, and none of the Equestria Girls films and specials get released in most of those same languages.

    There's already many less-popular shows than FiM available on Netflix, Tubi, Disney+, Amazon Prime, among many others, but My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Pony Life still remain only on digital purchase stores, and that's not enough. What's even more, Rainbow Roadtrip still needs Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Castilian Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish dubs at the very least.

    So how about it? Where should Hasbro move all their properties, including Generation 4 of MLP, to next year?


    Marespam is Kinda Cringe
    By: Olivine

    I think this one started as just a meme, but people have sorta fully embraced it and it really annoys me with how ridiculous everyone gets about it. The "MARE MARE MARE" spam that has popped up over the last few years is getting a little ridiculous. People defining their entire lives around only loving mares. Almost in an incelly way where they reject real women.

    It's super cringe. Especially when I see it completely open in public on places like TikTok where comment sections have a few guys that only love mares and reject everything else loudly. Anyway I just think people need to cool it down a bit. That or seek therapy if it's not ironic for you. 

    The Gore and Infection AU is Just Gross
    By: Olivine

    I don't understand why people like seeing ponies mangled and festering with pustules so much, but here we are. A new "fandom" has emerged that do this almost as a religion, constantly corrupting ponies in wierd ways and spamming videos about it. I get the idea of creepypasta and a lot of those are cool, but there are many that just want to post ponies in pain and suffering with no creepypasta around.

    Can't we just appreciate cute ponies and not revive the old cupcakes concept? Maybe it's just a teen thing where people want to be edgy. Idk anymore. It's really makes the fandom look bad though. 

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