• EQD Shifting Away From My Little Pony, Now Covering OpenPony

    It's a new month! That means new changes, and April is ALL ABOUT new changes! In fact, I bet every company/website/twitter page/kirin beer dispensary out there is currently flooding you with their newest great idea.

    Here on EQD, it's no secret that I'm burnt out on whatever Hasbro is releasing lately. Luckily there is something else entirely to post about when it comes to ponies! And since EQD is at that "chillin at the beach" phase of its website lifespan, why not just cover what I want to cover?

    So today we pivot! OpenPony is the future. I've seen it over these last two years. Delved deep into the horrors of a game from 2003 to dig out this golden cartoon horse model. Learned everything about it and converted hundreds in my quest to make everyone make a popen.

    Today we go full steam ahead forever! EQD is now about OpenPony. We will cover popen and popen topics. I'll post a full video guide on how to make a popen. We will show off the different features that make popen the best model. I'll even use my shitty voice to serenade you with step by step instructions.

    Be a mare! Or a stallion. For whatever reason a lot of people make stallions. I haven't figured that one out yet. Like everyone was a mare at first and now suddenly everyone's making stallions. I don't know what's going on anymore.

    Anyway, expect popen content until I get bored.

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