• This Day in Pony History - May 23rd - Plushie Creator C&D'd,

    Remember when White Dove was C&D'd by Hasbro? That was dark times right there. Today we dive into that and more major events that happened on May 23rd across the years!

    Go get it below.

    EQD was posting WAY TOO MUCH fanfiction. Unreal amounts of fanfiction. I'd wake up every day to people complaining about it. So we added no-fanfiction mode. It was chaotic.

    Hasbro didn't know how to deal with us back in the day. On one hand, we were violating all the laws by producing and selling our own pony merch. On the other hand, we were shooting it to such a high level of popularity that it created a market where people were willing to drop thousands on a pony plushie. 

    In this case, they chose horribly wrong. Luckily this was just a blip and people freely make pony things non-stop now, but back then it was an absolutely insane decision to ever stifle the creativity of someone like Whitedove.

    A news company called WTVY started paying a bunch of attention to our fandom around this time. I think they are still kickin' around twitter with the occasional pony tweet.

    Speaking of IP protection, have one that actually did make sense. People were slapping pony vectors on merch and using those custom merchandise sites to mass sell them. Hasbro doesn't really bother to police this anymore, but unlike a solo crafter creating a high end plushie, this actually made sense to shut down.

    Today we celebrated This Day Aria hitting 30 million views over on Youtube. It's way up to 71 million now, and with Youtube shorts a few pony videos are breaking 100 million views that were uploaded in the last year! It's crazy what can happen when the algorithm actually chooses you. 

    And Griffonstone aired today!

    Not much happened, so have dancing poni.

    With an ever-pickier fandom, PMV collabs started becoming the norm around this time as motion graphics and things became more demanded if you wanted your PMV noticed.

    Another slow day, so have some awesome art from then!