• Midnight Mares Starts Another Round of Crowdfunding

    If you are a fan of Midnight Mares, the project has entered its next phase of crowdfunding. They've dropped a press release as well as two videos explaining everything.

    Head on down below to read all about it



    May 15, 2023 - Midnight Mares on Patreon has just launched!

    Why Patreon? For the past several years, C. Allan Gann (series creator) has received suggestions that he should create a Midnight Mares Patreon account. For those unfamiliar with Midnight Mares, at the 2014 BronyCon C. Allan Gann premiered the original series' animated teaser trailer. The awesome BronyCon organizers even granted him a panel slot! Since then, this series has persevered through years of development delays (primarily due to the fact that it has been self-funded) and two successful Kickstarter campaigns, one for the animation and the other for the comic book series. Therefore, he's finally decided to expand the Midnight Mares universe to Patreon, where fans can financially support his labor of love, while also receiving tokens of his appreciation in return.

    To date, the 2020 teaser trailer has received almost 1.5 million YouTube channel views. Last year, the first 7 minutes of the pilot episode also premiered to 99% positive YouTube reviews!