• "Bridlewoodstock" Trailer And More My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 4 Info Officially Announced

    An exclusive in Screen Rant, published today, gives us a bunch of new details (and a trailer) for My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 4, which is now confirmed to contain 6 22-minute episodes as well as the 44-minute "Bridlewoodstock" special. Chapter 4 will be released on Netflix on June 6.

    A video embed of the Screen Rant trailer is included below, along with a second trailer that Hasbro uploaded to YouTube separately. All of the vaguely spoilery stuff is cordoned off below that, so avert your eyes if you don't want to see any spoilers.

    According to Screen Rant, the special is headlined by the "musically inclined pony" Ruby Jubilee, who's voiced by Disney Channel actor Sofia Wylie. Bridlewoodstock is apparently "based on the real-life music festival Woodstock", although it's not clear to what extent.

    In Screen Rant's exclusive trailer for My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, the ponies are featured decked out in music festival outfits and hairstyles with new original music from the hottest talents in Equestria, The Dreamlands, Electric Blue, and Ruby Jubilee, voiced by Sofia Wylie (The School for Good and Evil, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series). In My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, the Mane 5 are attempting to throw a music festival during Bridlewood’s yearly bioluminescent nature event, Lumi-Bloom. They try to book Equestria’s most talented artists, bring together old legends, and grapple with the unicorn legend of the voice-stealing Troggles. […]

    The new episodes of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark will become more careful after the failed dragon-napping perpetrated by Opaline and Misty, as the duo continues to work towards their goal of stealing Sparky and taking control of Equestria. Misty continues to work undercover as the Mane 5's newest friend, although her loyalties may start to shift as she begins to see the true friendship she could have with these ponies. However, as Opaline's endgame draws nearer, the fate of Equestria and the battle between good and evil may rest on Misty's shoulders.

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