• Official Solicitiation for My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Comic Released! - Cover Variants, Writers, Synopsis, and Artists

    This is the official solicitation for the 40th anniversary pony comic! Expect more posts following this one with brand new comic releases. This does give information on the massive amounts of variants we are getting here, so expect to fork over some money to collect them all!

    Get the details below.

    My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Special Cover A (Okafor)

    Written by TONY FLEECS, SAM MAGGS and

    Illustrated by VARIOUS; 

    Cover Design or Artwork by KEISHA OKAFOR


    Join IDW as we celebrate decades of ponies, toys, and friendship! First, from Sam Maggs and Keisha Okafor, travel back to the ’80s in a story about four young girls, their My Little Pony toys, and the power of friendship and imagination as they try to save their horse barn from closing. Then, a story from Jeremy Whitley and Amy Mebberson, where Sunny Starscout and her pals learn more about Equestrian history and a place called Dream Valley. Plus more! 


    Variant Covers:

    Variant B (Mebberson) Amy Mebberson | 82771403170600121
    Variant C (Bousamra) Rose Bousamra | 82771403170600131
    Variant RI (10) (Okafor) Keisha Okafor | 82771403170600141
    Variant RI (25) (Cordeiro) Alexa Cordeiro | 82771403170600151
    Variant RI (50) (Price) Andy Price | 82771403170600161