• Full Details for My Little Pony G5 Comic #15 Released - Synopsis, Writer, Artist

    May solicitations have officially arrived, and with that comes more comics for you all to check out! This post is dedicated to the 15th main series G5 comic. Head on down below for all the details on it.

    My Little Pony #15 Cover A (Easter)

    Written by ANDREA HANNAH;
    Illustrated by ABIGAIL STARLING;
    Cover Design or Artwork by ROBIN EASTER


    It’s time for a TREEHOUSE MAKEOVER! Izzy thinks her old treehouse in Bridlewood would make the perfect hangout for her and her besties. There’s only one problem: someponies, or somecreatures, keep messing up the furniture she worked so hard to unicycle. But Izzy is determined to make it sparkle, rain or shine!

    Variant Covers:

    My Little Pony #15 Variant B (Pinto) Valentina Pinto | 82771403046401521
    My Little Pony #15 Variant RI (10) (JustaSuta) JustaSuta | 82771403046401531