• BABSCon 2023 Joins A New Generation with Gillian “GM” Berrow

    BABSCon is right around the corner, and they have one big final announcement for you all for the con! Writer extraordinare G.M. Berrow will be attending this one, giving you all a chance to bother her about pony dating all the way back to the oldschool G4 chapter books, and of course our current Make Your Mark series.

    Head on down below for the press release and info on how you can meet her.

    Press Release:

    Ready to combine nostalgia for G4 with love of G5 and onward? BABSCon 2023 has you covered with our final Guest of Honor. Back from a nearly 4-year absence from the con circuit, it’s writer, story editor, and show developer extraordinaire Gillian “GM” Berrow!

    Gillian got her MLP start writing the vast majority of G4’s chapter books before writing episodes of Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls, and story editing Pony Life. But now, she’s co-written the Generation 5 movie My Little Pony: A New Generation and developed the MLP Make Your Mark series for Netflix. She’s also been known to do a little voice and on-screen acting, including guest roles in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Law & Order: SVU. Follow her on Twitter.

    Gillian joins Guests of Honor Katrina Salisbury, Sarah-Nicole Robles, Charlotte Fullerton, Tony Fleecs, and Thom Zahler.

    So register now and book your hotel room for this April 7–9 as we indulge in nostalgia at BABSCon 2023. We’re also always looking for volunteers.

    (Art by MidnightPremiere)

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