• 25 More Fanfics to Read for Dragon Day!


    It's Dragon Day! Why not take a break from hooves and go read a story about claws? We've got 25 fanfics scouted out by Whisper Key again. Go get them all below as always!

    This list is different from last year, so find even more if you missed that post here.



    Slice of Life




    A Winter Walk by Scribblestick [1k words]


    Spike and Twilight go for a morning walk through the snow-covered hills near Ponyville.


    The Spike has Been Berried by Mike Cartoon Pony [6k words]


    For the last several weeks, Spike has been helping out around Ponyville. He doesn't have to, but he feels he needs to. And while not every day has gone great, most have. Already he's feeling better about… what happened.

    Now, with Hearth's Warming right around the corner, Spike shows up to the last pony on the schedule, Berry Punch. Somepony he doesn't really know, beyond being the town's premier fruit drinks vendor. Likewise, she doesn't know him much either, beyond common town knowledge on their resident baby dragon.

    In working together for a day, they may learn not just about each other, but from each other.


    Twilight Sparkle, M.D. by alexmagnet [2k words]


    Time is running out as Twilight attempts to perform life-saving open heart surgery on her friend. But with Spike there to assist, she should be able to save her in time... right?


    Two and A Half Dragons by RayneTheSkunk [13k words]


    Spike and Smoulder want to hang out with Ocellus over spring break. That's good! But they're going to the dragon lands. That's bad! But Ocellus is a shapeshifter. That's good! But Ocellus has a thing for dragons, and oh no this just got complicated...


    Crestnuts Roasting Over an Open Dragonfire by Shachza [4k words]


    In all of Hitch's many years, one constant has held true for Winter Wishday: it was always at grandmother Figgy's house, just the way she liked it. Well, not this year! This year she insisted that she wanted to see what Wishday would be like in Maretime Bay. At Hitch's place.

    Which means Hitch and Sparky need to get all of Maretime Bay ready to hold the best, most perfectly-planned Winter Wishday ever!

    Hopefully nothing will go wrong.

    Please let nothing go wrong!


    How to Wing-Hug in Two Easy Steps by TheAncientPolitzanian [3k words]


    It's been about a month since Spike went through his molt, and both he and Twilight are still getting used to his newly sprouted wings. Needless to say, the development has brought on quite a few changes; some deliberate, others... not so much.

    Of course, with new circumstances come new opportunities. Spike's wings let him fly, obviously, but there's one thing in particular he'd like to learn to do with them. And the lesson starts with one simple question for Twilight:

    "Could you teach me how to give a wing-hug?"









    "Like A Real Pony.” by Casketbase77 [4k words]


    Its been hectic, but Spike has finally settled in as Equestria's inter-species ambassador. His latest (and trickiest) meeting is with an eccentric equine hailing from Discord's dimension. She seems to want help with a personal problem.


    Take The Dragons Bowling by Alaborn [9k words]


    Dragon Lord Ember refuses to let her dragons be the only creatures in the world to go unreformed. So she orders her three worst dragons: Go to Equestria and make nice with the ponies.

    Now Spike is stuck trying to help three belligerent and hypercompetitive dragons, with no idea how to keep them under control. Fortunately, there’s one activity everypony he knows enjoys...


    The First Rule by Wanderer D [3k words]


    Applejack enlists the help of Spike to search for the Legendary Sandy Paws across lands near and far, for he is the one being able to help her save the farm this Hearth's Warming Eve.


    Twilight and Spike Hide a Body by GaPJaxie [6k words]


    The real reason Twilight and Moondancer had a sudden falling out.


    The Most Powerful Dragon in Equestria Visits for Tea by meme-asaurus [3k words]


    Twilight has been messaging Dragon Lord Ember for two weeks now, and the other ponies are wondering whom the new Princess’s pen pal is. Twilight gets a brilliant and terrible idea.


    Dentist in Distress by JesterOfDestiny [3k words]


    Dentists are prepared to deal with all sorts of situations. Being unexpectedly taken away to the other end of Equestria, to operate on a mouth they can fit into, is not one of them.


    A Matter of Matching Mares by TheDriderPony [7k words]


    What's the deal with ponies? Squint just a little and you can't tell one from the next.

    Ember doesn't even need to squint to get the effect.

    Who would have guessed that a Dragonlord would have problems that needed more than just an application of violence?


    Dragon Lord Spike by Justice3442 [6k words]


    Spike now harnesses the bloodstone scepter making him the ruler of all dragon kind. Of course he hands it off as part of an important lesson on friendship, right? Naw. He immediately goes mad with power.









    Apartness by No Raisin [3k words]


    Even dragons grow old.

    Spike has served more than long enough, and while he ages much slower than ponies (or indeed most races), he knows he doesn't have all the time in the world. Retirement would not be uncalled for, and the warm beaches and cool mountains of Silver Shoals would do his scales some good. Only... leaving Canterlot, and Twilight's side, will not be so easy for him.


    I'm sorry, Twilight by the7Saviors [17k words]


    I'd do just about anything to help my faithful assistant and dearest friend with his problems, but this time I may be out of my depth. Something's wrong with Spike... very wrong, and I'm not sure I can fix it on my own. I don't know what's going on, but I'm worried about him. Some of the things he's been saying lately... they scare me.

    I'm afraid for him... and I think I might be afraid of him.









    The Refrigerator Light by Petrichord [16k words]


    The weather's grown cold, and the leaves are starting to fall. But this change in temperature's never quite so bad as long as you have somecreature with you, and at least for now Applejack and Ember have each other.

    But all things change. The seasons, most of all. And as the seasons change, all things under the stratosphere must change with them, for better or for worse.

    Maybe—just maybe—A weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods might be enough to change all that. Especially a weekend with a special somecreature. Maybe it could even be enough to bring about a satisfying ending.

    There's only one way to find out.


    The Hunt by Alaborn [5k words]


    They may have rallied everycreature to the defense of Equestria and saved the world, but the Student Six still has classes to finish. And Gallus and Smolder need extra credit if they’re going to keep up with their friends. Fortunately, Fluttershy offers to have them help her at her animal sanctuary, but they will never guess what she wants them to do.


    Friend of Generosity by PaulAsaran [5k words]


    Rarity asking Spike for a favor is nothing new. What is new is that favor being a ruse to get him on a date with a certain filly. But Spike knows better than to resist, and maybe a night with Scootaloo won't be so bad.

    When Scootaloo asks Spike to clarify things, however, he decides to be honest. While trying to define what Rarity means to him, perhaps he'll find out what this date means to the both of them.


    For Want of Closure by ScarletRibbon [10k words]


    Long after Spike walked away from the relationship, Sweetie Belle still hasn't found closure.









    Live Forever in My Dreams by Mockingbirb [1k words]


    Spike the dog is dying. Sunset takes a desperate gamble to save him.


    The Graduating Party by Muggonny [8k words]


    The School of Friendship's first annual Graduation Dance is taking place, and everyone is excited to be there! Everyone except for Gallus.

    Also, Smolder spiked the punch.

    Also, she may or may not have a liter of vodka tucked away somewhere in her dorm.

    Also, Gallus might not be in the best possible mood to be drinking.


    This Place of Ours... by Wanderer D [3k words]


    It's Hearthswarming Eve and Gallus has started to really feel the distance that has been building up between him and his friends since he decided to join the Royal Guard. But now, he was invited again to visit, and how could he say no to Smolder?









    Into the Deep by TwilightSparkle484 [32k words]


    Applejack and Rainbow Dash are both known for being competitive. Thus, when an opportunity for a dare arises, it is no surprise that the two take on the challenge – cave exploration. Unexpectedly, Spike manages to tag along for the ride. Spelunking is a foreign concept for the trio, yet they're willing to take a risk. But if danger is inevitable, how far is too far?


    The Ten Million Year Hello by Bandy [11k words]


    The last nine hundred years haven't been kind to Spike.

    Unable to live in pony society at his current size, Spike sets off on a journey to find the spell that can revert his rampant growth. But he's not the only one searching for the cure.

    From a lost library buried deep under the frozen north, to the seedy depths of a starlit metropolis, to the desolate surface of the moon, Spike will go to any length to reclaim what time and biology have taken from him--if the journey doesn't kill him, first.


    Bind on Pickup by David Silver [188k words]


    What do Spike, Garble, and Smolder have in common, besides being dragons? They've been summoned to another world at the behest of a needy adventurer who thinks her fortunes are turning with their arrival. No one involved is ready for what comes next.


    One Thin Dime by AugieDog [8k words]


    Spike's a young man who works at the local library. Twilight's the parrot-sized dragon who lives on top of the bookcase in his apartment.

    Twilight's made it quite clear that she'd rather not talk about where she came from, so Spike doesn't ask anymore. But when five dimes from Twilight's hoard disappear, Spike and Twilight will have to confront her past in order to save their present and the whole world's future.